Mullen: Any player suspensions will be announced on Sept. 1

Dan Mullen
Florida head football coach Dan Mullen speaks to the media during media day on Thursday. [Lauren Bacho/The Gainesville Sun]

If there are any player suspensions stemming from the air-gun confrontation on campus in late May, they will be announced on game day, Sept. 1, Florida coach Dan Mullen said at the team’s media day Thursday.

“It’s something we’ve done on in the past. We will let you know on game day, not right before kickoff,” he said.

Mullen also said there is no timetable for naming a starting quarterback. He said he’ll find out who put in the real work in the offseason when preseason camp opens on Friday.

Mullen said he expects his first Florida team to compete for a championship.

Mullen also said there are no players who have not been medically cleared for the start of camp, but a few might be in non-contact jerseys.

Defensive lineman Keivonnis Davis has left the team, Mullen said. Davis was in on the credit card issues that saw nine layers suspended from the team last August. Davis later was involved in a scooter accident that he was trying to recover from.


  1. Watching this press conference, I just realized even more how much I do not miss Jim McElwain. What a refreshing and professional difference there is between Mullen and McElwain. And, clearly, Mullen is light years better relating to the press and running a major college football program from the ground up. What were you thinking, Jeremy Foley?

    • Foley was like a poker player who is too confident in himself due to past success. He kept making risky moves in football due to his notoriety as an AD — chiefly due to sports other than football. Zook, Muschamp, & McElwain. Three times that he hired a coach with no HC experience or no HC experience at a major program, and the high risk burned him three times.

    • Tampa you and Pompano are spot on. I always wished Mac wouldn’t even have a conference. I was always thinking what he said was embarrassing. These coaches are talkin the talk. Now we need to see it in the field.

    • Tampa,
      He did the same thing alot of programs do, hired an unproven cooridinator from a high profile coaching tree(meyer, saban, caroll back in the day, etc). The difference being those programs are usually middle of the pack schools that are just happy to have a coach associated with a big name. A big time program like us with multiple NC’s in recent history should not have had to gamble on an unproven coach, we should have been able to do our homework and gone after a legitimate coach who wanted to compete in the conference that consistently competes for NC’s. We underplayed our hand.

  2. I hate to pile on about the last coach but man i feel the same way Tampa.

    I was queasy about him from the first few big pressers. And as silly as it was, the way he handled the shark incident was A huge red flag for me. He could have made that into a funny, endearing story. Instead he made himself look like a humorless dope. How about a quick whip about how Saban photoshopped me in there or something like that. Press would have laughed and moved on.

    And then when he threw the fans under the bus after LSU game in Baton Rouge where we clinched. I was so aggravated after spending several thousand bucks to go to the game along with a ton of other gator fans only to have him make snide remarks.
    We were so loud in that end zone for the last two plays. I would have thought that would be one of the first things he talked about.

    Rant over. We have the right guy.

    • You bet your a** we do, Pompano. I wish we had just thrown caution, and probably common sense, to the wind back in 2010 and just gone for him in the first place.

      But reading your post brought to mind many more red flags at the time, too, and made me wonder why it was so hard to see the real issues before it became obvious. Go Gators!

      • I don’t think he was ready to run the program back then nor had the confidence to take on such a high profile job. He would’ve only had 2 years of head coaching experience. I think after 9 years of pretty successful coaching at a lower tier program in the SEC, he finally has enough confidence in himself that he can take over a program of this magnitude and be successful. Maybe in 2015 instead of Mac, but I personally think we got him at the perfect time.

  3. What a great press conference and so very refreshing. I’m encouraged about this season and the product we’ll see on the field. With the NCAA ruling on our WR and the LB commitment, even the terrible choice of headline for this article can’t bring down this day.