Gators land commitment from 4* 2019 DB Chester Kimbrough


Florida’s 2019 class landed a verbal commitment Monday night from a four-star defensive back out of New Orleans.

Chester Kimbrough, a 5-foot-11, 170-pound defensive back out of Warren Easton in New Orleans, announced his verbal commitment to UF via a video on his Twitter account.

Mullen acknowledged Kimbrough’s commitment soon after.

Ranked the No. 34 overall defensive back in the 247Sports composite, Kimbrough has unofficially visited UF multiple times throughout his recruitment, including camping at Florida on July 27 for Friday Night Lights.

With Kimbrough’s commitment, UF has 12 verbal commitments in the 2019 class.

The Gators moved up from No. 33 to No. 28 in 247Sports’ 2019 class rankings with Kimbrough’s pledge.


  1. Awesome! Is there a way for me to say, without being called an ungreatful and spoiled gator fan, “Now let’s go get someone who isn’t listed as a Gator lean on every recruiting service there is!” I mean, my mom knew Chester was going to commit to us and she may or may not know that a football is oval shaped, not spherical. Don’t get me wrong, this is huge and I’m pumped but I’d love for us to win a highly contested recruiting battle to really pick up some momentum. Ever since Friday night light it’s felt like…we…are…almost…there with some real recruiting momentum. Mullen has shown the ability with Langham, Copeland and Gourage (I know that’s not spelled correctly) and I’m hoping he has about another dozen of those in him.

    • Boy, Dallas — your enthusiasm has no boundaries! You are right on, and Mullen has already started closing the so-called gap. Rather than focus on what he’s not doing, maybe we should all focus on what he IS doing, and that is assembling a first rate class for next year.

    • I hear you Dallas but you’ve got to start somewhere. Win the ones you’re supposed to and then start pulling a few out of the hat. If this year’s team can pull a few out of the hat and look good on TV doing it, Coach will start winning some recruiting battles. This is a great commit at this time however!!!

      • That’s exactly right, people are expecting Mullen to be performing miracles before he even shows the product on the field. If he wins 8-9 games this season and maybe pulls off an upset or 2, the recruiting will start exploding. I wish people would stop expecting too much and just have patience. I have no doubt this is going to be a top 10 class when all’s said and done.

        • I understand and thought and hoped the same thing. The actual statistics just don’t back up that logic. People much smarter than me on the Gators Breakdown Podcast and writers at have compelling statistical backup that it’s not necessarily true. One great example is the Champion of Life himself. Tennessee was horrid before (and during) his time but he came in and knocked out three straight top 10 classes with losing or barely .500 win seasons.

          With that being said, Numbers don’t and can’t explain or predict everything but they are a good measuring stick. But I hope they are DEAD wrong and I’m fretting over nothing.

          All I know is I’ve wished Mullen was our HBC for years now and I’m happy as a clam to have him. Although, it does elude me why clams are supposed to be so happy.

    • Spoiled and ungrateful only if you think Mullen can recruit, but the narrative here has been an opinion disguised as fact or a thinly veiled suggestion that he cannot. In that vein anything Mullen gets is either icing on the cake or leftovers from Master Kirby and Guru Taggart depending on your point of view.

      • So true about the underlying, covert narrative, CO….and at times, frankly manifest too. It would almost lead you to believe, at times, if UF reeled in a 5* — let’s say — why, he should immediately be downgraded to a 3* for simply having the temerity to commit to the Gators! And all this before Season One even begins.

        I swear, I sometimes feel as though we really have met the enemy — and he is indeed us.

        • Look in the mirror 6, you are the one that started the narrative about Kirby and his legion of 8* recruits. Now I think you may be the enemy while before I thought you were one of the nice guys and defended you when you had your spat with Tampa. What can you say in your defense?

          • Gee…I hope you’re kidding CO, because I was! My computer is fixin’ to go to the shop this afternoon, I guess I’ll find out when I get it back.

          • Hey 6 guess my sarcasm didn’t get through on that post, come on man you should know me better than that. Like a millennial would say, JK.

  2. Young men that visit the SWAMP during a game can fully understand what it is like to be a GATOR. Our mascot is the best there is in College ball. We are finally getting back to where our bite is much better than our growl. Coach Mullen will bring in the talent that wants to be a part of GATOR NATION, and that is what we want from our young athletes. I don’t expect anything more than a better year this year as opposed to the last year we had. We will have the defense to compete, now we need to find our QB to do damage against the SEC this year and beyond. GO GATORS!!!

  3. Hey…glad to .hear it bud, you had me worried a little bit–especially c you being off line for a while. It’s been my lot in life to offend people more often than not when I don’t mean to, which is sometimes regrettable, but then again there are some folks I take it more to heart if I’ve somehow pissed them off — you chief among them and a few others. As I’ve also been getting hammered from every other angle here in Texas lately, and a little on edge myself, guess I need to tune up the old “sarcasm meter”……dang it….used to be my spiritual gift too.

    I’m on my wife’s computer right now while mine is in the shop, can’t seem to sign in for some reason, but this is Gator-6…..the life form formerly known as….well, Gator-6.