Florida’s depth chart vs. Mississippi State



  1. Is A. Clayton, the DE, still on the team? Anyone know. He never plays anymore. A five-star recruit that never sees the field and is never heard from anymore. It seems to me that would be a story worth covering. Or is it just me thinking that.

  2. And one more question. Why is the depth chart for an upcoming game given out on Monday and before the team has even practiced this week. Seems to me that it would be given out to the press after Thursday’s practice or on Friday before the game on Saturday. Getting a depth chart on Monday seems meaningless to me. And it is meaningless to me.

    • Pretty sure if anything changes with the depth chart during the week, Mullen isn’t going to publicly announce it anyway. That’s just the way coaches seem to be nowadays. Practice closed, never fully disclose injuries, etc. They’re all getting more paranoid every year. But if I thought someone might steal something that could cause me to lose a multi-million dollar salary, I would keep things hidden too 😁

  3. It is meaningless. It’s to fun to look at but I don’t think it’s a good gauge for the amount of PT for many of the players. I wish I could find data on how many plays each player actually plays broken down by quarter for past games. It would show who plays the most as opposed to what he shows on the chart.

  4. Glad to see the youngsters finally ahead of K.Clark at NT/DT. I’m sure he’s a great guy or whatever, but Clark gets pushed around like he’s 220, not 310+. Instead of attacking double-teams and sinking down to create an obstacle, he just gets pushed off the ball over and over.

    Shuler has been on the team for about 5 minutes and has made an impact. You can either contribute and be a strength or you can’t.