Dooley Noted: Was Tennessee just that bad or is Florida getting better?


Pat looks back at the Gators’ win over the Vols. He sees some progress for Florida and a struggling Tennessee squad. It’s “a little bit of this and a little bit of that.”

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Podcast breakdown:

01:00 Why is Tennessee struggling so badly?
04:30 Boosts from David Reese and other Gators players.
06:20 Play of the game.
08:30 “A little bit of this and a little bit of that”
11:50 CeCe Jefferson’s QB hit
16:10 Dameon Pierce and other Gators who need the ball more
20:30 AP ballot and the crazy games last weekend
28:07 The red shirt rule
30:40 Three Things


  1. Regardless, it’s a rather silly question to ponder at this date and time. Of course Tennessee is struggling, and of course our coaching staff is improving our team from week to week. The story is in the process and rate of improvement.

  2. Funny, the same question was pondered at length by SECNow today, so maybe it is not such a silly question to ponder after all. The former Georgia QB, Shockley, believes Florida is in total rebuild mode and was lucky vs. Tennessee with all the turnovers. The former Ga. Tech QB, Luginbill (sp?) clearly does not believe Florida is very good at all. But they all agreed that MSU has better players but that Florida could somehow upset MSU if they turn over the ball like Tennessee did. We shall see.

      • Exactly! That’s the most aggravating thing I keep hearing about the game. Everyone acts like Tenn just handed the ball to them and said here we don’t want it, please score asap. It’s such a joke. Every turnover was a result of a relentless defense taking it away from them. Give credit where credit is due.

        • Dude, you are WRONG! It’s O.K. You musta’ fell asleep! A boo-ya hit caused the Vol Q.B. to fumble, and there was a helluva a play by Henderson, who caused the ball to roll out of (a certain U.T. T.D.) the end zone. So… that’s 2, shall I go on? It’s O.K. to admit you’re wrong. I do, it is actually a sign of STRENGTH!

        • Jeffey you should probably go back and watch the game cause you’re out of your mind. The first turnover was a sack causing the Qb to fumble into Reese’s hands. Ancrum read the screen play perfectly stepped back and intercepted the pass on the second turnover. CJ Henderson then ran from across the field and caused the TE to fumble out of the end zone. Brad Stewart made an incredible interception on the next turnover. Not sure what the heck you were watching, but it certainly wasn’t the UF-UT game

  3. You are never as good or as bad as you think. I don’t think we are in Alabama’s league but I don’t think we are as bad as people are making us out to be. We are basing our worth by how we did against Kentucky. Well it’s starting to look like Kentucky is legitamit. And that game was closer than most think. If Felipe hits the open the 2 point conversion we don’t have to throw one up at the end of the game then we had a chance.

    • If the ref’s dont blow the whistle after the TD play had started we get 7 points or then subsequently call a good FG bad, different ballgame. we are either ahead or down by only 1 point and wouldnt have been playing desperate late in the game. ref’s stole our momentum. We are as good or better than UK!

      • The FG that EVERYONE in the broadcast booth and the country saw was good–except for the 2 striped shirts under the goal post. There is some strange rule on FG attempts that says the attempt was not reviewable. WTH? Consider where the game went after that blown call. Oh well, it’s in the past now.

        • Actually, and I’ve never seen this before, only one zebra made the “no good” call. The other one just looked at the one that made the call and, I suppose, deferred to him. They need to have a provision to review this or at the very least make to goal posts a little taller.

  4. Pat, as quickly as I’ll drop a comment ”calling you out,” I’ll also give you props. A great leader once said, ”He who has the right to criticize also has the right to help” (or to compliment in this case). So, that was the best podcast by you for 2018 college football to date. Well done, sir! Go Gators! Beat Miss. State!

  5. This is the weakest TN team I can remember and I’ve been watching the Gator-Vol clashes my whole long lifetime. Pruitt will start the turnaround for them next year, but this year they are a punching bag for every SEC opponent including Vandy. It’s hard to tell how good we are because we are an improving team – Saturday in Starkvegas will tell us more.

  6. So, a week ago we were terrible and had no chance against Tennessee, the unstoppable force. Now Tennessee is terrible and will never win another game. The truth for both teams is somewhere in the middle. It is a huge insult to our program, though, that people snap to the conclusion that any team we beat must be really bad.

    • Jaws you can bet for damn sure if they beat MSU in dominate fashion, the story will be oh they suck and we really won’t know how good this team is till they play LSU. Then if they beat LSU it will be oh LSU was overrated. Funny how that works even though everyone said before the Tenn game that we wouldn’t really know how good they are till they play Tennessee. That flew out the window real quick. I guess we really won’t know till UGA will we, or maybe not, maybe they’ll wind up sucking some how too. The Gators don’t win games anymore, they’re given the wins by the other team.

