Swampcast: UF Game 1 analysis


Sun sports staff writer Robbie Andreu, left, and Sports Columnist Pat Dooley discuss the Gators’ 53-6 win over Charleston Southern on Saturday at Steve Spurrier-Florida Field.


  1. Nice backdrop, way better than re-enforced concrete! My audio sounded like there was I-75 traffic in the background? I since Scarllet better watch our, because they’re at least two guys that ran harder and with more excitement than him. Also appeared to be a big drop off after Franks at QB (Likely game week practice focused on him, with little time for Trask).

    • I believe the big dropoff when Trask and Jones were in the game was that they were behind the backups on the O-line. Trask did fine for the first series where he drove them and then took it in on a nice run with a pylon dive for the score. After that Charleston was in the backfield faster than the football it seemed. Trask had a couple of sacks with no time to drop back, go thru progressions and fire it. Jones – same thing, but I think he needs more work than the others just to get comfortable and learn the playbook. The game still needs to slow down for him.

  2. I’m a fan but have to agree with the mob. a couple lapel microphones and tripod would make you look like you cover UF and not a subdivision school. Type this into a search engine and you will be on your way: ‘two lapel microphones and a tripod kit for iphone broadcasting”