Florida’s depth chart for Colorado State game



    • And I doubt Clayton leaves the sidelines much at all this year. Clearly, Clayton is in the doghouse that Lemons was also in and just existed to find another doghouse elsewhere. I suspect Clayton is not far behind him with his exist from the team. Hopefully, he does so with more class than Lemons exhibited. Maybe Lemons can go join his favorite coach up at Michigan.

  1. Let’s just say the second team doesn’t look real strong which is a difference maker for the top teams imo.
    I thought slaton had lost some weight. If so it could not be a lot according to this.
    Maybe he needs to move to the offensive linevas that is a bit heavy for the athletic demands of a defensive player.

    • Mveal. Slaton played guard mostly in high school and was outstanding, but he wanted to play on the defensive line in college. I have a strong feeling that he will move back to guard next season. It would be a smart move for Slaton, as he could make it to the NFL there. Not at defensive tackle for sure.

      • Not only did he play guard in high school, but he was the #3 overall guard in the nation. Shocking to me that he hasn’t been moved back there based on how the O line is playing. No doubt he’d have more of an impact there. He’s one of those guys that will probably play out of position his entire college career, somehow make it on an NFL roster and then get moved to his natural position and become one of the best O linemen in the NFL.

  2. Sly. Gardner-Johnson and McWilliams can both play corner, and Burney could move into the nickel spot if needed. Not an ideal situation, but not yet dire straights in the secondary. What is dire straights for the Gators is the starters on the OL, DL, and at the linebacker positions. Very dire. Very sad situation Mullen finds himself in with that sorry bunch of non blockers and non tacklers that get pushed all over the field by lesser recruited players from other teams. I can only imagine what is going to happen when those players go up against Mississippi State, LSU, and Georgia. Frightening to think about. Thank you, Jim McElwain.

      • Sly, the maximum effective range of an excuse is exactly 00 meters.

        I agree that it’s starting to sound like an excuse for everything wrong this year, and hell, while there’s still time we ought to blame the War Between the States on him too and anything else we can as well. 😉 I think we ought to focus on the here and now, and the future……maybe this retrospective stuff will abate in time just like it did with Zook. Or maybe not….everything that can possibly be said about Mac has been said, but it’s still going to be a theme whether we like it or not.

        • Doc – Thanks for bringing levity to the situation. You are wise enough to see through the smoke screen excuses. I think it was a week ago, most fans were only concerned about the OL with a few more concerned about the QB as well. Now, when more issues are exposed, the blame goes to the staff who haven’t been here. They are really milking the first of 3 envelops McElwain left in the desk for Mullen.

  3. This isn’t directed at anyone in particular, so nobody needs to get all defensive and hostile unless they just want to, but a common thread throughout this entire forum when discussing individual players is, “NFL quality this, NFL quality that, NFL so on and so forth”, etc, etc. etc.

    How about the little darlings just focusing on the damn job at hand, one game at a time? Maybe just executing the fundamentals once in a while?

    End of soap box; fire for effect.

  4. I cant believe they are still starting Cyontai Lewis at TE. He can’t catch and cant block. I think they need to go with Krull and Pitts. As far as the O line is concerned it is exactly what I was worried about. No better than last year. Even Martez Ivey was whipped. Georgia and the rest of the East must be licking their chops. Sadly I think even Vanderbilt may be a better team this year. The one play that really got me last week was the next to last touchdown. Grantham only rushed three guys dropped eight back in coverage and the Kentucky receiver still was able to get behind the defense for an easy touchdown. The safety just cannot let that happen. I mean you got eight guys back to cover four. Looks like another long year unless both the offensive and defensive lines decide to play better. I feel sorry for Feliepe he was getting chased out of the pocket all night.

  5. Can’t agree more on the comment about Lewis. He must be a great practice player because in the games he usually whiffs on blocks and is certainly not good at catching the ball. Krull looked like the real deal – maybe he has not been here long enough to learn the offense but I have certainly seen enough of Lewis.