Gators release 2019 football schedule


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Florida’s 2019 home schedule features contests with Auburn, Tennessee and Florida State.

Auburn travels to Gainesville for the first time since 2007. Meanwhile, the Gators will travel to Western Division rival LSU for the first time since 2016.

The Southeastern Conference announced today the 2019 football schedules for all 14 SEC schools. Each team will play eight conference games, including six games against division opponents and two games against non-division opponents.

The Gators and Miami Hurricanes will kickoff the 2019 season, marking their first meeting since 2013. The Camping World Kickoff is scheduled for college football’s opening weekend at Camping World Stadium in Orlando.

 The Gators and Hurricanes have a long history dating back to their first meeting in 1938 in Gainesville. Miami leads the all-time series 29-26 and won the last meeting in 2013 at home.

Florida opens its home schedule in week two with UT Martin, followed by its SEC opener in Week 3 at Kentucky.

The Gators finish its season with their annual battle with Florida State.

 In addition, Florida has two bye weekends on its schedule for the first time since 2014.

Ticket information, pricing and seating locations for this game will be released with 2019 season ticket information. 

2019 Florida Football Schedule

· Aug. 31: vs. Miami (Orlando)

· Sept. 7 – UT Martin (Gainesville)

· Sept. 14 – Kentucky (Lexington, Ky.)

· Sept. 21 – Tennessee (Gainesville)

· Sept. 28 – Towson (Gainesville)

· Oct. 5 – Auburn (Gainesville)

· Oct. 12 – LSU (Baton Rouge, La.)

· Oct. 19 – South Carolina (Columbia, S.C.)

· Oct. 26 – BYE

· Nov. 2 – vs. Georgia (Jacksonville)

· Nov. 9 – Vanderbilt (Gainesville)

·  Nov. 16 – Missouri (Columbia, Mo.)

·  Nov. 23 – BYE

·  Nov. 30 – Florida State (Gainesville)

·  Dec. 7 – SEC Championship (Atlanta, Ga.)

 Ticket Information:

·         Fans can purchase tickets in one of three ways:

o and purchase online

o    Purchase via phone by calling the Gators Ticket Office at (352) 375-4683 or (800) 344-2867 MondayFriday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

o    Visit a ticket office representative at the Gators Ticket Office in Ben Hill Griffin Stadium MondayFriday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.


  1. Can someone please, please, explain what on Earth Stricklin is doing by allowing us to have 2 FCS teams on the schedule AGAIN? That’s both unacceptable and inexcusable. There’s no way in hell that at least a Sun Belt or CUSA team wouldn’t come play us. That game against Towson is gonna have thousands upon thousands of empty seats in the Swamp. UT-Martin may only have a few thousand since its the home opener.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, maybe one of them is going up next year and I didn’t know about it, but assuming they’re not (and I searched them both), then that’s horrid on Stricklin’s part. I get it that you can pay those guys about $400-450k instead of the $800-1 mil that you may pay a lower level FBS. And I get it, we play both Miami and FSU, which is tougher than most OOC schedules that SEC teams put together, but still. You just can’t let that happen. Awful

    • Even with 2 FCS teams, it’s going to easily be top 5 toughest schedules in the nation. Why on earth would you want to make it even tougher? Besides the fact that pretty much every power 5 program does the same thing, you need a couple games like that to give the players a little break from the grind.

      • I agree that overall it’s a tough schedule, but first off, and I truly hope it doesn’t matter, but he’s reducing our shot at a bowl game. Second off, I simply don’t believe the team learns anything from playing an FCS team, and it should be noted that Towson and UT-M are lower level FCS teams to start with. At least schedule James Madison or Jacksonville State, someone that will come in with a couple punches. But playing a power 5 team like UL-Lafayette or FIU, you’ll at least find yourself playing against a few players that will find their way onto NFL scout teams, possibly NFL rosters, in the future. A few years back, Ohio St found themselves getting absolute havoc from this defender on Buffalo named Khalil Mack. OSU still won the game fairly comfortably, no one got injured, but their o-line was far better having faced a guy like that than having faced the 250 lb d-linemen and 210 lb LB’s that we’ll see on these FCS squads. Now, not everyone has Khalil Mack on it’s roster, but just an example. The debacle vs Charleston Southern clearly gave this year’s team nothing other than false expectations, an absurd #25 ranking, and the thoughts that they could guarantee a win vs Kentucky and slack off in practice for UK week.

      • Also, there isn’t a single other power 5 program playing 2 FCS schools this year or next year. So it is not correct that “pretty much every power 5 program in the nation does it”. I don’t want to replace the FCS teams with Texas Tech and Notre Dame, just saying that it’s far better to play teams like North Texas, FIU, FAU, etc., than FCS teams. There’s a reason why even Group of 5 teams typically handle FCS teams with ease.

