Franks finds Swain for key touchdown vs. Vols

Florida quarterback Feleipe Franks again teamed up with receiver Freddie Swain for a big score Saturday against Tennessee, in Knoxville, Tenn. (AP Photo/Wade Payne)

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — If there is one thing that is clear about the 2018 Florida football team, it is that Freddie Swain is the big-play receiver.

Last week it was a punt return for a touchdown and a TD catch. This week against Tennessee, Swain caught a pair of passes for 88 yards.

The second was something special.

As Feleipe Franks rolled to his right after the pocket broke down, Swain kept rolling with him.

“It was a good job by Freddie just getting open,” Franks said. “We talk all the time about the scramble rules. If I roll to my right, just go with me. He did a great job getting to the sidelines.”

Franks spotted Swain sprinting toward the right sideline alone. He launched a perfect pass and Swain turned quickly to stay in bounds.

Swain got a block and then sprinted toward paydirt. He finished it off with a dive to get into the end zone to finish off a 65-yard touchdown play and give Florida a 23-3 lead in the second quarter.

Florida went on to win 47-21 as Swain, from North Marion, continues to be a budding star.

“He’s much more confident,” said Florida coach Dan Mullen. “He’s making big plays and he’s becoming more confident doing so.”

Swain already has 193 receiving yards this season and four touchdowns, three of them receiving.

“He’s a hard working guy,” said Franks. “It’s just showing. It wasn’t something I wasn’t expecting because I see how hard he works.”

Mullen was happy with all of his receivers, even though they only had 10 catches, as Florida threw the ball just 19 times.

“Three touchdowns by our receivers,” Mullen beamed after the game pointing to the catches by Swain, Tyrie Cleveland and tight end R.J. Raymond. “And Feleipe broke his mark from last year.”

A year ago, Franks threw for nine touchdowns and lost his job three times. This year he already has thrown 12 touchdowns.

The one that really blew the game open was the one to Swain, where Franks pumped twice before scrambling to his right.

“He had to run and I just kept my play alive, kept my route on,” Swain said.  “Great blocking downfield, that’s why I was able to score. He saw me streaking across the middle.”



  1. We’ve got a receiver that can really make plays in this Ocala guy. We have a tight end name raymond that has proved he wants to play. We have a running back that closes games out. We have a qb who seems to avoid turnovers. We have a defense that has an identity. Same for our special teams. We have a kicker who is more accurate than the referee.
    I just d not want to hear how good Georgia is. Or the rest of the schedule. Let them prove it. I know these kids ain’t perfect but I can’t wait to watch them again next week, to find out some more playmakers to join these guys.
    Freddie youve always been a great gator to me, I kept thinking they needed to give you more chances. also your teammates deserves credit for blocking downfield.

  2. Gators are back & will become a better team As they gain confidence in each other with each game . Congratulations coach Mullen ! You are as good as I thought you would be. And you are just getting started. Go Gators!!!! Trip

  3. So, during the spring and fall camp, all we heard was how Van Jefferson was a “all SEC talent wide receiver,” (Robbie Andreu) and how Van Jefferson and Trevon Grimes will jump start the wide receiver corps here at Florida, (the average press coverage). And yet, neither has been a game changing play maker so far this season, and without Kyle Trask getting in the game, Grimes would have zero catches along with Jefferson last night. So, what’s going on?? If these two were the end all and be all of wide receivers, why aren’t they being targeted? Why, please tell me WHY Kadarius Toney only touched the ball one time last night!! That’s inexcusable and quite frankly, its a lack of coaching ability. I’ve been saying for the last 4 games that route running is awful. Atrocious is the actual term I’ve been using. That’s on Billy Gonzales and the offensive game planning. Swain is putting forth the effort, and has talent. But as far as SEC caliber receivers, he’s not in the top 25. I guess neither are these transfers and Toney, either. And yet, we were hyped up to believe these receivers were all SEC talent!

  4. Please tell me what game in his Gator career has Kadarius Toney made a difference in a game. He has been hyped up too much by the local media. I think in another post you compared him to Percy Harvin. Toney’s not big enough, strong enough, smart enough, or fast enough to be the player Harvin was. He’s a good player, but he’s not all that. If anyone should know it would be Dan Mullen, who knew full well that Percy was the best player on his offense back then.