UF transfer wide receiver Jefferson also ruled eligible by SEC

Florida Gators receiver Van Jefferson (87) runs with the ball after making a catch during the first Spring Practice with new head coach Dan Mullen, at the Sanders Practice Fields on the UF campus in Gainesville Friday March 16, 2018. [Brad McClenny/The Gainesville Sun]

Wide receiver Van Jefferson, who spent the past three seasons at Ole Miss before transferring to UF in January, is immediately eligible to play this season after receiving a waiver from the Southeastern Conference, the school announced Monday.

Over the past two seasons at Ole Miss, Jefferson totaled 91 catches for 999 receiving yards and four touchdowns.

On Aug. 2, the NCAA granted Jefferson a waiver to play in 2018. Jefferson needed the SEC waiver because he transferred from one league school to another.

The Gators open up the 2018 season with a home game against Charleston Southern on Sept. 1 at 7:30 p.m.


  1. I know its old news, but this one is worth celebrating several times.

    imo: as good as most 5-stars imo. runs routes well, proven SEC production, 2 years eligibility, area of need

    add that his dad being a respected nfl assistant helps with the pipeline of players coming, no doubt he communicates with his dad about the players he knows.

    by all accounts, a guy that we want bigtime. Welcome Van, glad to have you on the scene!

  2. Great news for this fine young man who has shared his knowledge and experience with the other receivers and is, truly, a person who improves the whole unit and team. Good to see the SEC finally doing what’s right for athletes.

    Mullen is drawing the right kind of player to this program, unlike a certain weird freak with deformed, yellow teeth and a shark fetish who recently departed.

  3. Congrats to Jefferson, and congrats to us, the Gator Nation! And thanks for being righteously fair NCAA & SEC.
    Gators, y’all stay healthy in preseason camp. And don’t bang on each other too hard. Save some for the season. Go Gators! Just do it!

  4. I’m loving the good news. We’ve had enough bad news recently to last several seasons. On a wishful thinking note, I’d love to get Jalen Hurts to transfer here. I’ve never seen a 26-2 qb deal with so much scrutiny from a fan base. He graduates in December and would be a perfect fit for this offense. He should go ahead and make the move before the season begins and start learning the offense(this assuming he will transfer in the first place). I can’t think of a better place for him to have a chance to stick it to the Tide. Other than that, sorry for getting off track, and Go Gators!

    • I’m not sure on that one, SoCal…..but I see your point. IMO only, Hurts is a better manager than he is an over all SEC QB. Now if we can’t develop a QB this year, and that’s what CDM wants, OK, probably a decent stop-gap. Have a feeling tho that it would turn out pretty much like Ziare did.

    • This is true, however, there is a much larger body of work with Hurts than Zaire. Couple that with what would be more practice time with this team and coaches(and the compentancy of this staff as opposed to the previous), and I’d like our chances. Unfortunately at this point, it’s all just speculation. A guy can dream though.

    • We have too many guys in the pipeline, I think it would hurt us to bring him in. Each year we have a top recruit QB coming who expects to start his 2nd year and this could cause one or more to find another home.

    • Well, those are two good endorsements right there, but I just am not as enthralled with Hurts at the end of the day, like everyone else in the SEC is, and I lean towards Daz’s point too — as I did when Ziare came on board. As you said tho, SoCal, it’s just speculation anyway…..and besides, who knows….the OL may turn out to be a surprise anyway and one or more of our own QBs may just have that elusive “Ah-Ha” moment too!

  5. I would love nothing more than to have one of our current qb’s take the job and run with it. Definitely can’t hurt to have quality depth to breed competition. Either way, I feel that Mullen will help restore the program and ‘spoil’ us with a solid offense that will only get better. Can’t wait for this season!