        • I take your point, Cody, and I do think a lot more can be gleaned from a Group of 5 team than going down to FCS level. More risk, but that’s why we’re the Gators and in the SEC….even if other teams do it. That said, I’m guessing these schedules are set more than a year out. Not sure about other than the SEC part, so I’m willing to stand corrected.

          All in all, I’m tickled to see both Miami and Auburn back on the schedule. We have a great history of good games with those two schools, and I look forward to the challenges. With Georgia ascending, Tennessee getting back on track, I hope, and even S. Carolina and Kentucky apparently posed to be better…..and us on the rebound to elite….man, is 2019 going to be a great season, or what? But first, we’ve got to play this season, one game at a time. Go Gators!

          • 6 We have some deal coming up in playing UCF 3 times over 4 or 5 years. Home-away a break and home again. That will be a power 5 program on the schedule.

        • Cody you’re right, Florida is the only team playing 2 FCS teams, but that doesn’t change the fact that the schedule will still be one of the toughest schedules in the nation and will in no way affect bowl consideration. Do you really think a 1 loss Gator team would get overlooked compared to a 1 loss OSU playing this schedule?
          Aug. 31 Florida Atlantic
          Sept. 7 Cincinnati
          Sept. 14 at Indiana
          Sept. 21 Miami, Ohio
          Sept. 28 at Nebraska
          Oct. 5 Michigan State
          Oct. 12 Off
          Oct. 19 at Northwestern
          Oct. 26 Wisconsin
          Nov. 2 Off
          Nov. 9 Maryland
          Nov. 16 at Rutgers
          Nov. 23 Penn State
          Nov. 30 at Michigan
          Dec. 7 Big Ten Championship

    • I agree. Having two games on the schedule against FCS teams is not acceptable. This kind of schedule is why teams from the Big 12 got left out of championship games so many times. I would prefer zero games against such teams a year. There are plenty of non-power conferences teams to play and it is worth scheduling better competition even if you have to do two home and one away series against middle level teams and occasional home and home or neutral games against fellow power conference teams.

  2. You did see we were at Kentucky and at home with Tennessee before the game with Towson then Auburn at home before going to LSU and South Carolina. Then UGA right after the Bye followed by an improving Vandy and then off to Columbus to play Missouri, an enigma that has consistently kicked our tails since joining the SEC East. Do you really want to invite an Appalachian State or Troy to come in with a nothing to lose attitude to kick our tails and take million dollars home each to boot. With having to play all the tiger teams in the same season, we should probably be happy with Towson and another directional FCS school.

  3. Time of the first two games is really important. This year, having the first games at night was a blessing. The heat is too much during the day in Aug and Sep. We also need hurricane contingencies for the first three games. I assume the Orl game will be included in the season ticket package. Let’s hope so! Go Gators!

  4. Is this not more on Foley than Stricklin? Foley stepped down Nov of 2016… shouldn’t the non conference schedule (other than Miami) for 2019 already be set up by then? Instead it seems we had to scramble to find two opponents and thus settled for FCS. Sept 28 is a tough one as just about everyone is in conference play already, so I get it.

  5. Isn’t it great UF is reunited with our ole nemesis Mark Richt from UGA and before that FSU?

    Remember how much success we have had against him?

    His hire at UM was a match made in heaven.

    Great recruiter but he had a hard time developing his players.

  6. I’d like to see us do some inter-sectional games either in the Northeast or Midwest. Possibly a home and home with Oklahoma or even Arizona State. How about this? A tribute to Armed Services Tour. For 6 years, Florida plays home and home games with Army, Navy, and Air Force. The away games are played in Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Denver. Home games in Gainesville. All of them start the season. Flyovers at every game. (or parachute teams if you prefer). You could make this an easy reality year in and year out by moving the Georgia game from Jackonsville to home and home basis. Don’t all of you who read that spew pea soup at once. That game is long overdue to be moved out of Jacksonville. It’s not nearly as exciting in that all teal stadium as it was in the old metal sewer the Gator Bowl. And yet, we wonder what the commitment of the current administration is to the building of a football program at UF, and whether or not they’ll think outside the box in the interest of the fans?

    • We’re talking about a game that’s been held in Jacksonville since 1933.There’s too much money and tradition involved for it to go to a home and home series. Each team gets a guaranteed $250,000 just to play the game and then an additional $60,000 for travel and accommodations. UGA even gets an additional $350,000 for air travel, which brings their total to $660,000 every year to play. That’s not even counting the $30+ million in revenue the city generates. It would be cool to play home and home, but it’s probably never going to happen. Certainly not anytime between now until 2022 when the contract is up.

    • I’m with you on most of your points. Why not play someone like Illinois, Indiana or Stanford instead of Towson. Think of the newspaper and TV coverage that out of state recruits would see. For my money, I’d rather see the Gators play and lose to UCLA or USC than play a scrimmage game with Towson. The USC game back in 1982 put the Gators on the football map as far as I’ve concerned. You’re only as good as your competition.