Video: UF football practice highlights



  1. Look at Coaches Mullen and Johnson… both of them working with the QB’s, and Mullen PHYSICALLY interacting with the teaching the offensive scheme to the offensive players. Look at the EMOTION and ENERGY from this staff as compared to the dead-tone that was McElwain’s approach.

    The energy levels also point out something else to a more trained eye then most too… physical conditioning. The players are not only ripped, bigger, stronger, faster, but I also know that this coaching staff emphasizes injury prevention and many more agility drills.

    This team will be a breath of fresh air to Gator fans wanting to see a product on the field that is worthy of UF’s standards.

    I didn’t “feel it” going into the last two coaching eras, I felt apprehension more than anything, but I feel just like when Spurrier or Meyer got here… excited and confident this staff is going to produce.

  2. Fit people think faster and react faster. The brain uses endorphins to process better. Doesn’t mean the right decision or correct one but being fit with the teaching they are getting should take care of making better decisions. Reps will make it muscle memory and further shorten reaction time. I think we are going to be good.

      • You’re right. Can’t do more than the weakest link. If someone does something off campus again we could give them log drills. Something about a 10′ log carried over your head for an hour or two always made me have a different attitude toward the others under the log. Anger at why we were there, respect for working as a team, admiration for the cohesive effort to go the distance. It did teach teamwork and something else comradery and built Esprit de Corps

  3. I feel like Mullen has spent more energy and effort in three days of practice than Cheetos Teeth ever did in three years of practices. All you ever saw him do was walk around with his arms crossed and tell the quarterback to throw it to the guys in the same colored jersey. Come to think of it, that pretty much sums up his coaching acumen and QB coaching. Can you EVER remember a press conference where Cheetos Teeth’s voice was lost from getting after the players and actually coaching them up? Not that that is a requirement for good coaching but you can tell Mullen is there to work from the sound of his voice after practices. GO GATORS!