Notebook: The Reese watch

Florida linebacker David Reese (33) is on the injury report. [Brad McClenny/The Gainesville Sun]

The Gators are hopeful starting middle linebacker David Reese will be back in time for Saturday’s game.  He missed the first two games with an injured ankle. He’ll be re-evaluated later in the week.

Reese’s return could be significant. He’s a strong run stopper and the Gators are coming off a loss to Kentucky in which they gave up 303 yards rushing.

“A guy that’s played, that has experience and adds depth and lets you roll players through is certainly going to help,” UF coach Dan Mullen said. “He’s a guy that’s on the leadership committee, so he brings something. I’m not going to say that him coming back is the answer, but it certainly is not going to hurt.”

Bye-bye Lemons

Mullen confirmed disgruntled sophomore running back Adarius Lemons is no longer on the team. Lemons announced on Twitter from the locker room Saturday night that he was transferring to another school.

“Yeah, he’s not going to be a part of the program anymore,” Mullen said. “We’ll wish him the best. We’ll sign his release for wherever he wants to go, and support him however he does. He’s going to stay in school and finish up the semester academically and try to get himself eligible to transfer.”

The FG that wasn’t

Mullen said he still has not received any clarification from the SEC on the field goal in the third quarter against UK that appeared to be good but was ruled wide right by one of the officials under the goal post.

“Steve Shaw does a tremendous job,” Mullen said of the SEC’s head of officiating. “Anything that we have questions or concerns about, we send to Steve. He usually gives a very detailed response, and I really respect that.

“One thing I’ve always seen with Steve is he’s very honest. If he thinks there’s a mistake, he’ll tell you, ‘I thought it was a mistake,’ and if he doesn’t think there’s a mistake, he’ll tell you why he doesn’t think it was a mistake or why it was done.”

Status quo on OL

At this time, there are no lineup changes planned on the struggling offensive line, Mullen said.

“We’ll see,” he said. “If other guys press. That’s one of the things I want to see. I’m not going to shuffle if other guys aren’t pressing in practice. If I turn on that practice film, and if you’re not better than the guy that’s in there, how can I put you in the game? So until I see somebody press in practice that they’re deserving of more reps or deserving of sharing time or rotating guys through, then I can’t do that.”

Lighting up Chauncey

UK fans have been merciless in their attack on defensive back Chauncey Gardner-Johnson on social media for predicting the Gators would stretch their winning streak over the ’Cats to 32 game last week.

Gardner-Johnson is OK with it.

“I don’t worry about it,” he said. “They got their win, they got in and out. It’s still early (in the season), so we aren’t focused on that any more. Colorado State this week. Got to go in and prepare for this game and get all the freshmen ready to play this week and be ready to roll.”


  1. With the results of the past several years, how in the world can any gator player open their big mouth and guarantee a win??? How about just shut your pie hole and play. And that goes for the OL every summer its the same ole crap, “we’re together, we’re stronger, we’re better, yada yada yada, and it’s the same ole lame piss poor blocking. When will these gators just shut up and show us on the field. Up to now it’s all fake news.

  2. Way to go there, John. Gardner-Johnson’s remark made no difference. Just a little trash talk from an exhuberant hard playing kid. Oh, I know! He should have said, I think we might win and gosh, coincidentally that will make for another victory on our winnning streak. What should the O-line say? Our pie holes are just for pie, but now that you’ve asked, we’re still weak, coach is no better than the last one and as hard as we try we’re just piss poor blockers. Could it be that they played a better team? One that’s been improving year over year with the same coach and scheme?

    Why not let them lick their wounds and lend them your support? Or even better, shut your pie hole.

    • “… coach is no better than the last one…” A true Gator would know better than to judge Mullen by the last two games. He has proven he can coach successfully at the SEC level and turned MSU into a team that will likely beat the hell out of us in a few weeks. One off-season is not going to reverse the damage Mac or Muschamp has done to this program. Be patient, for god’s sake.

  3. Quote from Gardner-Johnson at Monday’s Press Conference about Kentucky. ” They got they win” What? I don’t get it. No offense to the guy but how in the world does someone who can’t speak basic English go to a major university and be chosen to speak and represent our university. You can tell by the way he talks that he talks like everything will be taken care of like it’s automatic – not. He’s not realistic or very honest which would lend itself to a person who guarantees. Hammond was great! He’s a real leader!

    • Steve he probably talks like the people he heard talking from birth, I’ve heard top executive with heavy southern slang, using words such as, y’all, we gone do this, ECT. Secondly he is a 20 or 21year old who felt his team was going to win, like everyone else predicted but youre not bashing them.

      • Jonzee, I guess your right. I just figure your going to college now, it’s time to grow up, make a life for yourself, take responsibility, and learn how to function in the world as your in a major university now playing college football surrounded by all these accomplished people. It’s a great opportunity. Again, it’s time to grow up and with that comes learning how to speak properly! He’s probably trying. That’s all you can ask!

    • From above… “I don’t worry about it,” he said. “They got their win, they got in and out. It’s still early (in the season), so we aren’t focused on that any more. Colorado State this week. Got to go in and prepare for this game and get all the freshmen ready to play this week and be ready to roll.”

  4. John said it well.

    Eugenio, I understand and respect your opinion/position, but don’t agree.

    To that I’d offer that a fan telling the team put up or shut up is support. It’s what successful teams do. Incidentally, I think we all see Mullen telling his team the same exact thing with phrases like “they think they’re going hard in practice, but can go much harder. Right now, they don’t know how hard they can go” (paraphrased).

    That’s him telling them that their mentally soft.

  5. Hopefully no bulletin board comments this week. Anyone LEARN anything about that perhaps. If we do win on Saturday, look for more bulletin board material from the All Americans of Mouth-our Florida Gators, particularly Chauncey Gardner-Johnson. Let your play do the talking GATORS. Go Gators!

    • Yes, enough talk. Let your play do the talking. Talk is cheap! Anyone can do it but not everyone can play like a champion. I’m afraid it will a process to change this but I believe it will get done and as it changes to less and less we will see more success as a team! It’s boring to me, like no one has ever talked trash or guaranteed victories before. Get some new material like playing well instead and not both just play well and talk a little – that’s OK!

  6. Eugenio, words are cheap, kind of like yours. There’s an old saying, “pride goes before a fall” and it certainly does. Hopefully Chauncey and the team has learned a lesson about making such brash statements. As for the OL, they needn’t say anything for they have proven nothing. All they have accomplished is to make the fan base more skeptical than they already are with their words. I like the idea of let your play speak for itself.

  7. I don’t blame lemons for wanting to transfer who wants to run behind this pathetic o- line and get crushed 3 yards deep in the backfield would not be surprised to see pierce leaving next .

    I guess against Colorado state Johnson will try to block ivie.

    Could it be possible to go 0-8 in the SEC looks to be where we are headed

    Ten-ner might run for 400 yards against our weak D. Hope they can get it fixed but I have my doubts

  8. LEAVE THOSE KIDS ALONE “Pride before the fall?” You gotta be kidding. Here’s a guy thinks he can spout out a nasty, anonymous Shut your pie hole at a kid who thinks his team is going to win. Look in the mirror, buddy. Pride but no fall; can’t fall from low down.

  9. Thinking you’re going to win and spouting I guarantee we are going to win is two different things. Seems you’re the only one that doesn’t understand it. I’ll not continue this pissing match with you, we simply disagree and that’s OK, forums would be boring if we all thought the same way. Here’s to hoping you have a great day.