UF notebook: New safety in town

Florida's Iverson Clement, left, and Jordan Scarlett at practice. [Lauren Bacho/Gainesville Sun]

True freshman Iverson Clement just made the move from running back to safety to help the depth at safety. He may be new at it, but he apparently already doesn’t look like a running back playing safety.

He looks like a safety.

“He came in and locked in,” sophomore cornerback Brian Edwards said. “Being versatile and being able to have speed, at first nobody knew he could hit, but one day in practice I guess they threw it over the top and he came over and knocked the guy out. He can hit, man. He’s a good guy and can play.”

Cornerback Marco Wilson said Clement is a welcome addition in the secondary, although he eventually will go back to running back at some point.

“That guy, I like his attitude,” Wilson said. “Although he came in as a running back, he just wants to play on the field. That’s what you like to see out of guys. It doesn’t matter where they’re putting you at. If they put you at kicker for anything, you want to get on the field and help your team as much as possible and that’s what he’s doing.”

Musical Gators

Edwards and sophomore wide receiver Kadarius Toney have some talent off the football field. They’ve composed a song called “Drip Day.”

“Oh yeah, it’s coming out soon,” Edwards said. “That was the first song we released.

“It was just me and him in the dorm one day and we like music so we’re listening to a beat and we went ahead and made the song.”

Edwards is hoping rapper Kodak Black takes Dan Mullen up on his Twitter offer and visits the Gators sometime this fall.

“Oh that would be nice,” Edwards said. “He’s a big Gator fan, so it would be nice to have him.

“A lot of players like his music. It would be good to have him in this atmosphere.”

That fan’s familiar

Senior long snapper Ryan Farr had a little fun during Fan Day on Sunday, pranking his teammates by dressing in disguise and then standing in line to get their autographs.

Some recognized him, some didn’t.

“It was awesome,” he said. “Went undercover, under the name of Jeff, and got some signatures from the guys. And most of them didn’t catch on until the very end.

“I know all the guys. They all know I mess around, so I was just kind of keeping my head low and just having some fun with it. You’ve got to have a little bit of fun during camp, especially my last time around.”

Townsend confident

Although there’s been nothing official from the coaching staff yet, it appears another Townsend likely is going to be the punter this season — Tommy Townsend, the younger brother of Johnny Townsend, now a rookie with the Oakland Raiders.

“In my opinion, yes (I’m the guy),” Tommy Townsend said. “I do think so just through all the practices and meetings. I’m fairly confident in my abilities and I think the coaches see that, too. Obviously nothing official has come out yet, so we’ll just wait and see.”

Townsend has averaged 44.8 yards a punt in preseason camp, which looks good, but he’s not happy with it.

“I’m just excited for the season,” he said. “I feel like I’m going to blossom. I feel like I didn’t do as well as I could have and I’m still averaging 44 yards a punt, which isn’t absolutely horrible. I’m just ready for the season to get out there and show what I can do.”


  1. Like I said, I don’t think we’ll miss a beat in the kicking department. Averaging 44+ right now, depending on the line and game pressures, I’m sure we will see that steadily go up. How about some info on the place kicker?

  2. Gator 6. They had a story on the freshman placekicker recently, I believe. Could have been another site. Not exactly sure. Tight race between the freshman and Powell, with the freshman having a much stronger leg and the accuracy not being that much different so far. I would figure the freshman gets the job game one.

  3. It is good that Edwards is helping Toney channel his creative side to a better purpose. But they and people can call pure RAP, “music”, all they want. It isn’t. It is mostly poetic and cultural language put to rhythmic beat(s). Show me the musical cords in instrument and voice in most RAP “songs”. Not there. Most background to rap is technically produced sounds by non musical instruments. RAP is a form of cultural language art put to rhythmic beats that are mostly repetitious and similar in nature. Not music. Art is pure to me. So is “music.” RAP is not music. But it can be pure art in itself. It just is not music. Now, down off my artistic soapbox and back to sports.

  4. Is it just me or is this Iverson Clement the kind of player championship teams need. I know we lost the one guy to police issues but it looks like it just opened a slot for a guy to show us what he can do.
    I will be a little nervous about the kickers early but by late season they should be solid.
    The info I read is that music really helps athletes get into a state of flow so glad to see Toney rapping instead of some other things. Maybe they will come up with a sugar bowl something that gets everyone lit up.
    Don’t shoot me pat ..Tom petty is great but I’m not sure it produced the effect last year we all hoped it would. Maybe some recruit coming up Will deliver music that does the trick.

  5. Iverson Clement wants to play!!! I love this selfless move. He’s a great running back, on a team of great running backs. He sees a void in the secondary and says “I’ll do it!”. Great for him and great for the team!