UF’s transfer wide receivers ruled eligible

Florida Gators receiver Trevon Grimes. [Brad McClenny/The Gainesville Sun]

Florida wide receiver transfers Van Jefferson and Trevon Grimes have been ruled eligible by the NCAA, the school announced Thursday.

“I’m excited for Trevon and Van,” UF coach Dan Mullen said. “We appreciate the NCAA’s understanding in both situations, and are thankful to the UAA’s administration and compliance staff for their role in helping guide Trevon, Van, their families and our coaching staff through this.”

Grimes, a sophomore transfer from Ohio State, is immediately eligible and will compete for a starting role this fall.

Jefferson, a transfer from Ole Miss, still needs to be cleared by the SEC before he’s ruled eligible for this season, but that seems a mere formality now that the league has changed its transfer rule.

Jefferson and Grimes were two of UF’s best receivers in the spring and should be a huge addition to the offense in Mullen’s first year.

Jefferson, a junior, is a proven playmaker in the SEC. In two seasons with the Rebels, he combined to catch 91 passes for 999 yards and four touchdowns.

Grimes, a five-star prospect from Fort Lauderdale, played in two games for the Buckeyes as a true freshman last season, catching two passes for 20 yards.

“First and foremost I would like to thank the NCAA, OSU & most importantly The University of Florida for everything they have done involving my transfer situation,” Grimes wrote on his Twitter account. “I am more excited to announce that the NCAA has granted me eligibility for this upcoming 2018-2019 season.”


    • Now we must have one of these QB’s distance himself from the others. There is no excuse for lack of talent. I say that if the competition is still close when football season gets ready to start – then start the freshman. Emory Jones should start if they are all close so he can develop and hone his skills. GO GATORS!!!

  1. About time!! We have some talent on the offense just need to get them coached up. On another note…Mullen needs to offer all those boys up there at OSU. With Meyer gone maybe we get lucky with one or two that he took from the state.

    • Great thought, but it won’t be All American linebacker Nick Bosa ( Trevon Grimes teammate in HS). His older brother (now with the LA Chargers) is an OSU grad, and his dad, former Dolphins LB John Bosa, loves OSU.
      However, two North Carolina schools, UNC and NC State, just received approval least week on immediate eligibility for a couple of other transfers from the Buckeyes, so the pump has been primed!

  2. Good news just when Gator Nation and this team needed it. Likely planned that way. The wide receiver talent and depth is now very real. Now, OL and QB’s, you guys become real and so will this Gators team. Go Gators.

  3. Isn’t this like landing two five star guys?

    I hate that the comments of some really good gators have had to be about details of weapons… as we have gators out there that have had to use a weapon for the right reasons and the taybang saga just is embarrassing how they have acted…but my point is that the program is still very appealing. If we made a bad call on a guy that really belongs somewhere else we have shown we can find guys that belong here. So my vote is with the program in time but patience right now.

  4. Very pleased to hear that both Jefferson and Grimes have been cleared by the NCAA – praying for a quick affirmative from the SEC for Grimes. We lack quality depth at the wide receiver position, so this is very big for the Gators – GO GATORS!!!

    • Glen, the needed SEC approval is for Jefferson, not Grimes, but it will be automatic based on the new SEC rule.
      Agree with your assessment on the impact these two will have on the receiving corps; huge!

  5. Great news for the Gators. Two big receivers who can go up and get the ball. Now Coach Mullen just needs to get the quarterback coached up to take advantage of these new weapons. With the running backs the Gators have and some legit passing threats the offense is no longer one dimensional so opposing defenses will not be able to stack up guys in the box like last year. Now the offensive line just has to block and they should be able to move the ball. Can’t wait until the first games to see what they can do! As far as Urban Meyer is concerned, I appreciate the two titles he was here for, but he left the Gators program in a mess. He himself said the program was “broken”. Then he bolted to OSU and the Gators are still not back where they were. Karma is a you know what, that’s all I am saying. Hopefully Coach Mullen is the man to lead the Gators back to national prominence. Seems like he has then on the right track so far. Only time will tell.

  6. I don’t think Mullen gets enough credit for getting these guys from OSU and Ole Miss. I also think Mullen is a recruiting master mind that has a well thought out slow play recruiting tactic and is deliberately keeping commitments secret so he can unleash all this good news one right after another to create a tidal wave of momentum. It starts with the Grimes and Jefferson news, then Black’s flip and then in the next few weeks we get public commitments one after another Zipperer & Summerall, Wright, Bogle, Kimbrough, Elam, Richards, Hill, Sanders, Knox, Higgins, plus flips from Jones, Pickering and Hunter!! At least that’s what I have been pretending will happen to keep me from jumping off a cliff the last couple of discouraging months. I’m willing to admit my dream probably isn’t coming true but at least there’s some positive news for a change. GO GATORS!!

    • And then what? Another beat down by Alabama? If we do win the East this year, and it could happen despite the odds against it, despite all the bleating of the experts, despite all the disrespect of the sports media, and despite the remaining “fragilities” we actually do take into this season (with a nod to mveal)……yeah, I suspect Bama would win. But a don’t think it would be a beat down again, not by a long shot.

  7. With the eligibility of Van Jefferson and Grimes confirmed along with the addition of Shuler, the “2018” class is a solid Top 10, especially with Van Jefferson and Shuler already demonstrating playmaker talent in Power 5 conferences. I would like to see how the addition of these 3 players would have affected the class ranking using their points when they came out of high school. CDM is on course to make the Gators a destination for transfers. Great news! Roller coaster is going up!