UF notebook: One strong running back; Fan Day details

UF freshman running back Dameon Pierce (29) laughs as he walks to practice earlier this month. [Brad McClenny/The Gainesville Sun]

True freshman running back Dameon Pierce has done some impressive things on the practice field and appears headed for playing time and carries this season.

He’s been even more impressive in the weight room. The 5-foot-10, 216-pound Pierce is squatting more weight than even some of the 300-pound offensive lineman.

 Fred Johnson, a 6-6, 330-pound tackle, admits Pierce squats more than him.

“Definitely, I’m not squatting with him,” Johnson said. “He put 595 (pounds) on the bar and then hit it and came up like it was nothing. He’s just a strong little man.

“When I saw it I was looking straight up and I thought he just had like 315 on the bar. I looked left and said ‘Oh my God’ and just walked away. Then everybody went crazy and I knew he hit it, no need to tell me.”

Strong legs, of course, are huge for running backs. And Pierce obviously has them.

“Dameon Pierce got the strongest squat I’ve seen,” running back Jordan Scarlett said. “That man puts like five, six plates on each side and just lifts it like it’s 225 up and down, up and down. I was like ‘Yeah, that’s a strong kid’.”

Football Fan Day Details

UF is hosting its annual fan day in the Indoor Practice Facility from 2-4 p.m. Sunday.

Head Coach Dan Mullen and players will be available to sign autographs on the official 2018 Florida football schedule posters, which can be picked up Sunday’s event.

WRUF – Country 103.7 The Gator will be on site to provide music.

Premium Open House
Fans interested in seats in the Evans Champions Club or Holloway Touchdown Terrace have an opportunity to tour the areas and speak with Gator Ticket Office representatives on site. The premium areas and representatives will be available from 12-2 p.m.

The 2018 home schedule features home games against LSU, Kentucky, Missouri and South Carolina.

The quickest and most efficient way to order is online by visiting “My Account” under the Gator Ticket Office tab on FloridaGators.com. Fans may also call the Gator Ticket Office at (352) 375-4683 or visit the Ticket Office on the west side of Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

 Stadium Map (PDF)

 UAA Guidelines for Fan Day

*Due to NCAA compliance issues, no items other than the UAA provided posters at the event may be autographed. Fans may not bring outside items into the IPF for autographs.

*Posters will be available at each station for autographs.

*Each fan is limited to two (2) autographs per student-athlete to help keep lines moving forward and allow everyone a chance to get autographs. Violation of this rule will cause fans to be removed from the line.

*Fans are not allowed to leave lines and go behind tables to take photos with any student-athletes. If you plan to take pictures, please stay in lines and have the photo taken from the line. Violation of this rule will cause fans to be removed from the line.

*Fans are prohibited from asking student-athletes to sign autographs after the student-athletes leave the signing table to exit the facility.

*Due to time constraints, we will have to cut lines off as we near the end of the event.

*We thank you in advance for your understanding.

 UAA Guidelines for Autographed Items

*The following guidelines are applicable to items (e.g. posters) that contain the signature of either a student-athlete or a coach at the University of Florida.

*The autographed item shall not be provided to a high school or to a high school staff member (e.g. coach, athletic director, principal, etc.)

*The autographed item shall not be provided to a high school athlete or to the parents of a high school athlete.

*The autographed item shall not be provided to a high school booster or to a high school booster organization.

*The autographed item shall not be sold without the written consent of the University Athletic Association, Inc.

*The University Athletic Association, Inc. reserves the right to request the return of any autographed item.

*Should you have questions or comments about these guidelines, please contact the University Athletic Association by calling 1-800-34-GATOR.


  1. Don’t want no fan day.
    Don’t want no fan day details.
    Don’t want no guidelines for fan day.
    Don’t want no autograph.
    Don’t want to talk to nobody.
    Don’t want no country music in my ear.
    Don’t want no Gator Ticket Office.
    Want to watch the Gators on TV in two weeks.

  2. If the passing game doesn’t pan out early in the season, here’s a way we can take advantage of all these strong, quick running backs we have: put Jones at QB and rotate the running back group through the wishbone formation, with 3 backs running the triple option offense. When I was there, Doug Dickey had this humming like clockwork with Tony Green, Willie Wilder and Jimmy Dubose in the backfield with Don Gafney and then Jimmy Fisher at QB.
    Only one wide receiver, but that was Wes Chandler, probably the most gifted receiver ever. Of course, we have just as many talented receivers as well this season, so this is probably not a good idea. I think Ga. Tech and Navy are about the only D1 programs running this. Maybe save it and then drop it on the ‘Noles at the end of the year. That would be fun. Can’t wait for September to get here.

