Florida’s defensive depth chart for CSU opener


A look at Florida’s defensive depth chart.


      • I’d prefer to sit Reese and let that ankle heal some more. Let Jackson get the start. Based on the article written about him a week or so ago, he knows the defense and has earned some serious pt. I imagine he’d more than suffice in place of Reese for the opener.

  1. 1. Seems like a lot of familiar names on both sides of the ball. How many returning starters are there?
    2. As Joe said, surprised Jefferson isn’t the starter.
    3. Kicker still undecided. Are we going to have one kick the short ones and the other the longer ones?

    • From the Mullen presser, the kicker will be a game time decision. He won’t divvy up the duties. He wants to see if any one freaks out during warm ups. Thanks for asking the question Gatorsports!

  2. I do NOT expect Mullen to show everything Florida has on offense and defense against CSU. At least, I hope he doesn’t show everything. Gators have KY and TENN coming up real quick and to give away all your tricks against CSU is extremely unwise in the SEC. Thankfully, Mullen is an SEC coach and knows what KY, UT and the other SEC schools are looking for when they watch the tape of the CSU games. Basically, they are just looking for the base defensive alignment, the defensive switches, the offensive blocking schemes and the base routes for receivers, Don’t expect much read-option or Tight End post or TE block and cut out from the offense. Would also be surprised to see any complicated screens or shovel pass to the TE.
    Fans will be able to look at the same things the SEC scouts are looking at. Let’s hope the D returns to the good old Florida D we have been accustomed to and gets some turnovers and defensive scores. It’s been a nine-month wait to see if the 4-7 season can be erased. 125 more hours–and counting down.

    • cattrick, I think the Gators need to use this game to work on execution of the passing game, and because of that, they may have to show more than they’d like. I just don’t think they can afford to think that they’ll be able to automatically execute a more complicated passing attack on demand when they need it against a tougher opponent. They need to use this game to work out the kinks and gain confidence for Franks.

      It reminds me of the 2010 season when John Brantley was taking over from Tebow. Given the fact that Brantley had a completely different skill set, I thought they needed to use the two warm-up games to work on adjusting the passing game to his talent before they hit the difficult games on the schedule. They didn’t do that, and it didn’t go well the rest of the season. I’m not sure it would’ve made a difference, but certainly couldn’t have hurt.

      • I agree. I don’t think Mullen has even fully implemented his play book to the team yet, but I think what he has given them will be fully utilized. I think if he was still coaching at MSU, then he’d hold some stuff back, but with a new team still learning the plays, you have to throw out everything you’ve practiced up to that point so they can see how it works in a game situation. He may add a few new things in practice the week of those bigger games, once he sees what Franks is capable of against CSU, but this is a full dress rehearsal where he’s going to want to put up some big offensive numbers and get the fan base excited.

  3. What happened to the 5 star end Antoneus Clayton from a couple years ago that’s been a bust, but was supposedly coming on strong recently? Don’t even see him listed? Also am still worried about stopping the run up the middle. We have no marquee inside tackles.