Mullen not giving injury updates

Florida football coach Dan Mullen walks across the field during a practice at the Sanders Practice Fields on campus. [Lauren Bacho/Gainesville Sun]

Florida coach Dan Mullen declined Friday to give any details on injured players, including true freshman wide receiver Jacob Copeland, who has missed practice all week.

Mullen said he has an idea how long Copeland will be out, but he said he will not give an injury update on any players until the end of preseason camp in two weeks. The Sun was told by several sources that Copeland suffered a knee injury that required surgery, which will keep him out for some time.

Starting offense guard Brett Heggie is also injured. He’s wearing a protective boot. Heggie underwent knee surgery last fall.

Mullen was asked Friday if he has a sense how long Copeland will be out.

“Yes I do,” he said. He would not elaborate.

“We’ll do an injury update after training camp,” he said.

In other news, Friday marked the end of finals, signaling the official start of camp Saturday. The Gators are moving into a hotel this afternoon and will practice Saturday and Sunday. The first scrimmage is Monday.

Mullen said the coaches are going to put the players in some really adverse situations over the next two weeks.

Mullen said he’s nowhere close to naming a starting quarterback, but would like to do so well before the week of the Sept. 1 opener.


  1. Ive heard that Copeland got his knee scoped to remove some cartilage. If that’s accurate, he might be out for a couple of weeks, three to four tops if it was a routine surgery.

    A boot on Heggie suggests an ankle or foot injury. Either one is common for OL or DL because they step on each other all the time and get into big pile ups.

  2. I always miss football this time of the year. Then I remember the 2-3 a days, the constant berating by the coaches(who are soooo nice during the recruiting process), the injuries(torn acl/mcl, shoulder surgery, and screws in the foot), and I’m happy to be a spectator and know it all Monday morning qb.

  3. Mullen , to no one’s surprise, is acting more like the jerk he’s always been with each passing day. Why not tell the truth instead of the same nonsense his predecessor that spewing from McElwain. At least McElwain said an area of the body. The latest jerk can’t even do that.

    • Georgia Gator: Robbie is simply providing answers for readers who have asked if a practice or two will be open to the public (some were in the spring) and why wasn’t Jacob Copeland, a highly regarded recruit, mentioned in the receivers’ story posted earlier this week.

  4. Been thinking about releasing/not releasing injury info. Who benefits from this? Opposing teams can change their planning based on the line up. Good for them not us (if they don’t know whether a player is going to be active keeps them from counting that player out and they have to spend valuable time preparing for all scenarios. We fans who like to know as much about our team as we can find. While nice to know likely to cause more sleepless nights wondering what lays ahead for the wee, month, season. Does us knowing hurt us as fans? I think the new found above board gambling aspect has a big interest in this. The underworld betting that has always gone on likes/needs that too. Other than wishing a player a speedy recovery when injured not sure there is benefit. My opinion only.

    • I think Mullen’s take on injuries is refreshing after the Elmer Fudd (is that how you spell it?) way Chester Cheetos Teeth would reel off the injury report. “So and so has a leg, so and so has an ankle, so and so has a hip thing…”and so on. Also the faked ignorance on how long long his players would be out was just annoying. I mean, what type of head coach doesn’t know the prognosis and related recovery time of his players? He knew, he was just playing the fool, albeit on could argue he was never really playing. Anyway, it’s nice to see up front honesty in that Mullen knows and isn’t going to tell us but is forthcoming with his policy. I’d rather have that in lieu of some ridiculous moronic act every time someone asks.