UF’s No. 2 quarterback continues preparation

Coach Dan Mullen watches quarterback Kyle Trask throw a pass at practice Saturday. [Brad McClenny/Staff photographer]

There was only one winner in Florida’s quarterback competition. But the guy who came in second also seems to be handling himself like one.

“Kyle (Trask) has been fantastic in practice,” UF coach Dan Mullen said Wednesday. “One of the things we talk about is the development of our guys. All have so much development to do. I think he understands that.”

Mullen said Trask has been preparing himself this week as if he was the starter Saturday instead of Feleipe Franks.

“He’s done a great job working every day,” Mullen said. “Our twos still get a bunch of reps. He’s out there trying to immerse himself in the game plan, understanding he’s one snap away from being out there on the field.

“He’s got to be ready for that opportunity when it comes, be ready to lead the team, be prepared to help the team win.”

In a very close competition, Franks edged out Trask. His mobility and ability to extend plays gave him a slight advantage over Trask, Mullen said earlier this week.

When Mullen named Franks the starter Monday, Trask responded in a positive way.

“Just congrats,” Franks said of Trask’s reaction. “Kyle’s a really good person. He’s always going to be ready if something were to happen. Kyle’s a hard worker and he’s going to be ready if his time comes. He’s very supportive.”



  1. Very cool. I love the attitude he has shown and how he clearly understands his role and how important it is for him to be ready. He is also being a leader by the way he is handling himself, serving as an example to all the guys in how he is dealing with the decision and staying mentally involved. I feel good about our QBs.

    • I’d imagine at this point in his career, it’s fairly easy to embrace the backup role. I’m just wondering when the announcement will be made that he’s transferring. He has to realize this was is one and only shot to be the starter before Mullen’s ideal QB takes over. He’s probably more suited for a pro style offense at a lower tier program.

      • Joe. my guess is Trask is more of a “learner”, who will soak up everything, be available if we need him, but eventually take what he’s learned to the coaching field.

        As for Franks, we have two guys named Jones who will be competing next year for his job so nothing is certain for anybody.

  2. The ”visor” is back in style for a Florida Head Coach (see above pic). Look out America!
    And even Southern Sports Today radio guy, Chuck Oliver said, ”Florida’s my cookie… I want Florida to be good again.” Well, a million plus Gator fans don’t ”want”, but absolutely demand that ”Florida be good again.” Period! And now it’s on the new ”Visor,” his asst. coaches, and the players. Go Gators! Just do it!

  3. Trask is a class guy…he works hard and he understands the game, more so than Franks…and he will be able to take over the QB position if Franks fails to make third downs , score TD’s in the red zone or throwing interceptions when he has open receivers or getting sacked numerous times, and because he can’t see open receivers…I do believe, knowing Mullen, If Franks can’t get the job done and reverts back to his old ways, in this first game and and doesn’t score over 20 points by half time…I do believe he will pull Franks and put in Trash…if Franks struggles…Guy’s we will be in for a long year…but, I don’t think that will be the case….I really like this team …This team has quality players both on offense and defense perhaps the most talent I’ve seen since the Myer and Mullen days…Spurrier use to sign the most talented teams with mostly 3-4 star players…Spurrier use to rub it in to Georgia, by saying that he was beating them year in and year out with 3-4 star players while they were recruiting all these 4-5 star players.
    That’s one of the reasons we couldn’t get caught up in the stars by the players name… Back to the QB’s…I’m pulling for Franks, but I really like Trask, and believe he will be the starter before the season ends…Mullen knows what he is doing and he will do whatever it takes to win…but let’s give Franks the benefit of the doubt this first game and see what happens … He does look much better than last year…but also let’s remember who we had as a coaches ( Mac & SHANNON) and probably the worst OC Florida has ever had CALLING PLAYS… we JUST NEED A QB THAT WILL NOT GET US BEAT LIKE LAST YEAR…AND HOPEFULLY FRANKS WILL BE THAT GUY…

  4. I am so very grateful we have Kyle Trask as (for at least now) our back-up QB. I have read that he is actually the best overall passer of our three scholarship QBs. Here is a young man who has put in the hard work for 2 years now at UF, not to mention in high school. This hard work will pay off. I hope that the Gators put enough points on the board in the first half of our opening game that Coach Mullen will play Trask at QB in the 3rd quarter, and maybe Jones in the 4th quarter. What I pray for more than anything is for our offense to start to really excel – I miss this – have been a Gator fan since I was 13 (1968), and 2nd generation UF alumni (my father graduated from UF in 1958 and I graduated in 1985). GO GATORS!!!

  5. I think everything Cody Alan said is probably true. I’m ready to see the game. I don’t we’ll learn much till the Kentucky game, then we’ll know what Franks can really do. I really hope he has improved,but seeing is believing. Till then I’m going to watch college football starting tomorrow night. Can’t hardly wait…………

  6. Backup qb at florida can also get you to the nfl, ask jesse palmer, and jacoby brisset. no question trask is just a great kid, and its possible he might leap past franks. you just don’t know. I plan to root for both, and I think both are underrated.

