Dooley Noted: A win is a win, Gator fans


Pat reviews Florida’s 13-6 victory at Mississippi State and interviews Chris Low of ESPN.

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Podcast breakdown:

02:00 A tremendous win
10:45 Feleipe Franks
15:45 Defensive standouts and other player updates
17:35 The Ring of Honor
21:13 Chris Low
32:24 Twitter poll
35:35 Other games from last weekend
39:38 Three Things


  1. A win is a win…but MSU is clearly not the team many expected. We looked just OK by comparison. Still feeling we’re going 7-5 this year, at best. But it’s great for CDM’a first year. The SEC is really Bama, UGA, LSU — everybody else is mediocre to just ok.

    • If we win Saturday does that mean LSU was trash, or that we are great? Or maybe there’s a third option, and that there is greatness and bad teams, and a lot in-between?

      I agree we are not great as a team, but it appears we have a pretty good coach and some pieces that can be built around. Greatness isn’t nearly as far away as many believed a few weeks ago

          • Rocketman, I overall agree with you but we will win 8 games, maybe 9. After UK dismantled SC I added them to the win list, I already had MSU on there before we played them. Once I see MO play SC and UK I will know about that 9th win. We will beat Vandy, SC, Idaho & FSU to make it 8.

          • Please get a clue. If we played Miami’s schedule we would be undefeated or with only one loss every single year

        • Cane ‘prestige? WTH guy…for a team that half fills a stadium and has not been relevant since …when?
          No more ‘we’ when referring to our Gator team. Go get and wear your orange and green colors.

        • Rocketman Miami was an absolute joke when LSU played them. They were so bad they had to make a QB change. They can thank their lucky stars for not having another top team on their schedule, cause the joke of a schedule they are playing is making them look a hell of a lot better than they are. Also, the recruiting rankings over the last 5 years says you’re wrong about the talent gap. In fact only once over that same timeframe did Miami have a higher ranked recruiting class, and that was this past class which was only a few spots higher.

      • Gatoray, there’s absolutely no question what so ever if we beat LSU, they’ll instantly become overrated, and not just by opposing fan bases, that will include a lot of our own fans as well. So far we wouldn’t know what type of team we have till we beat Tennessee, who everyone said we’d lose to. Then we dominate them and only did so cause Tenn sucks and gave us the game. In comes MSU, who since UT sucked, we’ll now know what type of team we have since they’re a much better team and we’ll lose to them too. Oops, we win that game and now in steps LSU to become the benchmark game that we’ll finally know what type of team we have and will lose to as well. So fully expect the trend to continue. If we beat them it’ll somehow be because LSU gave us the win or they were overrated to begin with. Then it’ll turn to UGA as the game we’ll FINALLY know what type of team we have, cause Vandy hasn’t earned that respect yet, but who knows maybe everyone will think we’ll lose to them too. The Gators don’t win games against good teams anymore, they only win them cause the other team gives it to them or they were overrated to begin with. I guess that’s what 8 years of mediocrity does to some people’s psyche

        • No JOE, those teams did suck, Now if we beat LSU no one can say they are overated. Their win over Auburn proved they belong in the top 5, not any win over miami. Some may say we got lucky if we beat LSU and there may be some truth to that but we WILL have beaten a true top 5 team. I watched that game and it was an SEC slugfest of 2 very good teams on that saturday.

  2. I just saw Brockway’s ”tweet” about students lining up EARLY to see ”Pitbull speak at U.F.” listening to your podcast. Maybe ‘IF’ Pitbull told these same students to ”go support your FOOTBALL TEAM on Saturday” the stadium will actually be a ”sell-out.”
    I once went to see & listen to Arthur Ashe at the O’ Dome for a free speaking engagement several months before he died at age 49. But before he died, he spoke inspirationally about his battle with AIDS, his battle as a black man in Professional tennis, etc…
    ”Arthur Robert Ashe Jr. was an American professional tennis player who won three Grand Slam titles. Ashe was the first black player selected to the United States Davis Cup team and the only black man ever to win Grand Slam titles. Born: July 10, 1943, Richmond, Virginia, U.S. Died: February 6, 1993, New York City, New York, USA. Cause of Death: AIDS-related pneumonia.” -Wikipedia.
    What ever happened to ”inspirational speakers” like Arthur Ashe, U.F.!?!? Pitbull, really!?!?!

