Mullen’s $6.1 million per year contract with Florida finalized

Florida coach Dan Mullen is greeted by fans during Gator Walk before the game Saturday against Colorado State at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. [Brad McClenny/The Gainesville Sun]

Florida coach Dan Mullen’s six-year, $36.6-million contract has been finalized with the school.

The contract was released by the University Athletic Association on Monday per a records request.

Mullen will be making an annual salary of $6,103,000.

His base annual salary is $3 million. He receives an additional $3.1 million a year for media and public relations responsibilities and other expenses.

Terms of the contract we agreed on in late November last year.

Mullen’s contract includes a $12-million buyout the UAA will be responsible for if Mullen is fired without cause. Mullen would be owed 50 percent of the buyout within 30 days of termination. The remaining would be owed over the next six years.

Mullen has a $2 million buyout to the school if he chooses to leave before the end of the contract.

Mullen’s contract also includes numerous performance bonuses:

(Max bonus in a given year is $925,000)

$400,000 – College Football Playoff champion

$300,000 – College Football Playoff runner-up

$250,000 – College Football Playoff semifinalist

$200,000 – Participation in an Access/Big 6 Bowl Game

$200,000 – Win SEC Championship

$100,000 – Participate in bowl game

$100,000 – Reach SEC Championship Game

$100,000 – Finish in the AP Top 10

$100,000 – Academic Performance

$75,000 – Named AP National Coach of the Year

$50,000 – Named SEC Coach of the Year


  1. I think we have the right man for the Gators. If he is as genuine as he seems we have a class act leading us.

    There were some on here that wanted C Kelly. I think he was a fluke in Oregon and has been falling ever since leaving. 0-3 start isn’t that bad if the teams were all top 25 Cincy and Fresno Common MAN! (to steal an old ESPN term)

    Frost is struggling too though I think he has a major rebuild on his hands though he too could have been lucky.

    I hope I am not eating these words at some point. But I see good things happening on the field.

    GO GATORS!!🐊

    • Hey 65 — good to see you back in the mix, bud. I agree on Kelly, and he’s a West Coast guy anyway who is probably making West Coast assumptions regarding his relative value. I doubt seriously if he can do more than get UCLA competitive, but not championship level. Frost will do OK at Nebraska in the long run — if he has a long run. Remember, one brilliant season does not a legend make, and how quickly everyone forgets the risks associated with a relatively short resume. But I still think he’ll get Nebraska back on track, although in my opinion they belong in the Big-12.

      To paraphrase Ben Franklin, “We have given you Mullen, if you can keep him”. Well, he’s only 46, is not going anywhere unless we run him out of town, and is a keeper in my book too.

    • I don’t think anyone actually realizes how lucky we are that Kelly was too scared of the SEC. Look what’s happening to him right now at a school that’s far less demanding. You’ve got serious problems when your starting QB’s father is publicly bashing you and calling you lousy and claiming your success at Oregon was a fluke. I don’t see how that situation gets better anytime soon. Might go down as the worst coaching hiring this season, all though Taggart is giving him a run for his money.

  2. Not arguing whether Mullen is the right coach but I feel Stricklin is over paying if the data below from Saturdaydownsouth is correct.

    Nick Saban, Alabama: $11,132,000
    Jimbo Fisher, Texas A&M: $7,500,000
    Dan Mullen, Florida: $6,000,000
    Gus Malzahn, Auburn: $4,725,000
    Jeremy Pruitt, Tennessee: $3,800,000
    Kirby Smart, Georgia: $3,753,600
    Mark Stoops, Kentucky: $3,750,600
    Chad Morris, Arkansas: $3,500,000
    Ed Orgeron, LSU: $3,500,000
    Will Muschamp, South Carolina: $3,100,000
    Matt Luke, Ole Miss: $3,000,000
    Derek Mason, Vanderbilt: $2,721,834
    Joe Moorhead, Mississippi State: $2,700,000
    Barry Odom, Missouri: $2,350,000

      • I think it’s more like Stricklin whiffed on his first two choices and he made sure that the third choice didn’t get away. His ego can only take so much. So he made the offer to Mullen so lucrative that he would accept it on the spot. I’m going to duck before Doc insists Kelly wasn’t offered the job.

    • The data isn’t actually fully correct. Smart signed an extension a few months ago for 7 years $49 million, raising his annual salary to $7 million. So the top 3 are right where they belong. Mullen, with 9 years of pretty successful SEC coaching experience, who has annually been voted as one of the top 3 coaches in the SEC, certainly deserves to be paid more than everyone else on the list. You could make an argument about Malzahn, but that guy’s another loss away from being on the hot seat. If you’re going to pay Mac $4.5 million then Mullen is definitely worth 6.

  3. Foley: (semi-coherent. Mumbling translated into standard English) There were so many defensive coordinators with no head coaching experience, why hire a proven head coach? Foley doesn’t get it. Also, what is a facility and how does oopgrades happen? Who can Spain it to Foley?

  4. No wonder Dan’s smiling all the time :). Very glad for Coach Mullen & happy UF can afford it. Dan will get the program back on track & hopefully be in Gville for a long time. Looking forward to seeing a motivated group of GATORS on Saturday. Go GATORS!

  5. True, these contracts are market driven but they go against human nature to sustain the program’s goals. Coaches become economically independent and if things go north, they have too much room to manipulate an expensive buy out in their favor…”threats on my life, my wife’s life, and life of my players”, yet refuse to hand over sources of information on threats putting the University in a position to have to fire you…sound familiar? I am like Trump when it comes to these contracts; they should favor and protect the University. I too, think Mullen is a great hire and fit for Florida. He has high character and not likely to fall into a category mentioned above, but still, UF needs to protect its financial interest. I hope Mullen can sustain his engergy and motivation for decades and lead Florida back to a dominate program on and off the field. It’s an awesome job yet extremely demanding too…Go Gators!

  6. Mullen knows he has a few years to right the ship knowing he has job security for a while. Here’s why. UF is still paying Colorado State and owes them another million thanks to Mac and terrible negotiations at the Attorneys represented by UF. CS came out smelling like a rose on that deal. Also both Muschamp and Mac are still being paid…”ain’t that cool”. In addition to all that, Mullen’s buyout is 12 million dollars. Mullen has all the leverage going forward and is in a unique situation knowing he and his family have job security no matter what his won/loss record is.

    With that said, Mullen is a competitor and will do what it takes takes to get the program back to relevancy when he use to be the offensive coordinator at Florida plus he has the same AD he had at MSU.