5 Questions: With UF receiver Josh Hammond

Florida wide receiver Josh Hammond (10) is listed as a starter for this week's opener against Charleston Southern. [Alan Youngblood/Staff photographer]

Five questions with Florida junior wide receiver Josh Hammond

Q: How do you think Feleipe Franks separated himself as the starting QB?

A: “I think the biggest thing was just the way he came to work every day. When things got tough, when things got hard, just his leadership potential really pushed him over the top. I guess you could say he put himself more in that position and showed that he really wanted to be a starting quarterback more than anybody else. I think that was the biggest thing.”

Q: How has he grown from last year?

A: “Definitely, going through last year for him was definitely big, and you can see it just by the way he goes through practice. Just the way he goes through progressions, going through reads, getting on guys that are not running full speed or are not getting to the ball fast enough and playing to the tempo that Coach Mullen wants.”

Q: What have you done differently this Fall camp?

A: “Just probably being more vocal. I think that’s the biggest thing for me, just that the receiver group. I’ve kind of taken a role in trying to get everybody going and coming to work every day. Just show the world that we’re a good receiver corps and we’re going to be one of the best receiver corps in the country.”

Q: It’s been a long time since you’ve played, what’s the level of excitement to get back?

A: “It’s definitely exciting, just getting ready to go out and play ball. It’s always going to be something different for us, it’s going to be a different schedule, but just we’ve got to get into the right routine and be ready to play once Saturday gets here. All of the guys on the offensive side of the ball are going to be ready to go, fired up, and we’re excited to go out and show what we can do.”

Q: What gives you confidence this could be one of the best receiver groups in the nation?

A: “Just the work that we’ve put in. We’ve worked the hardest we have since I’ve been here. That just gives me the confidence to know we could be a really talented group because we’ve put the work in. That being said I think the biggest thing for us now is just to get it going, stay focused and be humble and every Saturday come out and show what we can do.”


  1. If that is what made the difference that means they were the same at actually being a QB. I doubt that he worked any harder than the others, perhaps he just does not understand the position well enough or just did not want to say.

  2. https://www.timeanddate.com/countdown/generic?iso=20180901T1930&p0=3287&font=cursive
    For 6
    Since Frank’s had no real instruction on how to run ask offense under Mac it wouldn’t have mattered how complex or simple it was. If the staff can’t teach maybe in 6 years they’d figure it out on their own. Tebow is a leader and leaders get their groups going in a unified manner. Franks hasn’t shown the football skills Tebow had but he was the whole team was hampered with ineptitude in the coaching staff they had no chance. I hope Frank’s succeeds and shows he can win. While last year he was awful if he’s good it really shows how bad coaching was. Mullen will give him the right plays if he can execute we’re gonna be good maybe very good. If the one element he appeared making in making the reads at line and looking down receivers hasn’t been fixed Trask and Jones bring a different dynamic. Still think we’re going to see two QB’s at times. GO GATORS! 🐊 IT’S GAME DAY! Put up or shut up.