      • Thanks for the insight, TA. But I still don’t like much of ”today’s music.”
        But I do hope ‘”Pitbull” reached someone that needed to hear his speech.
        As I will NEVER forget Arthur Ashe’s speech, only months before he passed.

    • In truth, I was there after the Kentucky game.

      What you’re seeing is the difference that great coaching can make with a team that isn’t championship quality. We’re not. However, this win was brilliant. This is the way you win championships.

      Remember the South Carolina game in 08? We had to block a kick to win.

      This game reminded me of the 2008 Championship game…. This is how you win championships — grind it out, make plays. I was privileged to be at both games…. It was magic.

      It may not be fun for everyone to watch, but do you think Mississippi State fans wouldn’t like the win if the results were flipped?

      I hope we beat LSU 10-9.

      Go Gators!

  3. Rocketman???? Do you see a “W” if coach Mac was on the sideline this past Saturday? this same MSU team should have beat Bama last yr., and now this coach is on our sidelines coaching the Gators with better talent than he ever had at MSU. Not saying we can beat Bama (no one can probably) but every other team on our schedule could be a W. I don’t know how you came up with 7-5 and were 4-1 right now?!!?

    • Jeff with our coach and talent we can win every game. Don’t think we will. I think lack of experience will catch them looking and they will drop a few. But I think we could give anyone a run for their money on the right day. There was a time I’d say we were going to lose 5. Not that the season can’t go that way I don’t think these guys will fall into that trap. Well lose because they will win a big one and have the let down game.

      • SC got crushed by UK so we will not lose to them and FSU is a dumpster fire. have you actually watched an FSU game? The only one on that list Im not sure about is MO. But they play SC and then UK before us so I will be absolutely sure before we play them if we will win or not. At this point Mo is a good step below Ga is all we know.

  4. So now every win is downplayed as the other team is bad. Just give Florida credit and stop talking. Use that mentality for Kentucky. Florida plays a bad game against an ok at best team and they lose and everyone loses their mind. They aren’t NC quality (Florida) but come on. Give them credit and don’t discredit the win in the same breath

  5. Kentucky is a very good team that can play almost everyone equally. Alabama is in a class all their own, but other teams in the SEC will catch up to bama. There are several good coaches now in the SEC and it will take a few years for everyone to fill their rosters with better talent and depth. I believe we have a head start on most of them because we have a lot of talent here now. We lack quality depth in most spots. Our defense looks like it is improving with a few players finally playing up to their potential. It would be awesome to go 11-1 and maybe beat bama in the SEC Championship game, but realistically I will be happy with a huge improvement over last year. Coach Mullen and the other coaches are working their magic, but it will take one game at a time to see where we stand now. After last year 4-1 is awesome after 5 games. GO GATORS!!!

    • Ed I think an 8 win season would be enough to convince top recruits that the program is headed in the right direction. Daz you’re exactly right, that loss by #1 Bama in the SEC championship game in ’08, was the one and only time Saban lost an SEC championship since he’s been at Bama. He’s very beatable when a decent coach can match the talent level. Smart almost beat him last season, but only being in his 2nd year of head coaching, he was a little too green to take down the master. Mullen almost beat him last season with far less talent. No doubt once he has equal talent he’ll be able to take him down. Saban has spent almost his entire career at Bama with some pretty bad SEC coaches. That’s changed and now once those coaches match the talent it’ll be a different story. Smart has to try a little harder since Saban is undefeated against his former assistant coaches, and that I’m sure has everything to do with him knowing them personally and how they run things. He doesn’t have that advantage with Mullen.

    • One of the problems the gators face and Bama and UGA do not is in state competition for players. UGA has no in state competition for the best players, Bama does have Auburn but the FL panhandle is really just another part of Alabama. The gators have to compete against FSU, Miami, UCF and S.Florida, and at the same time having high academic standards than these schools. The only other school in the conference that has this difficulty is A&M.

  6. We could be 5-0 right now, CeCe Jefferson and Reese were missing from the Kentucky game. 2 leaders and playmakers that didn’t play. Kentucky murdered us with Snell and the QB on busted running plays (and a long passing td). The defensive blitz they are calling now, they couldn’t call those blitzes in the 1st 2 games b/c they were missing CeCe and Reese.

