UF practices closed to public

The Gators stretch during the start of practice Friday at the Indoor Practice Facility on UF's campus. [Lauren Bacho/Gainesville Sun]

UF football coach Dan Mullen said Friday that practices will be closed to the public throughout camp.

“We’re kind of in a different mindset of getting ready for the season,” he said. “We’re going to be kind of closed down, where in the spring it’s a lot of developmental things going on (and the fans were able to watch a few practices). We’ve got to have that hunker-down, bunker, get-ready-prep-for-the-season mentality.”

Certain parts of practices will be open to the media.


  1. Watched a bunch of video from today’s practice. The intensity and seriousness from both the players and coaches was very real. McElwain is for sure gone from here, and so is the lack of seriousness about winning. This will be a very different team this year. A much better prepared one. That is very evident, day one.

  2. And I am so O.K. with that decision. As we know already what Dan Mullen’s all about. A trust that we Gator fans haven’t had in an offensive coach since he left (after ’08 National Championship).
    “Hunker down” Gators, stay healthy, and “Just do it!”

    • Good advice, to which we could add “stay out of bars and nightclubs”, “stay away from known gamblers”, and “leave your guns, toy or real, locked away at home”. With a bit of self discipline and focus, this team has the talent to win a bunch of games this season, which will help enhance the staff’s recruiting efforts for this next class. Go Gators!

  3. Ever since Chris Harry reported trick plays he saw us running in practice in the Orlando Sentinel it has been obvious the practices needed to be closed to fans and especially the media. Good move on Mullen’s part.

  4. Mac wanted to close some to hide the one or two plays he ran so we could surprise the first couple teams and the WTF looks from fans watching the poor execution. All you guys are right we’re goin be better. Much better.