  3. Dan F. Georgia Tech, Army, and Navy run the more complicated Flexbone offensive schematic (not the basic wishbone formation from many years past) because they are not able to recruit the amount of talent and depth of talent that programs like Florida can year in and year out. And you cannot switch from one offensive schematic to another midseason with any amount of efficiency. Teams spend the spring and summer months installing and learning to run an offensive, and they need all that time to effectively compete on Saturdays. And, anyway, I doubt 90,000 plus would show up to watch Florida run the Flexbone offense.

    • Thanks Tampa, my suggestion was tongue in cheek, simply playing off the fact that UF seems to be deepest at the running back position and the comment about only “one ball”. I am confident that one of the QB’s, and the talented corp of receivers will both step up this season. By the way, the old wishbone was a lot of fun to watch, at least until your team fell behind. Of course, I think the stadium only held around 60,000 or so in my day, but it would still rock when Wilder or Green would take the pitch around the end and run 75 yards to pay dirt!

    • Two things about Aretha ;
      Her first album was recorded at Muscle Shoals and the musicians were a bunch of northern Alabama hillbillies. If you haven’t heard Aretha’s version of the Stones Jumping Jack Flash, find it and listen to it. FABULOUS!!!

  4. That is a lot of weight. I look forward to seeing him play. However, I would hope he is squatting far less when doing reps for workouts. As in all squatting, the patella should be tracking over the lateral aspect of the foot, and the spine should remain in a neutral position. With 600 lbs. on the bar, the margin for error and injury is narrow.

  5. TO GATOR 65: 👌🤣🐊🐊🐊🆗🆗🆗👍

    To quote Bill Murray, in WHAT ABOUT BOB, “I emote! I emote!”.

    Now if I can just remember why the hell I wanted to do this in the first place, I’d be just fine after spending so much money for Windows10 and all the malware!

  6. I would start with Dan Mullen spread offense if qb struggle go to wishbone.
    With these stable running backs 400-600 yards rushing is doable . Then at the end of the game throw couple touchdown passes on tired and worn out defense to make the game interesting.
    Go gator

  7. Relax, Coach Mullen knows how to “run” a spread offense. I can understand why many are skeptical of seeing quick improvement. It’s been since Coach Mullen was the OC under Meyer that UF had a decent offense.

    Make no mistake about it. The Gators need instant offense. Based on the personnel on hand and recent shifts in the line, that suggests the run will set up the pass this season.

    The Gator defense is coming off a bad year. Having an offense that can dominate time of possession and limit their time on the field will only help them as they learn a new defense.

    • I’d be very surprised if there wasn’t quick improvement. Considering the coaching ability, or lack thereof, of the last two HC’s I believe that Dan Mullen can turn it around very quickly. It’s been done in the Gators past when Ray Graves took over from Bob Woodruff, when Steve Spurrier took over from Galen Hall/Gary Darnell and when urban Meyer followed Ron Zook. I don’t think that Mullen is going to have the most exciting teams but I truly believe they will be consistent winners.

  8. 2 weeks to fine tune, and work on any weaknesses. Tick-tock, Gators! New offense, and a new & healthy (hope it stays that way) Gator ‘D’. And Gator Football will be ascending again, as opposed to the out of control spin that Gator Football was recently in. Go Gators! Just do it! Be that special group who ”brings back the Gator swag!”

    • GI, I’m entering the sleepless stage prematurely…..well, more like get up for a latrine break @ 0200, start thinking about the Gators while I’m trying to remember what the hell I’m standing there for, and then not be able to go back to sleep. Earliest onset yet, and that’s a whole lot of seasons. But 13 days and a wake up!

      • I’m still trying to finalize my Game Day menu for Sept 1. So many choices. Of course there will be Ms. Rog’s awesome green onion and bacon dip, Little Rog Jr’s party cheeseball is on the menu….but what else. So much to do, so little time.

        • Yumerkins, Rog. I’m afraid for me it’s going to be air popped popcorn this year, no salt, no butter, and ice tea….but maybe if the lovely Gator-3 is out shopping, I’ll sneak in a 6×60 La Gloria Cubano before she gets home. If, as Daz says, we’re doing all the plastering!

          So much sodium, so little to enjoy!