Dooley Noted: Questions from the road and an interview with Tate Casey


Pat talks about questions he gets speaking to Gator groups. They include: Who’s the starting QB? And will special teams be better? He also talks with former UF tightend (and current sideline reporter) Tate Casey.

Breaking down the podcast:

Questions from the road
– 1:40 Opening day quarterback
– 7:15 Special teams
– 11:04 Tight ends

Other topics
– 13:15 Dog days of practice
– 16:15 Is the team any good. We’ll know by the end of September.
– 22:10 Interview with Tate Case
– 36:38 Three Things


  1. How about a good, long list of something. You make very good lists, and listing goes right along with the one-sentence paragraph technique. Feel free, but here’s a couple of ideas: 1. the best right guards in the last 31 years from Arkansas, 2. the 26 most average players in the SEC regardless of position since 1936, 3. the 11 sleaziest players from each SEC team since 1944.

    Use your imagination and put at least five one-word paragraphs in the piece, not counting list items. Check with TampaGator.

      • G-6–I replied to your post, but they deleted it. I don’t who “they” is, but I know that in the end da trut will ooze out–die gekanken sind frei.

        P.S. I think the deleters are Pat and TampaGator.

        • TampaGator lacks the authority, as a mere mortal, although he probably has the responsibility somehow; Pat is another story, however — he has both the authority and the responsibility. I hear he can also leap tall buildings in a single bound, and there is no question that he stands for truth, justice, and the American way.

          I think it’s more likely that you accidentally mentioned K- hamburgers, not an approved sponsor of this site (although I’m sure the staff consumes them with the proverbial gusto of the hound dogs, all the while chanting in unison, “Ich bin ein Berliner”).