Cece Jefferson expected to return for Saturday’s game

Senior defensive lineman Cece Jefferson knows the direction his unit has to go to restore the roar to the Gators' proud defense. [Lauren Bacho/Staff photographer]

Senior rush end Cece Jefferson, one of the leaders on defense, is scheduled to return for Saturday’s game against Colorado State after being suspended from the first two games for academic reasons.

“Yeah,” UF coach Dan Mullen said Monday. “We’ll see. He should be back this week.  It’s only Monday. We’ve got a pretty high standard now in this program for guys.”

Junior defensive back Chauncey Gardner-Johnson said he’s counting on Jefferson being there Saturday, in uniform and ready to go.

“Cece knows what’s expected from him,” Gardner-Johnson said. “He didn’t want to miss the first two games, that’s not his choice. But he’s ready to get back out there and compete and have fun.

“It’s been hard for him, but he’s playing this week. He’s got to go in focused as a leader, step up, take control of the D-line, linebackers, like I take control of the secondary and the whole defense and just put everybody accountable because we want to win and we want to win now. We don’t want to hold back.”


  1. Ask him if he remembers how to tackle; if he gives you a blank stare — he will fit right in but really should take a refresher course first.

    All sarcasm aside, I hope he’s hungry and can provide a much needed spark in motivation and heart. Go Gators!

      • 3 things.
        1 I still contend the credit card 6 being gone is a big hit for this and next year too. Those are 6 guys that would mean better quality depth which means more physical practices since coaches aren’t petrofied about injury risk. Which means better tackling and blocking. Better special teams. Guys can hone talents better when more talent is around.
        2 CeCe coming back is depth and more strength for the end of the game. More experience and leadership. He is NFL talent maybe with something to prove.
        3 the new system can’t be second nature for the players after 2 games. Plus few of the starters we’re even recruited for the cdm system..in fact some guys care on the third system. Now’ve played a division 1 game we should start moving up the learning curve. In spite of this we came within a referee margin of error of beating Kentucky who should be a top half of the conference team.
        I don’t like some things… but I expect us to be better soon. Not a championship team but I’m still in the November to remember camp..for the older guys that was done Gaffney s first year. We went from a passing team with John Reaves to a very good option attack..we struggled in the beginning but by November beat UGA Auburn and FSU and got to the sugar bowl not too long after that

      • LOL!! he probably should have withheld the fact that he leads this defense. It’s pretty bad right now and if his words mean anything like when he guaranteed the win last week, does he mean to say we want to hold back? .. scratching my head. Just kidding of course. 😉 The kid is passionate and there must be reason they’re allowing him to speak every week. He must be one the hardest workers and leaders on this team, and I anticipate we will see drastic improvement next week.. I do worry whether they will be able to sustain a consistent level of effort week in and week out… time will tell. But until the next time they show otherwise, I have faith they will turn it around! Go Gators!

  2. One man a defense does not make. That being said, let’s pray the CC’s return will indeed spark the Gator defense, which looked more like a high school defense than a Division I College defense. I expected a lot more from the Gators than what I saw Saturday night. GO GATORS!!!

  3. Reese Bobby. CGJ was one of the few players on defense that played very well vs. Kentucky. He and Henderson. The rest of the defense sucked, especially when it came to understanding how to tackle and wrap up. Jackson in particular. He missed a ton of tackles, along with Joseph. The LB play was horrible vs. Kentucky. But not CGJ. He played well.

  4. “…that’s not his choice”? Are you kidding me? Whatever behavior precipitated his suspension WAS most certainly HIS CHOICE! “It’s been hard for him.” AWWW, poor baby. We should all feel sorry for the guy because he screwed-over his teammates? “We don’t want to hold back.” REALLY? What is this, some underlying alibi explaining why KY kicked our butts? I think this kid’s comments (who picked him as a team spokesman, or put him in front of the media?) demonstrate why this team has been such losers – they absolutely just don’t get it! Excuses, BS, lack of accountability, trash talk, and show boating. All the while embarrassing themselves (although they lack the pride to even be aware of it) and the Gator Nation. It is going to take a LOT longer than we all hope to turn this team around, if this is a snapshot of the mindset and team culture.

    • I’m happy CeCe’s back, but it was his choice to be suspended. Is he claiming he didn’t know the rules? I’m guessing he skipped classes at the beginning of last spring when he thought he was going to be a high draft pick. No accountability within the team and lack of leadership! It’s going to be an uphill battle.

  5. Totally agree Trooper. It’s ALL CECE’s CHOICE & about his CHOICES. Some guys just keep talking when they need to listen/learn/& make tackles. CeCe will hopefully help with the pass rush but he’s not a stud against the run. Antonio Morrison would have made 20 solo tackles against UK. Hope we see an inspired group of Gators on Saturday. Go Gators!