Tebow put up Heisman Trophy to help charity

Allstate volunteers and former Florida quarterback Tim Tebow came together for a special service project at local Food4Kids organization ahead of the Gators vs. Kentucky game. [Pat Dooley/Staff]

Tim Tebow doesn’t have his Heisman Trophy.

Not right now at least.

Instead, it is in the possession of celebrity Kathie Lee Gifford.

Tebow, in Gainesville to help the Food4Kids cause, was involved in a charity auction last November for the Wounded Warriors.

“There were a lot of very wealthy people,” Tebow, the former UF standout quarterback, said Thursday. “(Alabama coach Nick) Saban had some stuff in the silent auction and it’s always us and Alabama. We have to beat them.

“So I was thinking, ‘What would be something really cool to auction for all of these scholarships we give to kids whose parents have died in battle? Something cool they can’t get anywhere else.”

The answer? Tebow auctioned off his Heisman for a year. And it pulled in $100,000.

“I’ll get it back sometime,” he said. “That trophy’s going to do nothing better than it did on that night. I’m not worried about it. What I am worried about is that it got how many kids scholarships for school?”


  1. Tim Tebow continues to show through his actions his character, his morals and his faith. He truly inspires me. I am praying right now that God will give me the $$$ to buy Tim’s trophy back, so Tim can do it again.

      • Glen, Daz — you know, it finally hit me why Tim would do such a thing, when other athletes wouldn’t even think of such a thing. To most, they are the Heisman, in their perspective it defines them…..nothing wrong with that per se……but to Tebow, his self concept and guiding light has little to do with the trophy, other than to use it as an agent of good.

  2. The University of Florida will always be the greatest University in the universe mostly because of Timmy Tebow. I am not religious in any way, but I don’t care what people believe in as long as it is good hearted and does no harm. Tebow represents what is absolutely the best kind of human being to walk this planet of ours. If we had more like him in this universe then everyone would benefit from the attributes he has like sharing and caring. There are people out there that bash him for his beliefs, and I believe those people have been born with messed up DNA. I could go on about how great I believe Tim Tebow is, but I already wrote more than I probably should have…lol. Thank you Tim Tebow for everything that you do. I have three charities that I help as much as I can and one of them is the Wounded Warrior Project. That is an awesome charity for those affected by the horrors of war. What is really a shame is that our government should be doing this. Tim Tebow makes me proud to be a GATOR FAN as well as being proud knowing that there are still some good people out there. I cannot come up with the deserving words this man is truly owed. Come on GATOR NATION – Tim Tebow is leading the way, so now if everyone pitches in just a little bit we can make this world a world to be proud of. Start small or if you don’t have any $$$, give a little bit of your time helping anyone of your choice. Timmy – you are the greatest! GO GATORS!!!

      • Thanks Gator-6, I am mellowing as I get older. I think logically and believe what I believe. I ask no one to change the way they believe and don’t push my beliefs on anyone. The world would be a great place if everyone followed the Ten Commandments, but I know human beings all too well and many are just defective. I don’t believe in murder, but I believe in killing when necessary. You cannot change most pedophiles way of thinking no matter how much they may say they have changed. That is just one example of the type of killing that should happen when they are caught. I believe in Tim Tebow and will defend him against any person on this planet. Hyprocacy is the biggest tell of how a human being really is represented in life. I trust animals more than I do humans. I would rather play with a gator than a human…lol. Enough of a glimpse into my psyche. All anyone really needs to know is I am a GATOR fan and a huge Tebow fan. Now I just hope that our GATORS make it 32 in a row. We will find out what our newest edition of our GATORS football team is made of in the coming weeks. I am ready for some action. GO GATORS!!!

        • Brother, we must have been separated at birth! I never played with an alligator, but I prefer my dog’s company to that of most humans and have decided that it is impossible for them not to have souls, despite lectures to the contrary from my betters. I believe it is a translation error to believe God meant thou shalt not kill, when he gave us at the same instant the right and means to self defense.

          But most of all, I believe we have wandered in the wilderness for too long not to have been finally delivered to the promised land (I used to think that was a metaphor, but check with TampaGator to make sure — I’m considering putting him on retainer for such questions). GO GATORS!