    • True if we had them, but If the refs dont illegally blow the whistle after our TD play had started we would have scored on that play and been leading, or if they subsequently hadnt disallowed our FG after they screwed our TD, we would have been down only 1 later in the game and wouldnt have gone for 2 pt conversion, nor been throwing in desperation later in the game. None of that really matters because we are about the same talent level of UK and they wont beat Ga or LSU or Ala. either! So what, we would have been 5-0 and overanked like we are now and waiting for our 2 losses in the east. Mullen is a great coach and Im happy with 8 or 9 wins this year. What an achievement in his 1st year!
      It amazes me that just because were ranked, fans now have this unrealistic idea we can beat the elite teams and when we dont there is going to be alot of disappointment and moaning and groaning like we had on here earlier when expectations got artificially out of whack. MSU was overanked because they had beaten 3 nobodies and had artificial stats, then we saw what they really were when UK demolished them, so that wasnt an upset. Because we beat an overanked team we are now overanked . Yes we have a good and sometimes great defense, same with S.T., but we dont have the offense to play at anywhere near an elite level especially at QB. I for one wont be let down and it wont bother me in the least when LSU beats us because I expect it. Beating LSU would truly be an upset! Im just happy the coach got the team turned around after the UK loss and has them putting the effort all game, wow, what an accomplishment! That took some real skill to do that so fast. This team is actually tough now. We saw it in the 2nd half of MSU!

      • It’d be nice if more people took the realistic approach like this. Unfortunately you’re exactly right, if we lose to LSU you’re going to see a large portion of this fan base completely turn and act like the world is falling and question Mullen’s decision making left and right. In reality, they should understand and recognize the great strides they’ve already taken by beating two teams everyone picked to win on the road in hostile environments and know that the future is very bright no matter how the rest of the season plays out. I’ve seen enough to recognize we’re in good hands and that Mullen will turn the program around. Besides the obvious games they should win, the only one left on the schedule that I would really have a problem losing is FSU.

        • ^^^^^THIS! Well said, sir. Gator fans need to stop tearing down our team and get behind them. The terrible whiny, crybaby attitudes of Gator fans has made us a joke to opposing fanbases. Sadly, we are the definition of fair weather fans.

  7. People be beware, Pat and many others use the term “Luck” like it a condition that exist…It does not! Look up the definition. There is only fate or the reality of life. People are seemingly “fortunate” or “unfortunate” based on real physical actions (physics/science etc.) or words said in life. Secular people really like using the term “luck”, like there is some great power in charge of “luck”, even though they don’t believe, LOL. Another simple example: Putts limp out because they were not hit on the correct line and speed to go down the hole…PERIOD…luck does not exist!

    Zook wasn’t “unlucky”, he was Zook because of his own “actions in life”…example, that’s why OHBC demoted him, etc.

    We are getting better as a result of this coaching staff’s actions…180 Degrees from the previous disaster staffs. Pat, I agree, Franks is only taking baby step improvements, but he’s trying real hard.

  8. Sooner or later you’re going to have to score points. But, upon reviewing the film from this year so far, and looking at what our offense has been over the last 6-8 years, the situation is worse than I originally thought. You see, I thought it was coaching. We right now have multiple NFL players in the league, and some offensive players making plays….even Jeff Driskel is in the NFL. But it’s a combination. You see, last year’s dumpster fire has been put out. But, the charred remains of the dumpster and the contents are still here. It’s difficult to take the remains of said dumpster fire and turn them into a juggernaut offense that can score 30 points a game. And I get that now. I didn’t before. I get that this team doesn’t have the offensive talent of the 1990 team. Who would want Matthews, Mills, Barber, McClendon, and McNabb when you have Franks, Swain, Jefferson, Grimes, Perine, and Pierce. It’s evident now that the offensive side of the ball has sub par SEC talent that is very difficult to coach, and is obviously not up to the highest of standards that Coach Mullen wants at an SEC school. This season will be interesting to see how it plays out. Defense does win championships, but offense wins games. Sooner or later, you’re going to have to score points and drive down the field, to win a game. Sooner or later.

    • While you have opened up not only a can of worms but a firestorm of criticism as well that will get you called a troll or worse, your honesty is refreshing if not tiresome. But in the final analysis, Grump, you are right. What took you so long?

