Video: Dan Mullen at Media Day


Dan Mullen, the head football coach at the University of Florida, talks at UF Media Day. He touches on topics from Urban Meyer, gun policy, and quarterback to how the offense has to be explosive this year.


  1. Thanks for posting this, as I missed the Dan Mullen talk today, on live radio. A few thoughts, 1st: the gun issue. I love his comments about ”We’re a country that allows for guns, for home protection (etc…)
    But having a ”star” player, like Toney, driving around at 12:30 A.M. with a very real and dangerous AR-15 in the backseat (which are not used for hunting, really, it’s only for killing. And don’t LECTURE ME, as I went to ”gun safety and training courses”, I’ve hunted, and I got my C.W.P, so I know guns).
    But ultimately for Toney, nothing good was going to happen with that situation. In fact, he’s lucky he got pulled-over by G.P.D., as hopefully that SCARED HIM STRAIGHT!
    2nd point: Coach Mullen’s discussions/interviews are SO MUCH BETTER than all of the previous coaches here in Hogtown, since the legendary H.B.C. So here’s one Gator fan wishing for a safe and productive preseason camp, and a winning season! Go Gators!

  2. I personally own three. My son, daughter and GF own one. none of us have “killed” anyone. We love shooting. Its a fun sport. For you to own a gun, taken classes, that is an extremely ignorant statement to make, “its only for killing”. But I do agree with everything else you said. He should not of had it in that situation.

    • Driving around at TWELVE THIRTY in the morning, with an AR-15, dude, what’s a matter with you?
      Like I said, ”DON’T LECTURE ME”
      I grew up hunting deer at the Donaldson Hunting Tract Club near Waldo, and in Jasper, FL. in the 80’s to early 90’s, and I dove hunt still. I’ve owned 20 gauges as a teen, and I presently own a Remington 12 gauge, a Smith & Wesson 38 special (gifted to me by a loved-one, great gun, too!), and I carry concealed (LEGALLY, and registered to me, -like the Gator players SHOULD DO, get CERTIFIED TO CARRY- if they’re ”scared of locals”) a Smith & Wesson ‘380’ “Body Guard.”
      So, like I BELIEVE (as I’ve seen it in the NEWS), through the MULTIPLE MASS SHOOTINGS (FACT!), they all chose the ‘”AR-15”. You may shoot at the range, God bless the ranges (I go to), or out in the country, but the AR-15 is made to MURDER! I don’t even want to get political, because we more alike than you probably know. But the ”liberals” are right to say the ”AR-15 is a gun for killing.”
      It’s been proven in our American society, and in only the last few years, too. Regardless of your ”shooting habits”. Have a blessed day!

      • In all fairness to your point, I get the AR-15 is easy to shoot, and it has little recoil. As I shot one and thought, ”…this is too dang easy.” And that is MAYBE (who knows what he was thinking) why Toney probably bought an AR-15.
        And it’s certinaly why people who don’t ”target practice” or ”hunt” go out and buy them, and then go on ”killing sprees.” They’re easy to shoot.
        In all fairness to you, I misunderstood the end our your comment. I read it fast, got miffed, and I thought you referencing the ”Mullen” part of my comment. But I apologize, you were speaking of Toney carrying the gun in the backseat, so sorry on that.
        But the AR-15, while easy to train with, and an easy shooting rifle for target practice, it is STILL too easy for me. I’m old school, I learned to love the ”recoil”, if my shoulder doesn’t hurt after a dove shoot, then I didn’t shoot enough!
        And that is the opposite of the mass shooters (KILLERS), who go out and BUY an AR-15, and that’s because they’re easy to shoot.
        That’s my opinion, it won’t be swayed, and it’s just too easily abtained by men who don’t ”shoot targets” or ”hunt” (which it isn’t good for anyway, as I’d rather shoot a 270 semi, for a rifle to hunt deer).
        Ultimately, and tragically, and very lately… the AR-15 is used by no good, p.o.s.’s who want to KILL… EASILY.
        Take care!

    • I don’t know what you said since it was apparently deleted, but GI is a pretty rational guy and probably just trying to amplify a point with that comment. The fact is, ARs make splendid target and bench rest rifles too (eg, Colt HBAR, Fulton FAR) — but I doubt seriously that was the intended purpose young Mr Toney had in mind.

      • After living in a state where you’re handed a gun as soon as your born, I don’t have any problem with Toney having a gun. The reason he had the gun and the way it was just sitting on his back seat makes me a little nervous. Is he an avid shooter like ibleed and knows gun safety? I’m not an expert but I don’t think driving around with it in your back seat is a very safe practice. My other question is who is he afraid of that warrants an AR for protection? If that was the real reason, wouldn’t a simple hand gun or shotgun do the trick?

