Dooley Noted: Is Florida ready to play Mississippi State?


Pat Dooley talks about the Florida vs. Mississippi State football game, the challenge for the Gators playing in Starkville, a formula to win, games of the week and an interview with Matt Wyatt, analyst for the Mississippi State Radio Network.

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01:20  Big Game this week against Mississippi State in a wild atmosphere

03:30  The winner and loser of the game

05:00  Some things about Mississippi State, picks and winners

08:45  Going to Starkville is no easy task for the Gators, or Pat

13:15  Simple formula for Florida to beat Mississippi State

15:00  Special teams have to be as good as they have been

17:40  Kelly Bryant situation and transfers in general

23:18  Interview with Matt Wyatt of the Mississippi State Radio Network

33:40  Games of the Week and the spreads

37:00 Three Things


  1. Pat, you didn’t believe the Gators were ready to play Tennessee, much less beat them in dominating fashion. So no real viable reason to listen to your podcast this week. These two teams are probably equal in talent. So the team that executes the most consistently (issue or Florida this year), has the fewest turnovers, and plays better on special teams (well, maybe two of those three at least) wins the game.

  2. Totally agree with TampaGator. Now Pat predicts that ”Florida has to beat M.S.U., or else the Gators will go 6-6.” What reasoning is behind that formula, Pat? You said something similar about the ”new SEC East Head Coach battle” between U.T’s Pruitt & Mullen. Now, U.F. has to beat Miss. State, with their multi-year starter at Q.B., Fitzgerald (a future N.F.L. Q.B.), and oh, M.S.U.’s ”new head coach”, too. All in order to ”impress you.” And I still cannot figure out how U.F. will lose 4 more games, or who those 4 teams would be (other than U.G.A.) -if Florida loses this weekend.
    As I truly see U.F battling L.S.U. and possibly winning that one, too! But this ”material” is something we readers are getting used to with you and Robbie. It’s a real shame that you fellas at still ”have to see it, in order to believe it.” I subscribed to that philosophy with Coach Mac, but with Mullen, too? Sometimes it seems as if you all want U.F. & Mullen to lose, in order to prove ”you’re right.” WHATEVER!

    • I said 6-6 the other day. Do you think this offensive line can deal with LSU’s defense, Franks better have his running shoes on and you know what happens then. SC and Mizzou are sure up in the air and remember where those games will be played. UGA is out of the question and then on to Tallahassee. I just hope I am wrong but I think a beat down at Miss St. would be hard to overcome

      • Mississippi State is #8 in total defense while LSU is #38. MSU’s defensive line is far more talented than LSU’s, with future 1st rd picks Jeffrey Simmons and Montez Sweat leading the way. If they can handle MSU’s defense this week, then they should have no problem dealing with LSU.

        • To me…this is the key to the game as well. How our Oline will deal with their Dline, which is very good. LSU’s Dline is pretty damn good and they have played 2 pretty good opponents in Auburn and Miami…so the rankings may be skewed a little. That said, agreed…in that if we can handle Miss State up front, then that should give confidence in handling SEC Dlines…which our league hangs it’s hat on.

    • GI, you just don’t seem to get the narrative here, or at least “it”. Florida should have gone full court press to hire Chip Kelly — whatever it took and no matter what he wanted — but instead hired an an also ran, mediocre, worn out SEC coach with no redeeming virtues except he might have rubbed shoulders for a couple of years with Tim Tebow. We people “in the know” also understand that the rest of you boobs were supposed to be mollified by the fact that his last name starts with “M”, a hopefully satisfying nod to you unwashed clods for the two greatest Gator coaches ever, recently and unjustly departed.

      Now, how can you really expect this yokel of a coach to compete with the likes of, say, a new coach who was once at — dare I say it? — Penn State? Or even a new coach at Tennessee, who would have crushed us like a grape were it not for his left over players from the former regime giving us the game? Let alone the new coach at FSU — oh don’t even start that nonsense about his losing record, GI — everyone knows he should have won all those games you claim he lost, and therefore he’s 10 times the coach Mullen is and will probably win a national championship as soon as he can get all his players out of jail. I swear son, I wish I had known you when you were a little younger… just got it all wrong!

  3. Pat and Robby are long-time Gators and have been a writing for the Sun for many years. We are improving but right now we’re still not that good. They’re both calling them as they see them. No problem with that.

  4. I hear a lot of talk about the mighty Miss. St. offense and their QB. I checked their early schedule. They rolled up those big numbers on /Stephen. F. AUSTIN, K-State and Louisiana-Lafayette. There’s 3 teams i EXECPTED TO SEE challenge for the national title. Is that what you call scheduling 3 creampuffs to look good, then getting drilled by a good Kentucky team and held to 1 touchdown? I know: Gators played CreamPuff Charles. Southern, but Colorado State is NOT an annual creampuff team. And Gators were in the KY game until the blown FG call by the blind refs (HECK, even Stevie Wonder called that one good).c I will let the game to the talking, but if Gator D stops the Run, Fitz cannot beat the Gator secondary (UNLESS MORE GET CARTED OFF THE FIELD).