Gators land 4* 2019 LB Mohamoud Diabate


Florida’s 2019 class landed one of the top linebacker prospects in the 2019 class on Wednesday night.

Mohamoud Diabate, a 6-foot-3.5, 220 pound linebacker out of Auburn, Alabama, verbally committed to UF and Florida’s 2019 class via a YouTube video posted to his Twitter account.

Diabate camped at Florida during Friday Night Lights on July 27, where momentum began to trend in Florida’s direction, leading to UF landing a commitment ahead of the hometown Tigers.

With Diabate’s commitment, the Gators have 13 commits in the 2019 class.


      • And CO Jones. No, Georgia and Smart did not offer him. But most of the rest of the SEC did, along with FSU. But I would expect that, as a faithful and practicing Muslim, he was and is very glad to get out of Alabama and come to a progressive city like Gainesville where people of all faiths mix without much of an issue.

        • Not sure why a practicing Muslim would want to be anywhere near a “progressive” city. I cringed when I read his post. I don’t care who any one prays to or how. But right now only one religion worldwide is advocating violence toward woman and gays, and killing unbelievers. Sure, he’s a kid, but by publicly aligning with Islam, he opens himself to those questions.

          People of all faiths mix in Hogtown? (Where I was born, BTW). That’s great … if he can reconcile that with his view of Islam.

          • Pfo, You have stated that very well and I might add the #1 killer of Muslims is Muslims as they war among themselves as well as the world for supremacy. They are not “radical” though, but devout, as all they do is in the teachings of the Koran. We see the same thing in our inner cities where the #1 killer of young black men is other young black men. Wherever hate is taught , the main ones who suffer are those in the society that teach hate, not the objects of their hatred..

          • PFO. Have you ever even read the Quran? Obviously not. I can assure you, this kid coming to Gainesville will make the city a better and safer place than it is now. Welcome aboard young man.

          • If he is indeed a conservative Muslim, ie, follows all of the edicts of the Koran to the letter as written — well, I guess we could have a problem. Accordingly, he would not likely to be attracted to a “progressive” city other than so much as pertains to the founders of the progressive movement being anti- Jewish, anti- deformity, or racist. The tolerance of homosexuals and women would be too much for him to handle, to be sure.

            If, however, he is a radical Muslim, ie, like the majority of Muslims I personally know in and out of uniform, he no doubt is just like you and I and should be a good fit for our program. He certainly, apparently has the talent. None of us know what’s in his heart, why not extend him the benefit of the doubt like we would any other American citizen?

          • Pfo. I suggest you take a trip to Dubai and many other progressive cities and places around the world that are filled with mostly good Muslims, not radical or fundamentally deranged (really politically and mentally deranged” Muslims”). The lack of progressiveness in some Islamic places that are controlled by radical “Muslims” has nothing to do with the Quran or the true Muslim faith, or its cultural or progressive values. You truly should read and travel more.

          • TampaGator, “€œWhen you meet the unbelievers, smite their necks.”€ Quran 47:4. Taken figuratively, maybe just rhetoric. But a lot of Muslims take this literally and push for Sharia in localities as a way to push it. And I have travelled in the Middle East, including Egypt when it was far safer prior to the advent of the Muslim Brotherhood. Islam-at-large is NOT condemning the violent radicals, but often funding it.

            For you to attack the state of Alabama shows you recognize this is a question of culture also, not simply religion, and your characterization of Alabama was stupid and insulting.

            Try watching some news or reading some yourself: it isn’t Southern Baptists murdering gays, mutilating women, or killing infidels.

            Gator-6, your points are well taken. I’m not condemning the kid, and wish him well. Professions of his faith are fine, however he is tied to the one faith presently engaged in worldwide violence and leaves himself open to comment.

            I don’t like any politics in sports, and were Islam just another religion, I wouldn’t care. But it is at least the vehicle for a barbarous culture, and that is politics.

            LT understands this, and correctly nailed the knot head progressive virtue signaling. TampaGator is just another Lefty cheering veiling his politics in phony “inclusiveness.” That’s why I hate politics in sports, because (among other reasons) it invites the false piety.

          • Hey pfo c — I gotcha, never read anymore into your comments than what you said, bud. Tampa actually says that he affiliates with the Republican party if I read him correctly, and of course that’s on the left-right continuum by popular consensus, but progressivism actually (IMO anyway) is on a vertical pole. That is, it doesn’t depend on horizontal ideology so much as being a supra-ideology itself….transcending political party. Majority of those are democrats, but a lot more republicans than you suspect embrace it too. Just the way it is in this post-modern world we’re ensnared in at present.