  7. Here’s my fear…. we won 4 games last year and haven’t had a great team in 9 years. So us fans have for the most part tempered expectations and aren’t expecting to be in the National Championship game…..except that the past two weeks we’ve heard glowing reports from maturing players and a real coaching staff and now we’re all getting mighty excited. So, while we’ll likely see a much different and improved team from last year, are we all gonna feel let down if we go 8-4 or 9-3? I think we all feel like this could be a 10 win team. Are we getting ourselves caught up in euphoria of having a real team again. I guess we’ll start to find out in two days and a wake up 🙂

    • Not this cowboy, Rog. I’d even be happy with 7-5 since I have a pretty good idea of where this Mullen era is going to wind up. Rome wasn’t built in a day, like you always say, but imagine anyway the possibilities!

      • Gator-6…I’ve seen and been around just about all the gator teams over the past fifty years and I’m telling you this team the may be very special and I’m counting heavily on this team winning the East…any thing less than 9-3 will be a disappointment for this group of coaches…and 7-5 would be a complete disaster in their eyes…Mullen will tell you he is very happy with this team and thinks he has more talent and depth than the team Miss. St will be fielding this year…He and his coaches know every player on that team and he knows each players weakness and strengths and he will certainly incorporated traits in his game plan when they play Miss St…both teams should be 4-0 when they play each other…Mullen expects to win the East and win all of their home games this year…period…people forget UF could have easily been 8-4, they should have never lost to LSU, Texas A&M, SC and the FSU game… these were all games lost by the coaches and QB and a very unorganized defense…also, note that had Trask not been injured he would have been the starter in most of those games…This team can win 12 games this year because of a favorable schedule this year and the talent on this team…tomorrow, I’ll try to put together my take on the up coming season, with UF wins and losses along with the whys, the reasons and the match ups, if anyone is interested.

        • Cody, I’d be very interested to see how you get this team to 12 wins. I certainly hope they do, but it’s hard for me to see. I would assume you’re counting on much improved QB and OL play. Are you looking for something akin to the 2012 season where the Gators ran the ball well, threw the ball sparingly, and scratched out a lot of close wins? As for the favorable schedule, I’ve always felt the even numbered years are the most difficult, because they always involve trips to Knoxville and Tallahassee. I don’t see it, but I’m willing to be convinced. Go Gators!

        • I can’t disagree at all Cody….my comments about 7-5 were hyperbole in the opposite direction. If you’re familiar with Rog, he and I are pretty conservative guys but between the two of us, he’s decidedly the more level headed. He’s evolved since spring to the 8-4/9-3 point like I have, but is cautioning to put logic over emotion as we get right down to the nugs.

          I think I speak for the majority of us when I say that we’re very interested in your continued take…..keep ’em coming, bud. It’s almost like having insider information on the stock market!

        • I’d be interested in your take Cody. I’ve not been around the team and I’ve only seen the Orange and Blue game so I have no inside information. But my take on what is being written and talked about leads me to believe that this team could indeed surprise and be special.

          I truly think Coach Mullen is the right coach at the right time for Gator Football and he will maximize what these guys can do. With limitations. The main limitation being the mental aspect of championship football.

          I don’t doubt that there is a lot of talent on this roster. And I don’t doubt the Coaching Staff and new direction of the program. But, culture, specifically a winning culture, isn’t created overnight. And while I believe that some of the losses from last year (LSU, A&M, FSU) will not be losses this year under the same circumstances because the mindset and expectation and discipline needed to win games you used to lose, will be different.. and better. Close losses will now be close wins. But, where I suspect we “may” struggle will be 2-3 games, who knows which ones, where adversity or fatigue or injury rears its head and these young guys don’t respond they way they might if they had been coached up like this for 3 years. It’ll take time. For example, they might be 6-0 and looking awesome and then slip up against Vandy, a team they should clearly beat. I’m not expecting that, but you get the point. A winning mindset takes time. I’d LOVE to be wrong and be playing in the NC game. And I think this team “can” do it. But everything would have to come up roses along the way.

  8. I understand why Felipe was chosen and that there “Can be only one” (reference anyone?) starter but there’s this curiosity in me that wants to see what Trask can do. It would be an awesome “SEC Storied” documentary about the high school and college back up that brought Florida back to glory.

    I wouldn’t blame him if Felipe had a good enough year to hold onto the starting spot and he transfers. He’s been patient and waited long enough. At some point he has to actually live his dream and play, not just practice and hold clip boards. He’s the kind of kid you root for.

    Is it game day yet? 65?

  9. While I am a Trask supporter, I completely understand CDM giving Franks the first opportunity. It makes sense from the standpoint of who is better suited to handle being the backup coming off the bench. I believe Franks would not have handled being the backup as well as Trask. Given CDM’s offensive philosophy concerning use of the quarterback as a runner, it is very likely Trask will have an opportunity to play important snaps or even start. While Franks has shown athleticism (moves and speed), his upright running style exposes his body. If his run during the spring game was during a real game, he would have been knocked silly. I hope Franks has learned to lower his shoulders, slide or scoot out of bounds to avoid taking a big hit. He is not a Tim Tebow or a Dak Prescott.

  10. I like the attitude, but from what I know physically they are pretty even. Perhaps one is less aggressive. If the number one does not perform properly I hope he will be pulled and replaced. SOS never accepted bad decision making our coach now should not either.

  11. Just curious….What percentage of teams had the same starting quarterback for every game last season or in recent years? My guess is probably less than 50% due to performance, injuries, suspension, etc. If true, Trask may have a pretty good chance of starting at some point during this season, statically speaking.