Swampcast: Florida routs Tennessee


Posted by Pat Dooley on Saturday, September 22, 2018

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  1. That was a boo-ya hit on the Vol Q.B., but the play of the game for Coach Mullen (and me) was HUGE. Which was Henderson KNOCKING the ball, for of a certain Vol score, outta’ the back of the end zone. Woo-hoo! You guys actually look disappointed that Florida rocked your prediction world. As if your predictions matter more than a GATOR ‘W’!!?!? ‘”Come on, man.” And, b.t.w., Franks threw it away when he had no receivers, only took 1 sack (I think), and threw 3 T.D.s in only 9 pass attempts. Give the man a break Gator Nation, and rally behind him. It will only get BETTER! GO GATORS!
    How were those ”fried crow wings” on the flight home, Chris (SILENT on U.F.s’ win on SEC NOW, whaaa!) Doering, Pat Dooley, and Robbie Andreu? Like an ELEPHANT! Some of us remember like ELEPHANTS! CHOMP-CHOMP!

  2. I’m glad you guys mentioned those turnovers were actually forced by some good defense. I keep reading and hearing commentators talk about how Tennessee was “giving it away” and such. Hogwash. Tennessee wasn’t turning it over; looked more like Florida was taking it away. Still, Vols are horrible and jury is still out on Gators, but at least there’s some hope there.

  3. A win is a win. Should give our guys confidence going into next week. Sorry the Gators ruin your weekend by winning. Go’s to show how much you two really know about football. Go ahead and take your licks and start pulling for the Gators. Don’t look so discusted when we win……………

  4. Great game and thanks for throwing your 2c in Pat and Robby! I don’t think anybody saw this coming, certainly not the Vol fans in their checkerboard over-hauls staring blankly as the Gators took their team apart right in front of them. Nice win for Mullen, and like Pat stated, maybe the Kentucky trouncing wasn’t such a shocker after all. Keep the podcasts coming.