      • Joe, the only truer words spoken were by Christ, Himself!
        I said similarly after many commenters said, ”we won’t know ’till the SEC play…”
        Now, it’s ”until M.S.U”, then it will be ”until we play L.S.U.”
        One day, we will hear them say (unconfidently), ”when we play ‘Bama in the ATL, THEN WE’LL KNOW HOW GOOD FLORIDA ACTUALLY IS!”
        ”Enjoy the Journey!” -Mark ”Wiseman” Wise.

  7. I agree with all of the above post lamenting the lack of respect our squad is getting for that dominating win. While it’s pretty clear that we aren’t on a par with the Bama’s of the world yet and won’t be until we get better qb play and build up some more depth in critical areas, we still only have one close loss to the 14th ranked team in D1 that we easily could have won with the kind of effort that we saw in Rocky Top. CDM has this team ascending and improving weekly. QB play was marginally better and both lines looked much better. If we can go into cowbell city and dominate that squad and Tuck continues to look good, the media will have no choice but to give the Gators the credit they will be due IMO..If we can run the ball effectively in Starkvegas and play keep away ball and remember to contain the edges against the mobile QB, we will win as those are the keys to the game along with Felipe not turning it over and giving away cheap points..

  8. Kentucky sold out against the run against MSU and said your going to have to beat us with the pass and Fitz couldn’t do it as he is not a very accurate passer. CDM and Gratham know this better than anyone and will have a similar defensive game plan. This game will be on our young secondary and O-line’s which is scary as they are two of our weaker units, but I believe our staff will have them coached up and ready as they are capable of being..

  9. This team is playing with the Urban Meyer, and now Dan Mullen, theory winning games. 1) Play great defense. Which they have with the exception of the Kentucky game. 2) Win the kicking game. Our punt team and Tommy Townsend are showing they’re a weapon to flip the field, and we’ve done some good things with kick blocking and punt returns. 3) Don’t turn the ball over. The only game so far we haven’t done those things together is the Kentucky game. But, make no mistake about it. When, not if, WHEN we play a team that will not turn the ball over, not make silly mistakes, and has a kicking game that is SEC caliber, it will come down to offense and being able to move the football down the field. It will come down to offensive players making plays. There are guys on offense right now who are not getting the ball enough. I know, I know, I’ve heard the play count through the last two games….but Dameon Pierce has earned a shot in the 1st quarter. You HAVE to find a way to get Toney the football. Our route running and decision making has to improve drastically and get AGGRESSIVE!! Go make a play! Throw it in there! Lower your head and shoulder pads and BLAST through the line of scrimmage! Offensive line: MOVE THEM AGAINST THEIR WILL! Right now these are the only things holding up a team from being above average, to being great. Go out and make a play. Don’t worry about making a mistake. That’s how they happen!

  10. for some reason i see a lot of doubt above…. Yes, TN is terrible, but we have better athletes than cowbell country. UK was the wake up call this team needed. We are playing together, and getting confidence, and managed to do it in front of 100k haters…. we’re gonna destroy MSU…. 4-1 folks …. we’re not “back”, but we are close…

  11. To put the KY dominance on the strength is not necessarily accurate. These guys are not yet mentally tough, to go out and get after people is more than just being physically strong. If you do not want it you will be dominated by the other guy.

  12. After our loss to KY many on here threw up the season as over, predicted we would lose to UT and this team and that team. What these young men showed is they can get beat and come back and win or at least get back into the mix. last year I don’t think there was a staff member that knew how to correct the players and get them going in the right direction. Last year though is in the rear view. A lot of our returning guys are still continuing to get it for last year which again unless they were some natural football god with knowledge and ability bestowed from above they were not coached, trained or conditioned to compete. We are starting to see production from players that came in with delusions of grandeur spewed from inept coaches. We wanted them to come in with some magic start right now button to be pushed on game day. What we saw was players red shirted to allow them time to grow and learn with no one at the helm capable of teaching them, conditioning them, readying them for game day. When it started to unravel we devolved further into the morass. Against UT we saw missed assignments BUT when the DL missed the LB and Secondary picked it up. I doubt last years team would have been able to run down a break away receiver preventing the TD. or the interception on a broken play up the middle or a read allowing the LB to move into the right place. For the doubter fans I am not saying we are great but we are 4 games into a 12 game season and we are 3-1 almost even with last year. We will be prepared as best we can for this weekend and if they play to their abilities they have a chance to win. In a chance to win there is also a chance to lose. But here is the difference between the last 2 coaches and present. Muschamp was young and let ego and temper rule his decisions and once he was mad he couldn’t function, Mac was incapable of the job at hand. Mullen has been a HC for 9 years he made mistakes and will continue to make mistakes but he by appearances learns from them and moves on. I guess what got me riled is the defeatist attitude some had going into the UT game. If I felt like that I wouldn’t watch anymore. There is a famous quote from WWII that may fit…. They had no right to win yet they did… Walter Lord