          • PFO. You really want to get into a discussion of religious texts? How about these from the Christian Bible: “Let the women learn in silence with all subjection. But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence. For Adam was first formed, then Eve. And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression.”

            (I Timothy 2:11-14) “When men strive together one with another, and the wife of the one draweth near for to deliver her husband out of the hand of him that smiteth him, and putteth forth her hand, and taketh him by the secrets: then thou shalt cut off her hand, thine eye shall not pity her.” (Deuteronomy 25:11-12)

            “Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the saviour of the body. Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in everything.” (Ephesians 5:22-24)

            “And the daughter of any priest, if she profane herself by playing the whore, she profaneth her father: she shall be burnt with fire.” (Leviticus 21:9).

            And there are many, many more verses in the Christian Bible that promotes violence, and used by many to promote violence against Muslims and open-minded thinkers throughout history and even today). For example, PFO. At the Atlanta Olympics, my wife and I had driven up from the Tampa area and were standing in Centennial Park watching and listening to on-stage live music when, about 50 yards from us, a bomb went off, killing one innocent woman and injuring multiple other people. Blood spew on my wife’s clothes and face, we later discovered after rushing home in total fear of being blown up. Otherwise, we were not injured or hit by the thousands of tiny and large flying nails from the bomb. The bomb was set off by a radical, right-wing Christian who hated abortion and killed a person and tried to kill many others to make an extremist point. My point? There are extremist everywhere, and particularly in both the Muslim and Christian religions, and extremism in the Islamic world is mostly politically driven under the disguise of religion and has absolutely nothing to do with the millions of God-fearing and peaceful Muslims around the world. And Christianity is used in politics in this county to win votes and gain power, and to also promote right wing, extremist agendas that have nothing to do with the teachings of Jesus Christ and most of the peace loving Christians in the world. And Alabama has been and remains an extremely racist and hateful state, a state that nearly elected a man who was known to have sexually assaulted women and who was preaching hate language concerning Muslims. He was defeated by a very small vote margin, as a result of the massive turnout of African-American voters and other minorities voting in record numbers in that state, despite attempts to keep them from the poles. So no, my view of Alabama is not stupid. It is based on history, current reality, and supported facts and evidence. And I would bet that it was a factor in the recruit leaving the state of Alabama and committing to Florida. But we will likely never know that for sure. So that part it is just pure conjecture on my part, but conjecture based on reasonable considerations of a black Muslim living in a state that nearly elected a person to congress who openly expresses his hate for Muslims. And I am a Kasich Republican, and I guess that makes me a liberal extremist in your and LT’s perspective. But I have never thought of moderate thinking as extremist. But sane, and an intelligent and effective way of getting things done for both sides of the fence. Is that happening now with the two extremist parties we now have in Washington? Hardly. Good night.

          • PFO, I am a practicing Muslim. one thing I tell people when they speak about Muslims as you have is: Judge the people by the Religion, Not the Religion by the people. That little piece you stated that is in The Quran, if you are at WAR and come across your enemy you kill them. I am sure many of your Christian friends reading this can give you a or many verses in the Bible that calls for violent deaths. I won’t go there because I just wanted you to read the first part of my statement about judging, secondly KNOW what you are talking about when you try to defame someones Religion. GO GATORS!!!

          • Creek Gator. That verse from the Quran was about when Muslims are fighting unbelievers in battle (back in the day when people who called themselves Muslims did not fight against or kill other Muslims). That is why I went to the Christian Bible and pulled verses out that culturally demeans women and encourages violence against them, as if those verses have anything to do with what Jesus Christ preached or stood for. But those verses were used for evil purposes by church leaders, by government, and by businesses to suppress women for hundreds of years. And they still do.

        • “Progressives” are so self righteous. Not sure a bigger group of hypocrites exist. Always preaching about judging others then make a totally baseless judgement on the entire state of Alabama. What a douchebag.

          • LT. I was not talking about politics with my reference to “progressive city” (which some Alabama cities are). Geez. And my “baseless” view, not judgement, of the state of Alabama is very reasonable for a black Muslim living there. Me being a “douchebag” or not. But the majority of the people of Alabama did stand up (although by a very small margin) against bigotry and hate during their last congressional election. Progress for that state, politically and socially. And Charles Barkley chose to live in Arizona, not Alabama.