    • Sooner or later, and based on what we’ve already seen I’m guessing sooner, Mullen will fix the offense. It’s just not possible this season. Smart needed a year to get his offense rolling. Same with Saban at Bama, same with Meyer at UF. I have no doubt you’ll see a big improvement in Mullen’s second season. You certainly saw one at MSU when he took over and they were as big if not a bigger dumpster fire.

    • Grump, I think some people put too much stock in last year’s 4-7 record, which was more a result of the freak circumstances with suspensions, injuries, and the Mac firing, and less a result of poor talent. If you look at that team realistically, the talent was significantly better than 4-7. For the most part, it was many of the same players from the previous year’s 9 win team (should’ve been 10 with the hurricane game) and most from this year’s team that already has 4 wins. There’s some talent to work with.

      I’m not sure where you’re going with the comparison to the players from the ’90 team. With the exception of Matthews over Franks, the others are comparable. Willie McClendon was highly regarded, because he was a big back on a 1A high school team, but had a pedestrian career at UF with only about 1,600 total rushing yards in 4 seasons. McNabb was a fullback who had about 600 yards for his career. Now, if you throw in E. Rhett, UF’s all-time leading rusher, then you’re probably on to something, but otherwise it’s close.

      Mac would’ve won 20 games in his first two seasons if not for the canceled hurricane game. I know the offense was never great, but first there was the Will Grier debacle, then injuries to LDR. He never got to complete a season with his preferred QB at the helm for the entire year and had to play Bama twice with what amounted to a scrub QB. Since most blame bad coaching for last season’s poor offensive showing, why should we denigrate the talent on this year’s team? You can certainly question the OL, but I think the skill players are solid, and Franks is certainly improving.

      CDM’s biggest challenge was, and is, developing a QB, but Franks seems to be coming along. There certainly seems to have been a culture issue as well, but CDM inherited 6-8 win talent, so winning 8 or 9 seems realistic and would be a great start.

    • If I read what your saying as sarcasm then i can agree with you! Otherwise the only glaring need we have is at QB. A great QB would make this team look 100% different. If we had, say, Grier, you wouldnt recognize this offense. Yes franks is making small gains, but until he sees the field we wont make any great strides. we all know that, if you dont have the QB you dont have the team. Coaches search in vain for the QB they need and some never get them. Seeing the field is a skill I believe cant be taught. It is the reason Mullen is now calling screens, which naturally go to a designated receiver quickly. Franks doesnt have to look for an open man. Mullen is play calling with the hand that is dealt him. trouble is screens dont use Franks greatest skill, the deep pass!

  9. I didn’t see us going to Starkville & getting a W. This was no question a coaching W by our HC Dan Mullen imo. I truly believe Dan could have taken the MSU players & won the game. We’re fortunate he’s coaching our TEAM & got the W. Best Coach & Staff won this game imo.

    Great to see the TEAM improving each week. Probably going to have to throw down field more as LSU corners will probably pinch. We’ll see how our offense reads & responds. D needs to get pressure on the QB Barrow. #5 LSU coming to town is the biggest challenge yet.

    • I did(know we were going to beat MSU) and made 2 grand off it and told everyone on here it was going to happen. Too bad you didnt get the memo! Youre right about if Mullen had been coaching MSU, though.

  10. It’s so funny reading the negative comments about how we aren’t as good as we should be or we don’t have the talent at the right positions to compete with the big dogs. That negativity is exactly what Mullen is talking about surrounding the program that needs to change. It includes the want to be coaches that sit at home and think they know what’s best for the program. Hey you’re entitled to your opinion but remember you can have a positive outlook on how well we have performed on the defensive side or that we are not ranked in the 100’s in offense anymore. Or that Franks has more TDs than all of last year. Or that right now we watch the game and think we have a chance to win instead of no chance at all. I have to admit that I haven’t been the most optimistic fan, especially after the UK game but CDM and our team have outdone most everyone’s expectations. But hey some of you pessimistic guys are right lets just talk crap about the team and how we need better players and how we wish we could be as good as UGA or BAMA. That’s positive thinking in your minds. Go Gators!

  11. Your absolutely right Jim the constant bitching and whining by so called Gators fans. Is toxic to the program; along with Journalist predicting a 2-10 record. After one loss to a 5-0 Kentucky team. Is absolutely irreresponsible and foolish. You expect that from Mike Bianchi.