Gators hosting 4 official visitors vs. LSU

Florida quarterback Tim Tebow greets Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen at midfield following the Gators' 29-19 win against Mississippi State in Starkville on Oct. 24, 2009. [Doug Finger/The Gainesville Sun]

The 3:30 p.m. match-up with LSU marks the biggest home game for the Gators this season, meaning a heavy contingent of 2019 prospects will descend upon Gainesville this weekend.

Florida and coach Dan Mullen are expected to host four official visitors Saturday, including heavily recruited four-star wide receiver Elijah Higgins.

Ranked the No. 9 wide receiver prospect in the 2019 class by 247Sports, Higgins is taking his second official visit of the year following a June 22 trip to Ohio State. No stranger to reaping rewards on the recruiting trail, Mullen said Monday he’s more than aware of the possible dividends the game could provide the Gators.

I imagine it’ll be a big recruiting weekend for us, lots of guys come,” Mullen said. “I always think generally speaking when you look at recruiting, a lot of recruits and players that are out there around the country, a lot of high school guys, they want to see big games. When you have one, it’s a special deal.”

Aside from Higgins, the Gators expect to host four-star defensive end Byron Young, an Alabama commit, as well as four-star Cedar Hill (TX.) safety Lewis Cine. And four-star Gators defensive back commit Jaydon Hill will make his return trip to Gainesville, albeit this time on an official visit.

And Saturday’s festivities will feature a full slate of unofficial visitors, including 10 UF commits.

Take a look at the list of notable 2019 prospects expected in Gainesville on Saturday for unofficial visits.


Four-star offensive lineman Kamaar Bell (Moultrie, Ga.)

Four-star linebacker Diwun Black (Osceola) – Florida commit

Four-star offensive lineman Deyavie Hammond (Lakeland)

Four-star linebacker Tyron Hopper (Roswell, Ga.) – Florida commit

Four-star defensive lineman Jaelin Humphries (Lawrenceville, Ga.) – Florida commit

Four-star quarterback Jalon Jones (Baltimore, Md.)– Florida commit

Four-star defensive back Chester Kimbrough (New Orleans) – Florida commit

Three-star wide receiver Dionte Marks (Deland) – Florida commit

Four-star defensive tackle Lloyd Murray Jr. (Wichita Falls, TX.)

Three-star offensive lineman Riley Simonds (Buford, Ga.) – Florida commit

Four-star defensive end Lloyd Summerall (Lakeland)

Three-star athlete Ja’Markis Weston (Clewiston) – Florida commit

Three-star offensive lineman Ethan White (Clearwater) – Florida commit

Four-star offensive lineman Wardrick Wilson (Miami) – Florida commit

Four-star tight end Keon Zipperer (Lakeland)



  1. I couldn’t agree more. Mullen’s never been known as a great recruiter nor disciplinarian. I think with Felipe Frank’s aversion to the forward pass, that may turn off several offensive skill position players from attending UF.

  2. This Lakeland Gatornaught sends a shout out to Deyavie, Lloyd and Keon, all from Lakeland.
    Hope you enjoy the game. Afterwards, be part of something special and commit to the Gators.
    UF is known for great coaching, great team play and exciting Championships.
    You will have an unbelievable 4 years here, and if you work hard, you can join all the other Gators who play on Sundays. Be part of something special and commit to the Gatorsl!

  3. On ESPN U radio this morning a 5* UGA commit at wide receiver de-committed and is looking at OK and UM. If there are no character issues we should be inviting him. Didn’t get the name but looks like he has right now potential. Patience my friends as we have discussed here many of these guys are going to change there commitments. The youth will go for the hot team at the moment. I also read that a lot of teams over recruit and there is no room on some teams. We have time. The key is good solid play and coaching and these guys will want to play here. I am with Tampa in I thought there would be more official visits. There are some missing names.

      • Haselwood is either the number one or two WR in the 2019 class according to all the rating services. His decommitment from UGA should be cause for the UF staff to try to reconnect with him. He has said Oklahoma is his “dream school,” and he seems to be very interested in Miami too. He’s going to attend the UM v. FSU game this weekend. I can’t really see him choosing Oklahoma. They already have two five star WRs and one four star WR in their 2019 class. While we should definitely communicate our interest in him, until or unless UF develops or signs a top tier QB, it will be hard to lure WRs like Haselwood. However, we already have the best WR group in a very long time on our team right now. So, while we are probably not in the mix for Haselwood, that’s not the end of the world for us.

