Swampcast: Analyzing Florida’s loss to Kentucky


Gainesville Sun staff writer Robbie Andreu, left, and sports columnist Pat Dooley break down Florida’s first loss to Kentucky in more than three decades Saturday night at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium.


  1. Every year we hear based on practice reports that the D line is awesome, this or that guy(this year it was Polite and Zuniga) are “unblockable”. The reason is because they go up against a soft, weak OL who make EVERY D lineman “unblockable”. THIS UF D line is VERY “blockable”, KY’s 2 and 3 star linemen blocked them just fine, and KY’s 2 and 3 star DL dominated our OL. As you said, Pat, there’s a LONG way to go for UF to get back.

  2. The Gator Football team has a ways to go, unfortunately. I love the new back drop, Beach Boys, but the guy rolling the cart down the hall sounded like ”The Pride of Sunshine’s Drum line.”
    A meaningless tid-bit: all the Head Coaches the Gator Nation wanted, Chip Kelly, Scott Frost, and Dan Mullen are presently all at 1-1. Oh well, the Gators can STILL ruin it for other teams, make a bowl, and learn how to become Michael Jordan and Steve Spurrier ‘ish, who both feel like me, ”they hate LOSING more than they like WINNING!”

  3. Both our lines were on roller skates all game – and skating backwards FAST. The D is incapable of tackling. Has anyone ever thought to coach TACKLING? This was an overall bush-league, Pop-Warner effort out of our team to get physically dominated at home by a perennial SECE also-ran. Coach Mullen your team is MUCH further behind in development than most of us were giving them credit for. That’s your job; teach these guys how to be tough and aggressive not the passive, timid wimps that stunk up the Swamp last night.

  4. New coaches but same players from last year. It’s going to take a couple of years of recruiting before we become a better team. I hated to say it but it’s true. The OL and the DL is simply put, horrible. Maybe sometime during the season they will take pride in what they are doing and get better. They really should stop all trash talking till they can back it up. It’s past time to give Trask a chance. Lets just see what he can do. I mean he can’t be worse then Franks. Franks holds on the ball too long and still throws to covered receivers. Oh and he still stareing down his intended receiver. All in all I hope we make it to a bowl game. At the beginning of the season I thought we would win 8 games now I’m not sure we will win 6. Still, I’m a Gator and will always hope for the best.

    • Agree with your comments, especially the one about Trask. Trask needs to be given a really decent attempt at playing QB in a game. We kept hearing he was close in preseason. Furthermore, maybe he’s a gamer, someone who excels more on the field of play than on the practice field. Why can’t we just see?

  5. Like many fans I was hyped up that we have the talent to be very good this year and this past week swatching the Ky game by the TV commentators Kentucky, more physical, Franks missing open receivers, not throwing accurate passes, not enough loft, etc etc I have lost hope for this team with Franks at QB. We have seen him from last season, having no vision and staring down the receivers? He does not think or react fast enough for SEC competition

  6. Well as person who doesn’t believe in Frank’s taking the team anywhere, I think he played better than last year, and good enough to win the game. He had no help from the offensive line. I agree try Trask. But when you can’t run the ball, linemen closing their eyes it would take a very good QB to overcome that. Now that teams see we can’t block at the point of attack it will be a long season.