    • No one that I can recall, Gator 6, called Mullen a “slug recruiter”. But the recruiting this year for Florida has been and still remains “sluggish.” Mullen still has a lot of work to do to get this class where it needs to be, but this commitment from an Alabama kid (especially getting him from Alabama, Auburn, Texas A&M, and others is a good move in the right direction.

      • Daz. A true Muslim, just like a true Christian, does not believe in premeditated violence against anyone. And murders come in all kinds of religions and races. And from all countries. It is called evil, and evil has no boundaries and no wall can keep it out or in. And no one can put a face on it, as it does not have on of any kind.

      • I knew I should have run that comment by you first, but sadly that was after the fact since only then did it occur to me that you might take it personally. A thousand pardons, there is no connection what so ever between “slug” and “sluggish”.

        • Definition of “slug” – a slow moving or inactive person
          Definition of “sluggish” – slow to respond or make progress

          Webster says there is a similarity, but one is a reference to a thing or person and the other is a reference to the action of a thing or person. Therefore, I personally, never referred to Mullen as a “slug”, nor do I recall anyone else doing so. I and some others, however, have referred to the Gators recruiting progress as slow-moving and, at times, seemingly inactive — or “sluggish”. It seems now to be picking up some much needed BIG MO and I hope the remaining months and commitments to the Florida football program have Jack Rabbit similarities.

          • TampaGator – put down the dictionary and please step away from it…LOL. J/K. I keep mine right next to me to ensure that I get words used properly that I haven’t used in some time and to ensure correct spelling. Spelling comes natural to me, but as I get older and with all of the meds that I take, can cause doubt in my minds (Minds meaning which personality happens to be present at the time). I am not a religious man in the least, but I believe that life is too short to be judgmental of others. As long as people leave me alone, I will always return the favor. It was hard especially dealing with those of the Muslim faith as I spent over 14 years in the US Army. After I got out for medical reasons, I see that people that are considered Americans are killing each other with the same reckless abandon without even one consideration of what the outcome will be to themselves or their victims families. Sadly that is just a part of our DNA. I don’t believe in murder, but I believe in killing. So anyway – can’t we just all get along here and welcome any and every young man willing to better themselves at this greatest of educational institutions??? GO GATORS!!!

      • Tampa you know what Saban’s first recruiting class ranked at Bama? 12th and he signed 25 players. No 5*, 8 were 4* and 16 were 3*. That’s recruiting to a school that was 6-6 the year before by a head coach with a national title on his resume and well known all over the country. Mullen’s first class ranked 14th with a total of 20 players, 13 of them 4* and 7-3*. Based on cumulative points, if this class was ranked in 07 when Saban brought in his first class, it would’ve ranked at #8 overall. Based on star rating alone, Mullen brought in a far better first recruiting class to a program that’s been a laughing stock of college football for quite a while. It took Saban a year of coaching to get the class up to the top 5, which is exactly what it’s going to take Mullen. Of course it’s sluggish right now, that’s completely normal and if it wasn’t that’d be more shocking than anything. You like to compare things to Smart’s immediate success, but that’s just not reality. The Gators weren’t at the level UGA was when he took over. You can bet for damn sure that if Smart took over UF when Mullen did, he wouldn’t be pulling in top 5 classes right off the bat. Once the season gets rolling, this will for sure be a top 10 class when all is said and done.

        • Joe. I do not disagree with most of what you say, so I have no clue what your point is concerning me. But I do disagree with your view of Georgia and Smart. Smart’s success, almost immediately on the field and immediately on the recruiting trail, is truly remarkable. And I have posted on here that Mullen had a very good first class. But that does not take away from the fact that the recruiting this year has been very sluggish and many people, and not just me (and there have been multiple articles written on that topic on recruiting sites), have been concerned about the lack of progress on the recruiting front this year. It is now good to see some progress and movement with more top tier commitments of Humphries, Black, and Diabate. I hope that progress becomes more regular and successful between now and the first weeks in December and February.

          • Georgia had a good year previously to when Smart took over. You could always count on Ga to have a 9-10-11 win season. GA was not 4-7 when Smart took over.

