Swampcast: Breaking down Florida’s upset win


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Posted by Pat Dooley on Saturday, September 29, 2018


  1. You are too close to the camera. It takes away from how handsome you guys are.
    Stiner should be blocking punts! Thanks Mr. Savage, this team got stronger as the game went on. You can probably pick up cowbells cheap on Ebay this morning

  2. This game meant a lot. MSU was counting on this being a feel-good win at home and the Gators punched them in the face in front of the cowbell-clanging crowd. You could feel as the game went on that Florida was slowly taking command, then dominated the Bulldogs in the 2nd half. Great coaching, great conditioning, great effort by the Gators in this game. I doubt MSU wants a rematch. The last offense play for MSU pretty much told the story of who was the more powerful team with the game on the line. Excellent job, coaches and Gators! GO GATORS!!!

    • Correct you are 6. This entire week I didn’t look at this as an upset opportunity. I thought there would be more scoring but I thought it would be a close game of two evenly matched teams. I’d say the better team won and certainly the better coached team. Finally proud to be a Gator again!!!

    • you better go back and reread all the posts all week! Nobody but me was “calling it” till friday, then several people did, before that those who called it said we’d lose! No revisionist history here!

      • You did call it, daz, and I’m glad you were right, and I’m glad you cashed in. I think you were predicting the Gators to win by a significantly wider margin, but they did dominate in the second half, so I’ll give you that, but Robbie should be given at least some credit for nailing the Gators’ score.

        As for revisionist history, consider this: many Gator fans were so excited to get CDM, because he had turned MSU into a great program and left them “loaded with talent”, the expectation being that he will do even greater things at UF with better resources. There’s no denying his success there. But now, all of a sudden, some Gator fans’ perception is that MSU is over-rated, and some go so far as to say they stink. Well, which is it? Did CDM leave a loaded team or a crappy team? If it’s the latter, then expectations for his success at UF should be lowered accordingly, but it doesn’t seem that they have been. I believe, and hope, that Mullen will be successful at UF, but it’s interesting how some are willing to twist the narrative, or ignore it completely, to support their own opinions. But then again, I suppose their answer will be that MSU is now terrible, because they no longer have CDM.

        • Hey Joe — I’m just saying they were over-rated more based on who their coach is, that is, the fact that he is from Penn State was the reason for their ranking.
          Not really saying they’re not an OK or decent SEC team — I think they are that, just not the championship level team everybody seemed to be saying they were. They’ve got some rough spots on schedule ahead tho, for sure.

          • I understand, 6; I wasn’t really thinking of you when I typed that. I don’t think they’re really that good either, and actually, I didn’t think they were that good last year. They got a lot of mileage out of playing Bama close, but I think that was only because of Hurts inability to throw the football. In hindsight, I don’t think they could’ve stayed close to Bama with Tua at QB.

            As for this season, I suppose that Fitzgerald could still be feeling some effects of his broken ankle. That was an ugly injury with his foot basically dangling from the end of his leg. That’s my reservation about CDM’s offensive style; I fear it puts the QB at unnecessary risk. MSU could also be suffering from the adjustment period to a new coach and system, and may improve as the season progresses. At any rate, I know I should take the advice gatorgi posted on another article that we should just “enjoy the journey”. Go Gators!

          • I think they will do OK the rest of the way, but with their own transition of sorts and the off-the-chains scary schedule they have coming up in the West — plus being 2 down already and probably a little demoralized — I don’t know. And you’re right about the injury to Fitzgerald….got to be a fair bit of neuropathy still there and it could be worse. Well, their journey vs ours? I’ll take ours! Go Gators!

  3. I really enjoyed the Gators holding on to the ball late in the game and sustaining drives. In previous years we would go 3 and out and the other team would get the ball and we would be the loser.
    How come Mullin did not get the job after Urban left. Foley knows the answer. Go Gators

  4. How refreshing was it to see the defense peaking in the 4th quarter instead of running out of gas like in previous years? The lame excuse for offense that we had under Chump and Mac kept the D on the field for so long that they’d burn out by the 4th Q and we’d end up losing games we should have won. A lot of these players are the same ones who won 4 games last year. What a difference having a real coaching staff makes. Go Gators!