Video: Mullen providing practice updates


Florida coach Dan Mullen is speaking to the media after today’s practice (No. 7 of the month following an off day Thursday).


    • Leland watched it and had lunch thinking about it. Think he’s holding tight to the vest not to give our opponents too much to work with. He looks confident could be a good poker player but think there doing better than he let on. The ole we have a long way to go and come out looking good. If they don’t perform well he’s covered this as they have a long way to go. The scrimmage should tell a little. For GI Just Do It! Go Gators! 🐊

      • OK, that does it 65…..Rog teases the living daylight out of me because I don’t know how to insert a little smiley face, but if I knew how to put that little gator icon where ever I wanted, I’d be so cool that I’d have to be two people just to live with myself, and he wouldn’t kick sand in my face at the beach anymore. Switch frequency right now and tell me how you do that!