5 Questions with … Trevon Grimes

Florida wide receiver Trevon Grimes runs for a touchdown against the Charleston Southern Buccaneers at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium on Sept. 1. [Lauren Bacho/Gainesville Sun]

Florida sophomore wide receiver:

Q: The receivers struggled to get open against Kentucky. What do you guys need to work on?

A: Everyone needs to improve on little things. Me, Feleipe (Franks), all the receivers, all the quarterbacks, we all talked and we have little things we need to improve on. Just like Van and Feleipe are over there doing over-the-shoulder balls and practicing releases and stuff like that. We all have things to improve on and we will get those things tuned up and fixed up as the season goes on.

Q: Feleipe Franks talked to the receivers after the game. Are there enough leaders on this team?

A: I feel like we do, we have a lot of leaders. We’re still looking for that one person to emerge out of that big group of leaders. I definitely feel like Feleipe’s one of the biggest influences on this team being that he’s the quarterback and just being himself. He’s a very outspoken person and can get his message through and being that he’s my roommate I hear it all the time. I hear him talk to me all the time about from receiver things to team things to just telling me little things that I need to work on and how I need to improve on being a leader, too. So he’s a phenomenal leader with me and other players as well.

Q: Franks has targeted a lot of receivers in the first two games. Does that cut down your opportunities?

A: Really doesn’t change my game. I mean I feel that if everyone gets targeted, we all are successful. If I get one target a game or Van (Jefferson) gets three targets a game or Tyrie (Cleveland) gets three targets a game, we all share the wealth. I’m excited for my brothers if they get targeted more. It’s just a matter of, who gets targeted this game and who’s having a good game.

Q: With Marco Wilson out for the season, true freshman Trey Dean III has stepped in as the starter at cornerback. What’s it like going against him in practice?

A: Oh, I’m excited for him to come and start. I feel like he’s phenomenal. He’s one of the most hardworking cornerbacks I’ve ever gone against. Every day he’s out here until everyone leaves. He’s out here getting release work. And just going against him has made me better. I’ve made him better and we compete every day. I think we’ve probably gotten into scraps over 10 times, but that’s just all love and he’s getting me better, I’m getting him better, so, I feel like he’s gonna shock everybody with how talented he is.

Q: Have you been a victim of his trash talking?

A: Yeah, but he’s been a victim of mine, too. We just go at it every day. I have love for him, he has love for me, we all just get each other better and I feel like he’s going to show everybody what he has to bring to the table.


  1. Mullen has to figure out how to get Kadarius Toney focused and get the best out of his exceptional and explosive talent. I like Hammond, but he is not explosive in the slot. And the best receiver on the team so far has been Swain and not Grimes, Jefferson, or Cleveland. But no matter how good or not good any of these receivers are, Mullen cannot have Franks throwing the ball 38 times a game and completing only 17 of those passes and expect to beat most teams. He needs to get this offense more balanced and utilize the running backs more early and late to control the game. I am frankly shocked through two games how little the running game has impacted the game, and especially early in games when Florida has come out throwing the ball at a much higher percentage than running it. Not Meyer like from the past, and certainly not MSU like previously under Mullen. I want to see Florida come out vs. Colorado State and first establish the running game (the backs carrying the rock, not Franks) and the OL getting some hard push off the ball vs. a not very good CSU DL and LB corp. Fingers crossed it happens and the Gators win. If not, this could easily be yet another big disappointing outcome. Come on Gators, come out and dominate this team, please.

  2. I like hearing what my fellow St. Thomas Aquinas grad (45 years apart) had to say. Good “team first” attitude and recognition of improvements that he himself needs to bring to the game. If Coach Mullen can get all 90+ players to understand this and bring it to the field, then this team will improve. Go Gators.

  3. I’m with Tampa on this one. I’d love to see the gameplan to be to come out and play smashmouth, SEC football with the intent to dominate the line of scrimmage. Let Scarlett and Company roll up 300 plus yards rushing. That would set up a more high percentage passing game and take the pressure off of the defense. Go Gators!

  4. Agree with you Rog, and Smash mouth doesn’t mean every hand off is between the tackles. As with what Tampa was saying about getting Toney going, attack the edges as well. Keep them off balance with run game and the entire field will open up as the game progresses.

  5. Amen, Dan. The ‘edges’ are prime for speedsters like Toney, heck, he can even throw it out of the speed sweep (see last year. and NO NEED to save plays Coach Mullen, it’s past that point).
    But the edges, the line of scrimmages (both sides), it all should be dominated by U.F.
    If not, then the ”U.F. Football rebuild” is off to a very gloomy start. I am hopeful though, especially with the POTENTIAL talent Florida Football has of today. The talent goes from ”potential” to ”good” through experience and WINS only! GO GATORS!