Dooley Noted: A conversation with Steve Spurrier


Pat looks at how different the atmosphere of the UF football program is with Dan Mullen in charge and the team’s prospects for a turnaround. Also, he catches up with former Gator coach Steve Spurrier and talks about his still-to-be-named Orlando Alliance team.

Here’s a breakdown of the podcast:

2:00 – A more open attitude at Mullen’s Florida

5:00 – A damaged program aiming for a turnaround

10:50 – The OL. They’re all back. But are they better?

13:08 – Urban Meyer

15:00 – Pat’s preseason Playoff Four

19:15 – Spurrier interview

33:15 – Three Things


  1. ”I’m takin’ it back to the old school, ’cause I’m an old fool who’s so cool. Whoomp, there it is!”
    As we, LITERALLY, sang this lyric when Spurrier’s teams threw-up another T.D. (”just a little pitch and catch”), like it ain’t no thang! And thanks for all the great memories Coach S.O.S.! And I will be watching (hint T.V. networks) and CHEERING for your team this spring, Coach. GO GATORS!

  2. Meyer gave us two national championships for which I thank him for, but Spurrier is the man who put Gator football on the map, made Gator football fun to watch, and gave us numerous SEC Championships and one national championship. Any time I read or hear Spurrier’s name, I smile.

  3. It’s funny how your brought up the choice between Martin Fennelly and Mike Bianchi. Well Pat, the Gainesville Sun is currently faced with another opportunity to pick up a great writer. You would be wise to hire back Zach Abolverdi now that SECCountry has gone under. He’s an excellent reporter. The content on this site would greatly improve with his presence.

  4. Pat, good to have you and the podcast back as football season rapidly approaches.

    As a longtime fan and listener, may I respectfully request you work on your lipsmacking into the mic. Thanks!

  5. Bring back your articles and get rid of these audio podcasts. Who the heck has time to sit down and listen to over 40 minutes of “commercials and smacking”? I much prefer your writing skills over the time it takes getting through these audio podcasts. In my opinion the only time a podcast is good is when you’re listening while traveling a highway. If nothing else, these commercials have to go. Please take this as constructive criticism. Anyone care to offer the cliff notes version of the audio?