Video: UF coach Dan Mullen provides updates



  1. I think back to the McElwain pressers and now watch and listen to Mullen’s pressers. There is clearly a night and day difference, folks, in both football professionalism and head coaching knowledge concerning expectations and goals for the entire team and program. I know this team will go into each game prepared and will give relentless effort in every game because they are getting better coaching, development, and leadership from their coaches and support staff. That did not happen at this level under McElwain, or even consistently under Muschamp on both sides of the ball.

    • I’m just happy we have a head coach again that can respond to questions with a logical, comprehensible, and grammatically correct answer. It was so painful listening to Cheetos Teeth talk. He thought he was some kind of Aristotle the way he used “and yet” (incorrectly by the way). “Our guys played hard today and yet they gave it all they had” is not how you use “and yet”! Drove me absolutely crazy. “Our strength and conditioning program is really good and yet all of our players are fatter and weaker than all our opponents” is the correct way to use it! I’m just thankful I don’t have to listen to his nonsensical jibber jabber any longer.

  2. ”Learning the level and effort to play at…” -Coach Mullen.
    And now the truth is slowly dripping out about these young Gator players (who are full of potential).
    And they’re NOT going to be able to just trot onto a field and dominate (every play). Because it takes EXTREME EFFORT, and on EVERY PLAY, too. While it took me a while to buy into Coach Mullen (when 1st hired), I AM ALL-IN NOW! But he did sound like they had a ”not so good” practice today. Honesty, what a concept! Go Gators!

    • GI, by the video he is leading with relentless effort. Good leaders tell someone how to do it. Great ones lead by example and lead from the front. I like his fire and coaching from the little I have seen since spring. relentless staff + relentless player = a force to be reckoned with. GO GATORS

  3. Yes, Mullen did not look happy with the effort of the team this morning or yesterday, or both. Not so relentless, I suspect. But I also suspect this Gators team will learn just how relentless these coaches are about players being relentless in practice and in games. I watch video clips of Saban during Bama practices. He does not put up with any amount of non relentless effort in practices.

  4. To me, culture is exactly what he’s talking about. This team just does not know yet what it takes to win at the highest level. They have athletic skill but they haven’t been coached up very well. For that I expect that the overall program won’t be where Coach wants it until this freshman class are juniors or seniors. We”ll see improvement this year but getting the entire program to where everyone wants it is going to be a long row to hoe…..

    I appreciate the openness and honesty Coach!!!

    • Good call, Rog…..he has whipped their physical plants into shape, but now to discipline their minds. I think by the time they’re Juniors, we just might have a championship team knocking on the door.