        • That was my concern too, Dallas — you said it better tho. It’s difficult to write around these issues since people become so hysterical, one way or another, over them, and you sure don’t want to light a fire that takes away from the purpose of this site either.

          First rule of a gun fight is, of course, to bring a gun. Second rule is to bring enough gun. Well, makes sense after all — but what if Rule 1 said to avoid the gun fight if you possibly can? That’s my default setting, and I’ve learned that through experience. The AR, IMO, is a better area defense weapon, has no superior fire power in the civilian version despite cosmetically looking like a military assault rifle, and is more cumbersome in a fast moving situation. It is, however, by appearance “intimidating”. Fine. Know what? That’ll probably get you shot first by your adversaries.

          Were I somehow forced into whatever scenario Mr Toney’s youthful imagination took him, I would prefer a simple 1911A-1 with two extra magazines, or any other reliable semi-auto handgun. That is, if I couldn’t avoid being there in the first place.

  3. Guys any weapon can be for killing. From a rock, club to a firearm. I am for any law abiding person having any legal weapon. But I was there was one component added. A mental health check. Being 18 check, being mentally stable out mature? I was reading some countries where forearms were banned are loosening the rules but a mental health check is required periodically. I have forearms and think I’m stable. I have a plan in place should that change my weapons will not be available to me. This is not football talk. Just bothers me out players have weapons that may not be mature enough to comprehend the consequences. In the Army we were taught how to use weapons. One of my instructors said once you pull the trigger you can’t get it back. There is no do over. If people thought of that maybe we wouldn’t be where we are today. Back to football. GO GATORS

    • Gator65, WELL SAID!
      I am not one to get political often… here, that is (LOL). But like Gator-6 said, I was trying to make a point, and I may have went too far. Your point about ”not getting the shot back” is a great one, and was taught to me in the early 1980’s by my Step-Dad, ”Shadetree.” He said that to me about dog hunting (many trucks on the sides of dirt roads in the ”deer woods”). I NEVER forgot it, either!
      I love Gator-6, he has some great pointers on guns. But I NEVER want to shoot at a human-being, period But I went and got my C.W.P. because of all the evil men, who go & get AR-15’s (regardless of all the righteous target-shooters) and KILL innocent lives (Parkland, FL., San Bernardino, CA., etc…).
      And now, sadly & tragically, cops are being killed for NADA! No reason at all.
      And when ”the men and women whose duty is to PROTECT INNOCENT LIVES” are being taken for just being ”law enforcement”, well, that was it for me… time to get a concealable weapon & permit.
      But great point, sir!

      • GI thank you. Did you grow up in Ocala? I knew someone who went by that name. Gator-6 and some of us have carried weapons for defense of offense depending on who you ask but it is a shoot first or more accurate or not survive the day thing.
        Carrying because of the gangster mentality or revenge while legal if purchased correctly is a societal problem.
        I am new here and enjoy reading the posts regardless of the points of view. Your knowledge of the mechanics of football and executing the basics is what I remember from my brief stint playing. Not physically tall enough or fast enough.
        Sounds like you had a good step-dad. I think the source of a lot of the domestic issues is parents don’t want to be bothered with parenting anymore. Teaching their kids how to deal with anger, and right and wrong and holding their kids accountable. I have carried (legally) a weapon since my military days. My oath to protect my country didn’t stop the day I left.

        • You’re welcome Gator65, I ”shot” at a hornets nest (about guns), didn’t I? LOL. But I grew up, or better said, born and raised a ‘”Gainesvillian Reptilian” (as the former WRUF Sports guy, Larry ‘V’ so often said).
          And I played against the strong and fighting Ocalans (if that’s a word) when I played high school football, in the mid-80’s, for G.H.S. (and against one each, every season, played against Vanguard and Forrest, tough opponents).
          But I really appreciate your kind words, sir. And yes my real Dad was a player, but my Step-Dad was a man’s man, and I was truly blessed to have him in my life. Take care Gator65!

          • Respect a man for speaking his mind no matter the topic if it is well said. May not agree always but that makes for good discussion. Look forward to reading your posts into the season. GO GATORS.

    • damn cell phone changed a lot of words. Eyes are old and don’t always see the changes.
      wish not was
      firearm not forearm. Though a forearm could be used for assault it likely wouldn’t be lethal
      our not out