Gators land 4* DB Jaydon Hill

(Brad McClenny/Staff Photographer)

Florida gained a verbal commitment Thursday from a highly recruited defensive back out of Madison, Alabama.

Jaydon Hill, a 6-foot, 175-pound cornerback out of Bob Jones High, verbally committed to the Gators and coach Dan Mullen in a video dedicated to his grandfather.

Mullen later confirmed Hill’s commitment.

Hill, ranked by 247Sports as the No. 11 defensive back in the 2019 class, committed to Florida over Tennessee and South Carolina.

With the four-star Hill’s pledge, the Gators have 15 commits in the 2019 class. Florida’s 2019 class is now ranked No. 18 in the nation by 247Sports.


  1. Man o’ Man, there goes Mullen screwing the pooch again on recruiting. Another lousy 4 star? You’d think the coach almost knows what he’s doing!

    Well, regardless…..welcome to the Gators, young man. Make it your family away from home!

        • Who isn’t Kirby in front of? I don’t think anyone in their right mind expects to pass him this season and rightfully so being a year removed from the title game. One thing’s for sure though, if slick Willy has a few more games like the last one, it won’t take long to pass him by.

          • Hey Joe it’s OK by me I’m just kidding here. I do think we will end up with a better class than FSU. As far as Georgia goes I’m with the Steven O Spurrier school of thought: UGA keeps beating us in recruiting class rankings and we keep beating them on the field. Although not true last season it has been true more often than not and with Mullen in charge it will continue to be true.

        • Both are likely to remain ahead of us if only because of their hyper-focus on recruiting. Taggart is expected to land Thibodeaux (#1 recruit) and Smart continues to manhandle recruiting. Given the star power of FSU and UGA, we’ll likely come in behind them — but who cares? Mullen is a more blue collar coach who wins through blood, sweat and tears. Let FSU, UGA and other elitist programs claim victories on the recruiting trail.

    • DISCLAIMER: The above comments were made for sarcastic entertainment value only, directed at those who deride Coach Mullen’s recruiting prowess so early in his tenure. They should not be taken literally by any future or present player.

        • Well CO, a good buddy pointed out to me that my comments, while certainly in keeping with my only true spiritual gift of sarcasm, could be misconstrued by prospective Gator recruits. On thinking it over, I decided he was right and hence the disclaimer! (Not that anyone pays any attention to what I say anyway, but just in case…)

          What do you think will happen this Saturday? Man, I’m so keyed up I feel like it’s opening day again.

          • I wonder if prospective recruits bother to read these comment sections and even if they do they have to know these are populated by an assortment of trolls , folks without a clue along with some real fans so you take what is said with a block of salt.
            I think we are going to destroy UK this Saturday night, our defense is going to eat up those UK QBs and Benny will face a loaded box with no room to go through. Franks will continue his progression and transformation and will have some more new plays given to him by Mullen to keep the offense rolling. An Orange and Blue blowout.

  2. There are some “Gator fans” elsewhere who live in a perpetual state of whine. Meanwhile, the new head coach continues his well developed process of constructing a successful program, transforming his inherited team into a winner, and recharging the Gator Nation with enthusiasm, hope and confidence.
    Is this fun or what?