Swampcast: Analyzing Gators’ win over Tigers



  1. Florida’s O-line, ”good, bad, or ugly,” just propelled the R.B.s and Franks to more rushing yards, Saturday, than many Gator fans ever expected, and against a nasty ‘D’ like L.S.U.’s.
    Sometimes a team just has to ”find ways to win.” And that’s what’s happening now for Florida Football.
    And I will take it, too! Today, tomorrow, until the 2nd coming of Christ, Himself.
    If this team keeps finding ways to win, I will take it and be thankful for it!
    While some other Gator fans will be too busy ”nit-picking” that they won’t have any time left to enjoy HISTORIC WINS, like Saturday in The Swamp! But as for me, and my house, we will ENJOY every ‘W’!
    Go Gators! Just WIN baby! P.S.- Sad that Pat can’t even speak about the 2008 National Champs without mentioning the word, ”arrests”!?!? Weak, Pat! ”Come on, man!”

    • Hey GI — stop the presses — want to hear the new line from the media? Seems they can’t bring themselves to denigrate their beloved LSU as being “over-rated” after all. No, the real “story” is about Mullen vs Mac, as in, “Yawn, we’ve seen this act before, look what happened to the last guy at Florida who started out hot”.

      If those jack-asses can’t see the difference between those two coaches and teams, I give up. Of course, same guys who called the 9/11 terrorists “freedom fighters” I suspect.

    • Our O-line like the rest of the team has an advantage of strength and conditioning. By the the 4th quarter our O-line is stronger then your D-line and the same goes for the our D-line. We sacked them rushing 3. There are so many players making plays on both sides of the ball. This unit is becoming a very good TEAM. Go Gatah!

  2. I thought the O-Line had one of their better days, especially with pass protection.Franks is still inconsistent but me thinks he’s coming along nicely! Peeps may not no that Franks had no offensive coordinator in high school,a raw talent unlike Fromm at GA or Grier with West Virginia,both of whom started their QB cultivation at very young age.

    GO GATORS!!!!

  3. I often defend you guys against unfair criticism, but I have to say I’m amazed by the lack of credit you give the offense. They had over 200 yards rushing against a very good defense. They got clutch first downs when they needed them. Yes, our defense was great, and yes, our offense struggled against their defense, but this young and developing offense put forth a tremendous effort and is clearly showing signs of growth and improvement. And all you can say about them is that the offense is not back? Does it have to be 2008 offensive production before you give them some credit? No, they are not great, but they are better than anything I have seen in years. Most importantly, they showed heart and the ability to finish strong. I know this is just a quick post game without detailed analysis but I would think your initial comments would be a bit more positive after that kind of game.

  4. It’s time everyone accepted the fact that sports writers are no different now than the rest of the press. They are trained to be more negative than positive. 2008 team arrests, at least Franks can catch, the “C” for the offense and just adequate O-line play are just par for the course of the cynic journalism. Who knows? Maybe Pat is still steaming over how Florida let him down after he wrote The Streak column before the Kentucky game.

    • What are you guys watching? Every sports writer wants to cover a winner. The problem is that 99 percent of all fans are complete idiots — they either think they have the worst team ever assembled with a clown for a coach or they think their team is virtually unbeatable and 14 of the players should be all-american.
      These guys in this video said absolutely nothing that was unreasonable to a person who owns an objective mind. They gave credit where credit was due, but were pretty honest about other things that fans should not get too overexcited about.
      To fans, it’s all personal with team; but to the writers (who do want the team they’re covering to win) it’s business and the whole point is to bring objectivity.

      • I would agree with you regarding reporters and fans in general. And yeah, lots of idiot fans who criticize them for picking teams agains the home team when it is simple honest analysis, not who they want to win- i.e. fans wanting them to just pick the home team every time. Honestly though, the problem is Pat Dooley. He is one of the worst local sports reporters in the business, and always has been. He has an abrasive, annoying, kind of negative no-it-all attitude. And he is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. I certainly don’t blame him for picking LSU, as I would have picked them too (not that I would want them to win, nor did he) but his comments and annoying facial expressions come off as overly negative after a great win. His immediate comments were that the defense is back but the offense is not- that after a great offensive effort against a great defense. We all know the offense has some problems and lots of room for improvement, and he would be right to point those things out. But his first comments regarding the offense would be appropriately positive, with caveats. And to show that Dooley’s analysis is not much better than the idiot fans you mention- he was just as down on the team after the Kentucky loss as many of the fans who “think they have the worst team ever…”, whereas at that time it would have been more appropriate to make the point that the young and developing team fought a hard and close game, but lost to what everyone expected to be the best Kentucky team in years.

  5. Steady improvement by the Gator offense, getting the seconds of pass protection, yards and TOP we needed top get this important team win. Defense was possessed in keeping Burrow in check. Special teams and the fans also delivered in a big way. This is the working formula to pull a top 5 upset.

  6. Terrible analysis! We ran the ball as well as we have in years and the play calling by Mullen was great. I can see why so many people get upset with Pat. He does act like a know it all sometimes. He calls himself “Dr. Football”. Yes, I put that in quotes on purpose!!! Robbie I don’t get. He’s very humble, a nice guy, and does a good job overall not perfect but who is!