Notebook: Grimes’ report on former teammate now playing at LSU

Florida wide receiver Trevon Grimes (8) and tight end C'yontai Lewis (80) lead their fans as the team celebrates a 13-6 win over Mississippi State in Starkville, Miss., on Saturday. (AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis)

Florida wide receiver Trevon Grimes knows a thing or two about LSU quarterback Joe Burrow and the kind of game the graduate transfer will bring to The Swamp on Saturday.

The two were teammates and friends at Ohio State before both decided to transfer.

“Joe’s one of my good friends from back up when I was at Ohio State,” Grimes said. “Me and him were kind of close. We talked often. But I think he’s a good player. I haven’t really seen any improvement out of him, but I’m not really focused on him right now. I’ll let the defense handle him. I’m more focused on the offense and what I can do and what I can bring to the table for this week.”

Burrow has gotten off to a good start with the Tigers. LSU is 5-0 and Burrow has thrown for 1,023 yards and six touchdowns. And, he’s taking care of the ball. He’s yet to throw an interception this season.

I guess you could say everyone has their games,” Grimes said. “I’m looking forward to seeing what he can do against our defense and if he can make those plays (he’s been making).

“I’m sure he won’t be able to. I’m excited to see what (the defense) can go out there and do and come out victorious once again.”

Grimes said the defensive players have not approached him this week seeking insight into Burrow’s game.

“No, they haven’t,” he said. “Honestly, I don’t think they’re too worried. I see every day in practice, they go up against, in my opinion, a better quarterback. So, they’re not too worried about him. They’re going go out there and play their game, play physical and come out victorious.”

Movement for Martez

After some early struggles, especially in the loss to Kentucky, senior left offensive tackle Martez Ivey is showing signs of starting to play up to his five-star potential.

I think he’s playing more confident,” offensive line coach John Hevesy said. “He’s starting to understand the little things, what are his liabilities, just with his hands and his feet, just understanding sets and what each job he has to do is to be a smarter player. Work smarter and work harder. You see those things and that’s where he’s kind of grown.”

Some o-line depth?

Going into the season, UF coach Dan Mullen said the goal was to have as many as 10 players the coaches trusted playing on the offensive line.

The Gators seem closer to that figure now than they did heading into the opener.

True freshman guard Chris Bleich and tackles Stone Forsythe and Noah Banks are starting to get some game reps.

“We’re getting there,” senior offensive guard Tyler Jordan said. “I think Stone Forsythe and Chris Bleich are two guys that I think are making steps in the film room and on the field. They’re understanding, at least for Chris, Chris is starting to get a hold and understand why we do things.

“Coach Mullen talks about understanding why we do stuff. We already know how to do it, but do we know why? And I think he’s coming along and understanding why we do certain things.”



  1. Good read Robbie, thinking Mullen will come up with another great game plan to possibly negate Burrow. With that being said, during Kentucky week we had a player or two trash talk or give extra motivation. I don’t think Grimes meant it that way but it sure looks like LSU is spinning it that way!
    GO GATORS!!!

    • Hey Gator11 — don’t worry, those guys would spin a peanut butter and jelly sam’mich into a fried oyster po’boy if they could. It’s what they do down there! Ask Baton Rouge Gator if you don’t believe me.

  2. Why cant players just keep there mouths shut and play these days let you playing do the talking.

    It’s not like Grimes is tearing it up on the field he has a whooping 10 rec. for 124 yards and 1 TD

    Let you play do the talking Grimes not your mouth

    • Paul. First, Grimes was made available to the press to talk. So he answered questions asked of him. Second, Grimes is the backup to Jefferson, so him having 10 receptions for 124 yards and a TD. And he had a long reception called back due to a holding penalty in the MSU game. He is also an excellent blocker in Mullen’s option offense. Therefore, I would say his playing is talking pretty damn good.

