Gonzales: Blocking, special teams, part of UF receiver workload

Florida wide receiver Trevon Grimes runs past receivers coach Billy Gonzales as he performs a drill Saturday at the Sanders Practice Field on campus. [Brad McClenny/The Gainesville Sun]

Billy Gonzales has been showing his wide receivers a lot of tape of former Florida wideouts catching passes and making plays to give them a better idea how their job is done in the offense.

He’s also shown them clips of guys like Percy Harvin, David Nelson, Riley Cooper and others doing the dirty work, making successful blocks downfield and on the edge.

Because, by now, everyone knows Gonzales’ stance on his wide receivers and blocking.

“These guys all know,” he said. “I’ve told every one of them, stressed to them, ‘If you can’t block, you’re not going to play, even as gifted as you are.’

“The great ones that we had here. I’ve showed them clip after clip after clip of great players making big-time blocks for us. And our value as a receiver on the perimeter.”

“You better be able to do a great job blocking, because if you can’t, you’re not going to fit in for us and you’re not going to fit into our program.”

This is the way it was under Urban Meyer and Gonzales. And it’s the way it is again with Gonzales and Dan Mullen.

Wide receivers have to be able to block to play. And to help with that aspect of their game, they have to play on special teams, Gonzales said.

“They have to understand they better be on the special teams,” Gonzales said. “If you’re not a contributor on special teams, I’m not going to go to the head coach and say, ‘Coach let’s work and try to get him the ball on this play.’

“If you’re giving great effort and you’re making it happen there for us, then it’s a little easier for me to walk into the coach’s office and say, ‘Let’s start utilizing him and work with him a little bit.’ But we’ve got a long way to go still.”


  1. hopefully these receivers can carry the ball a little too, which can just really be exciting, although the defenses seem to know what to do about it a little better these days, except our defense last year against LSU.
    as great as percy was, I would have loved to see wes chandler in the spread, that would have been incredible! maybe one of the guys now or soon can be in that category.

  2. Long time gator fan, first time posting. Loving the approach from these coaches. A good blocking receiver can turn a 10 yard gain into an 80yd TD. Same with special teams. Looking forward to seeing these improvements on Saturdays.

  3. Yellow Teeth to Michigan’s receivers: “Blocking is stupid. Only idiots block. It drains the run juice from your mobility sticks, and then you can’t catch passes. Also, don’t even bother getting separation. Separation is over rated and also dumb. Mostly, your job as a receiver is to catch one yard passes and then fall down. And yet, bananas!”