5 Questions with … Feleipe Franks

Quarterback Feleipe Franks answers questions from the media during the University of Florida's Football media day in the Touchdown Terrace on August 2, 2018. [Lauren Bacho/Gainesville Sun]

Florida redshirt sophomore quarterback:

Q: Dan Mullen said you win a big game on the road and the reward is going on the road to play better team. Is that something you’re used to now in the SEC?

A: It comes with playing in the SEC. You go win a big game and the next week it’s even harder, so it’s fun. I think our guys are up for the challenge. So move on and play a really good team in Mississippi State. We’re excited and we’re going to prepare this week really well.

Q: What do you expect the atmosphere to be like with Mullen returning?

A: I’ve never been there, so I don’t know what to expect. Obviously, expecting a loud crowd, so it’s nothing that we haven’t handled before. At the same time, a really good football team. We’ve got to prepare every single day this week to go play them. It might not be easy, it’s not ever easy getting a road win in the SEC, but I think our guys are going to prepare well for this one.

Q: MSU has one of the best defensive lines in the nation. How will your offensive line hold up.

A: I trust my o-linemen. Coach (John) Hevesy is trusting them. They do a great job working their tails off every single week. Even the backup offensive line, they’re working their tails off. When anybody’s name is called they’re always ready. So, it’s not more for me about what they’re doing, it’s more about trusting what we’re doing. And I trust our o-line. Not really concerned with what they’re doing.

Q: The Gators took care of business on both lines of scrimmage against Tennessee. What does that do for this team’s mentality?

A: It just gives us momentum. Really good d-line on our part, with a bunch of those guys getting pressure on the quarterback. And I think our guys as well on the offensive side of the ball, coach Hevesy has them in there all the time preparing, getting them ready for the game. So those guys are always well-prepared. Everyone’s getting ready to play our opponents. They work their tails off, so super proud of our o-line. They do that day-in, day-out.

Q: Is it another step in developing a physical mentality?

A: We don’t even try to think about it like that. We just approach every day as a new day. Like Coach Mullen says all the time, this Monday has to be better than last week’s Monday and hopefully that Monday was better than the week before that Monday. We’ve just got to keep on being consistent. Consistency is key, especially in this league. That’s something we need to keep by our side, being super consistent and having better and better days each day throughout the week.


  1. I believe Franks is growing as a QB, progressively improving his understanding of the playbook and how (and when) to execute the plays. He is doing a better job with his reads, trying not to stare down his intended receiver. The O-Line played better against UT, but must greatly improve to compete with the best teams in the SEC. They need to develop mental toughness that goes hand-in-hand with physical toughness. Create some holes for our RB’s to run through. See the blitz coming (and believe me, MSU will be blitzing our offense). Above all, protect our QB. I am hoping our special teams will make a difference against MSU, and that our defense and offense can keep us in the game. GO GATORS!!!

  2. I plan to enjoy having this guy as our QB. In fact I already am. Some times some gator fans just don’t like someone and there is no changing their minds .. but he is welcome to struggle in my book…as he is becoming a much better QB than people want to admit.

    • Mveal- I’m not convinced yet, but man would I love to see him become a stud after what he’s been through. What a transformation and great story it would be. If it happens I think he should and will get down on his knees and thank
      god for sending him CDM.