      • Gators just gotta have fun. mouthing off is part of the identity. other teams hate it. I love it!
        and look, whats he going to say. what if he said “joe throws a good deep ball”.. then everyone game plans one way, or Joe really hasn’t recovered from a left knee fracture in 2017… not saying details in public that’s good. a general I can beat you might be psychologically the right thing to say to a guy, maybe he tries too hard to show up grimes or whatever.
        and if grimes said, I’m glad I didn’t go to florida, their receivers have dropped 10 balls this year…would it help us, hurt us, or what. none of us fans really know. I believe CDM gives them guidelines but lets them say general stuff, but I don’t know.

  3. When you have two 325 lbs guys facing each other, it comes down to who is the “baddest man”. Simple. Who has the attitude required to kick the other guys A…s. Yes you’ve got to know how to block, but more importantly, are you tough enough to whip that other guy. Maybe Ivey is finely getting tough enough.

  4. Grimes didn’t say anything that was terrible. Also, these guys aren’t very experienced in public relations’ talk that essentially says nothing. Sometimes it’s refreshing to hear honest, back home comments. Go Gators!

  5. Vulcan Alex, despite your long history or prophetic posts, I must take exception with your 5 linemen comment.

    YES, I do want 5 linemen who operate as a unit, but you MUST have backups rotating in and out:
    1. You are 1 injury away from 4 linemen who work together (or 2 injuries away from 3..)
    2. To give relentless effort, 300 pound guys need a breather once and a while. If UF defense gets a 3 & out, that’s a short rest.
    3. You need some competition for snaps and starting spots – notice Tony McCoy, who was not very successful last year at center isn’t on the depth chart, why? Competition that beat him out, & he’s now 3rd string.

    Now I get your desire to have a functional unit that we have been lacking, but we need that unit to function into Q4 with some energy.

    Trust in CDM & company to make the right judegements.
    – respectfully

  6. Well, it’s not like he’s made any guarantee. I mean, all he really said was that Frank is the better QB which does not mean much until Franks actually beat a team of LSU’s caliber. I am sure LSU does not need any bulletin board material to motivate themselves for this game. They probably still remember our celebrating winning an SEC east crown in their backyard. Plus it’s not like Frank has been lighting it up and all LSU has to do is look at the tapes of the Kentucky game to lick their chop. I hope they do because either way, I have a hard time seeing them having their way in the SWAMP. I’ll be very pissed if they do…This team better play with a chip on their shoulder and make us forget they are the team that lost to Kentucky.. 😉 I think our kicker wins this one on a last second field goal but it’s going to take the entire Swamp screaming their lungs out so the LSU players have to resort to the silent count. Are yall up to that challenge!!!??? Come on Gators! If the center can hear the QB then it’s not loud enough! Go Gators!!!

    • Franks threw for more yards than he’s ever thrown in college against UK. He had 232 yds and 2 TDs, so I’m not sure what you mean by LSU can look at tape of him in that game and lick their chops. The defense lost that game. I actually hope they look at the tape and think that’ll be the same team they’ll be facing. We all know this is not the same team that stepped on the field that night.

  7. What’s up Gator-6?? You got that right, my man!!! The sports radio stations here are playing Trevon’s comments and making it seem like he’s talking trash about Burrow but I think its more of good friends having fun with each other. To me it sounds like everyone here is pre-tty nervous about this game. Fans are hand wringing and nervous while the players seem overly confident and cocky, especially the DB’s. Self proclaimed dbu-more like Pee-U if you ask me. I still stand by my prediction that UF wins by more than 10 points. Won’t be a repeat of the 51-21 beatdown the Gators put on them back in ’08 but it will still be a win. GO GATORS!!

    • I figured as much BRGF — some things don’t ever change, most of all the coon ass mentality when they feel threatened. God love ’em anyway, but that’s the nature of the beast. I’m with you on this one, but I think it’s going to be another cliff hanger with us coming out on top in the end. But whatever happens, it’s going to be a great SEC game!

  8. I think this comment and bulletin board material is way overrated. That is media stuff. Those guys like to go to bed at night thinking their articles made a difference in winning or losing. It doesn’t mean a damn thing if the guy in front of you is just that much bigger, stronger and better. I have yet to see an article make a a 4.8 guy run a 4.4 or increase anyone’s bench press or squat. This game will be decided by the special teams , which is why I am confident. Go Gators!