Florida depth chart for Tennessee game



  1. We will defeat Tennessee next Saturday! This team needs to mature and get better every week. When I heard Coach Mullen state that Franks was pouting, I understood that he is still immature. With an attitude like that, Franks will always be limited in his abilities. I just hope we make it through this season with a bowl bid. GO GATORS!!!

  2. I think so too, Ed…….if the Gators prepare, take this game as the only game this week, get serious and most of all, show up, yes indeed, they should win. If they play like they did against Kentucky, all bets are off.

    Rog and Jim Sey need to wear pads up in those stands too!

    • I think that Kentucky game was a fluke and like I said before, I think they came out flat and unmotivated cause they just assumed they were going to win after doing it for 31 years. I’m sure we’ll still see the offense struggle some more, it’s only natural this early in the process, but barring anymore injuries, I don’t think we’ll see that poor of a defense again. At least that’s what I’m hoping. On the bright side the offense is ranked #82 in total offense right now, so at least we’re out of the triple digits for the first time in 3 years. That’s progress for sure.

  3. Looks like David Reese & Shawn Davis may be back for UT. That should help the D some with more bodies & depth. I’d expect CJ McWilliams to go to CB from Star backup if needed as well. CBs will get tired if we don’t get much pressure on their QB. Hope to get the running game going early with Scarlet & Perine. That would be a big help in this very hostile environment. They’ll be fired up for us as always esp at night. Looking forward to seeing a motivated group of Gators. Go GATORS!