          • It wasn’t clear in my comment what my point was? I’m not sure I’d classify Smart’s immediate success as remarkable. He couldn’t have walked into a more ready to recruit and win program than he did. Maybe the only other comparison could be taking over Bama or Clemson right now. It’s certainly not unprecedented for a coach to have immediate success with someone else’s recruits. Hell every Florida coach since Zook had immediate success. What will be remarkable is when Mullen wins 9 or more games this season after they won 4 last season and recruiting will explode. That will certainly be unprecedented.

    • CO Jones. I do not recall anyone on here saying Mullen cannot recruit except maybe the FSU troll. But there were a lot of people concerned about the very slow start in recruiting this year by the Gators and so many of the top recruits Mullen was after committing elsewhere for a period of time this spring and summer. It does seem that recruiting is now picking up, but Florida remains only the composite 23 class in the country. Still a lot of work to do to get to a top 10 class, which Florida needs to have every year if it wants to compete for championships in the SEC and nationally.

        • Daz. Please post reference to sites where it has been “proven” that a lot of programs are “paying” to get recruits. Please present actual facts to support your claim, which I think you will find hard to do. But it sure is easy to just throw STUFF out there and see if it sticks on social media. Do it enough and it becomes alternative facts that some people believe. I prefer provable, real facts. And the actual truth.

  1. A lot of these guys are going to change by signing day early or national. I’d expect we lose a few but I also expect we gain a bunch. Think we are going to see Big swings after season starts. Maybe a few after tonights news.

  2. Nick Cross is committing tomorrow and he is considering the Gators as well. He is a top safety recruit, a position of need for the Gators and Mullen. But 247 has him leaning heavily to the Noles over the Gators. Maybe Mullen and staff can pull another one out of the hat. Go Gators.

  3. The best part is that Mullen and Co. are filling needs. This LB class, if holds pat and possibly adds Summerall, will be dare I say it, “Legen-dary”. PLUS, after watching the young man’s video he seems like a high character guy who won’t be caught with crab legs in his pants at the local Publix. It’s nice when we hit the trifecta in recruiting, talent (4*), needs filled, and character.

    It’s nice to see us moving up the rankings, take that Minnesota!

    • Exactly…I need to see more guys from our state which last I knew WAS STILL where everyone else comes to try and steal the leftovers. Sadly, some of the best talent is going to other places outside of the borders…so leftovers may not be the best term.

    • Probably because the kids that come from Florida are always the ones that wind up in the police reports. I’m joking and we definitely need to get more talent from our own back yard, but it’s not far from the truth.

      • Joe. The police reports on college football players do not have a face that says just Florida. Problems with student athletes on campuses is a national problem, as it now seems to be with some coaches who have little respect for women (Meyer).

    • Keep an eye on Sanders at IMG, as he will likely be deciding between Bama and Florida. That decision could be a huge game changer in the state for Florida recruiting for the positive, or continue the current sluggish nature of it.

      • Tampa, it would be a big win to get Sanders out of IMG. It’s been a tough sell there for UF. Most of us on this site probably know that while IMG is a Florida HS, that is by geography only, as most of the kids from manyl different sports come to IMG from states all over the country. Since you are close by Bradenton, you probably get some feel for how kids like Sanders might be leaning, as there is no built in loyalty to Florida schools. It’s basically a prep school for top athletes so that IMG’s Sports agent business has an inside track on them when it comes time to turn pro. Keep us posted.

        • DanF. Trey Sanders is from Florida and his mom is a huge Gators fan, although his father is a huge FSU fan. In addition, his brother is a preferred walk on at Florida. So Mullen and Florida finally has a shot at an IMG recruit. But it currently does appear he is headed to Alabama. But he is going to official visit and unofficially visit Florida a lot this fall to watch his brother play and, if the Florida OL plays well and blocks well for the bevy of running backs Florida has on its roster, then I think his strong lean to Bama could be altered back towards the Gators. Time will tell. But either way, Florida will have Davis, Lemons, Pierce, Perine, and Clement at RB next year. RB is not a major position of need in this recruiting class. Florida truly needs to get of flip some top offensive and defensive lineman and sign multiple defensive backs in this class. And maybe one or two top wide receivers.

  4. Whatever happened to talking football on a football article? Oh well. Once Florida starts winning, attention will be back on in full swing for recruits, especially if Dan Mullen exceeds expectations with wins. No doubt if Florida is looking good ahead of the big games, there will be a lot of recruits on the sidelines.

  5. A couple of thoughts, 1. I hope the recruits are too busy to read the comments on the articles about them. 2. It looks like CRob might be the young recruiting ace we desparately needed after Sieder left.