  4. Hope Mullen is reading these boards and heeds the advice of all these recruiting experts we have here.
    Maybe UF should hire the likes of Tampa, Tom and Doug to make sure we get the correct number of official visitors, make sure we get more 5* kids and revamp our dismal recruiting efforts. Seems the narrative that our new coach can’t recruit is back

    • CO jones. That was Tom’s narrative sort of, not mine. And your post is a narrative that is not mine either, even though you associated it with me. But it is a fact that top tier recruiting and coaching results in top tier rankings, playoff contention, and conference/national championships.

      • And CO Jones, what I did say was that I was surprised that more official visits were not made for this game. There are going to be a lot of recruits on unofficial visits at the game, and some highly-ranked recruits. So, the next time you think about associating me with something, read and comprehend better first.

        • I comprehend just fine but you should try and not get shocked by small silly things like “only” 4 official visitors for the LSU game. Easy there big guy it’s OK, really, no need for you to worry so much.

      • It’s a lost cause, Doug…….a lost cause for a lost art. I’m still waiting for a Pulitzer Prize for Sarcasm that’ll probably never arrive now, and all I did was piss everyone off. Try posting on the Arkansas boards, at least you’ll know for sure that you’re casting your pearls before swine!

    • Actually CO, I thought at first that it was a pretty good number, before I found out that I’m not supposed to be impressed. But it’s still a little premature on recruiting — you’ve said, yourself, that decent results on the field will be the factor above all that draws them back, and I believe that too. Overall, it will take more than one season, but to cast doubt on Mullen’s abilities in recruiting at this point is rather absurd. But it’ll raise its head again before December, of that I’m certain. I’m sure you are too.

      • Agree, I thought the list was fairly large. We dont need to win, only to compete. Actually losing by a little could have a positive effect, with the coaches pointing out how much we need them! Recruits have big egos and love to hear that they can make the difference(even though freshmen rarely do).

        • Bingo Daz — a recruiting target comes to a very competitive games that we wind up losing to the number 5 team in the nation, and all of a sudden the world ends and we’ll never get anything else but an occasional 3* again until the end of time. That’s called “all or nothing thinking”, a cardinal cognitive error, and we do it every day. Thankfully, so does everyone else.

      • To complain about the number of official visitors coming to the 4th game of the season is absurd indeed. If this shocks you, then you have some serious mental problem.
        How dare you be impressed by anything Mullen does? Remember we had to settle on him after being rejected by our top 2 choices, and he has never shown to be anything more than a mediocre recruiter. Maybe that is only 4 guys are showing up on officials this Saturday and none of them is a 5*

        • DISCLAIMER: The above rant was produced for entertainment value only, employing a 20th Century literary technique referred to as “sarcasm”. Children under the age of 18, or extremely sensitive adults exhibiting a tendency for concrete thinking styles, should not read it without proper supervision which may consist of a licensed psychotherapist or a properly ordained priest.

  5. As the team progresses on the field, recruiting will take care of itself. This board was bruising Mike White over his recruiting – then! Not so much now! I predict that this year and next year’s classes will materialize into solid classes. And besides – what we haven’t had in 8 years prior to Mullen is a scintilla of player development. That is changing.

  6. Just one week ago Andrew Spivey of Gator Country wrote the following:

    There will be dozens of unofficial visits and most of the commits will be in town. These are scheduled to take official visits, Kayvon Thibodeaux, Jaydon Hill, Chester Kimbrough, Lewis Cine, Byron Young, Elijah Higgins, Lloyd Summerall and possible Wardrick Wilson.

    Are really only 4 out of all those guys he listed coming?!

  7. One look at Miami and the list they have for the fsu game you realize that we have some catching up to do in the dazzle department. Do here’s one more counterintuitive comment for everyone.
    The number one recruiting job for this program imo is keeping CDM. He’s an elite coach and jedi master of the spread which is about to be big money at the NFL level soon. He is a hell of a scout of talent. He can call plays as good as anyone. He has a good nose for finding good assistants. His only challenged area is he not the magnet of ahead of development 18 year olds that some people covet…which means nothing of course at the next level. If you have to have something to work on that’s probably the best one. Because soon he is going to get the NFL money even higher for his kids and that’s already a strength of UF at least for numbers of NFL players.
    He can always do what Kentucky did a few years back and tell his players they are unforgettable…the big flash evetyone else had to have went here or there, but the “want to” guys are at UF and they can perform at just as high of a level if they listen to the coaches.
    Sure I’d like to see a little more from the list in terms if offensive line and linebacker but the rest I don’t even count the stars on because we always have good athletes. Always.