Krull capitalizing when name called at UF

Florida's Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, left, and Lucas Krull drop LSU Tigers running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire during a kickoff return Saturday at Florida Field. [Alan Youngblood/Gainesville Sun]

Florida tight end Lucas Krull had been awaiting an opportunity, but his enthusiasm hadn’t waned.

Krull, who signed with Florida just three months ago prior to the Summer B semester, is often the largest player on either sideline at 6-foot-7, and one of the most enthusiastic, too.

With Florida looking for a spark on offense, Krull was providing energy for his teammates. And in the final period of action Saturday night, Krull would offer up a game-changing play.

LSU, clutching a five-point lead with time waning, looked to keep UF quarterback Feleipe Franks from throwing a touchdown, but it wasn’t Franks the Tigers defense had to keep an eye on. As a quarterback, that is.

Franks and Krull swapped roles for one sequence, with Krull throwing a left-handed toss to Franks, who came down just short of the goal line. Regardless, Florida was knocking on the door, where junior running back Lamical Perine would give UF a one-point lead on the next play.

For Krull, it was a coming-out party for a former four-star prospect who originally pursued a baseball career at Arkansas.

As it turns out, Krull’s former skill-set came in handy at his new gig.

“I told coach coming in, I said ‘Listen, you know I played baseball, I can throw it a little bit.’ And he’s like ‘All right, let’s see what we can make out of that.’ So it was a plan we had been oiling up every week in practice,” Krull said. “And he put it in the game plan and it’s just the way we been practicing it.”

Krull’s left-handed toss was reminiscent in form of former UF quarterback Tim Tebow, who was in attendance Saturday afternoon to be inducted as the sixth member of Florida’s Ring of Honor.

Having the former Heisman Trophy winner as a spectator was a feeling Krull struggled to describe, before emphasizing just how much it meant for Tebow to witness his first collegiate pass.

“It’s always a joy having him here, and just when he talks to us, it’s just different. It’s just a different kind of focus with him in there and in the building, and everything he says just comes from his heart, and what he says is just something I’ve always wanted to hear,” Krull said, adding he had a chance to interact with the Gators legend following the sequence. “I went up to him, because he was actually my idol growing up. So I went up to him and said ‘Hey, can I get a picture’, and he said ‘Of course, great throw, great team win’. It was awesome, it’s always great talking to him.”

The nonchalant way Krull describes his impact would make it appear he’s accustomed to big plays, yet that’s certainly not the case at Florida to date. Yet Krull said his consistent positive attitude is just a part of who he is — his infectious energy persists regardless of whether Krull himself is deserving of credit for the play on the field.

Considering he just four months ago was searching for a home, unsure of his potential role or impact, it’s hard not for Krull to smile and express his gratitude.

“When I decided I was going to switch over to football, it was full ‘go’ for me. And I’ve never looked back, and it’s been the best decision I think I’ve made in my entire life. I’m so happy to be here and call these guys my brothers, my teammates. It’s been a whirlwind for sure, but it’s been the best time of my life,” Krull said. “Whatever coach asks of me, I’m going to do it to the best of my ability and give full effort and energy in everything I do. That’s the thing, when you’re not on the field, you still have got to be the best teammate you could be, because those guys need you as much as I need them. That’s just my mentality.”



  1. With guys like this, Gator football is definitely on its way back to the top. Not just the athleticism, but the attitude as well. I have a feeling we will be hearing his name called a lot more in the future. Unselfish, with relentless effort, and a total team player.

  2. ”That’s the thing, when you’re not on the field, you still have got to be the best teammate you could be, because those guys need you as much as I need them.” -Gator T.E., Krull.
    These Gators are learning, ”there is no ‘I’ in TEAM.” And Krull, and the other T.E.s are contributing, finally!
    Go Gators! Chomp-on Florida!

  3. Love the Krull. Watching with unfettered anticipation to see what he becomes. Potential monster. — Also, Feleipe’s execution on this play was spot on. When he gave the ball to Krull he had a defender right in front of him sizing him and the play up. Feleipe stood up tall and relaxed his body posture for a split second, so the defender turned his attention to Krull and the inside, and wham – Feleipe re-engaged. It all happened in the wink of an eye, but man it’s fun to watch that replay.

  4. There are a lot of players on this team that have really conducted themselves in the best way imaginable..none more so than krull. Obviously he has proven himself to the coaches and I look forward to seeing more of him in the future.

  5. What do Krull and Gronkowski have in common? They are both 6’7″ and when unleashed they are unstoppable. Let’s see more Krull in each game. What a target and what a weapon.
    I can hear the fans now: Krull, Krull, Krull !

  6. When they least expect it, expect it! Our TEs are now serious threats to run, catch, throw and BLOCK. Teams have to defend everyone and every part of the field. I feel bad for the defensive coordinators. Just when the other team rests, Krull will DESTROY!