GPD releases video of UF receiver’s traffic stop

In this image from body cam video, a Gainesville police officer examines a Smith & Wesson AR-15 found on the backseat of a car in which two University of Florida football players were traveling. [GPD}

About eight weeks after being investigated for being involved in an on-campus confrontation involving air-soft riles, Florida wide receiver Kadarius Toney was found to have an authentic AR-15 rifle lying across the backseat of his car after being pulled over for a seat belt violation.

Toney and UF defensive back Brian Edwards were pulled over by the Gainesville Police Department on July 22, according to an incident report released Tuesday by GPD. The video of the traffic stop was released today.

According to the report, Toney, who was driving, and Edwards were pulled over at about 12:30 a.m. Upon approaching the vehicle and ordering to stop, Toney began driving away, the report said. Toney slowed down before attempting to drive away again, the report states, then obeyed the officer’s commands to stop the vehicle.

After noticing the rifle in the backseat, officers requested Toney and Edwards step out of the vehicle to be searched, according to the report, whereupon Edwards “began to tense up and pull away.” At one point in the video, officers inform Toney he “can’t keep an AR in the car like that”.

Officers discussed whether the rifle was “on or about him” to determine whether or not Toney had violated the state’s open-carry law. GPD officers agreed Toney did not violate the law.

As a result, both players were detained by GPD while officers checked the players’ criminal history. Toney told police he bought the rifle and had it with him “for protection because of the locals.” Police say in the report that Toney and Edwards were placed in handcuffs for the officers’ safety. Both players were released at the scene after officers found they had no criminal history.

State Attorney Bill Cervone said Tuesday he doesn’t expect any charges to be filed based on the information GPD provided.

Though it resulted in no criminal charges, the July 22 case is the latest in a string of incidents involving police and the University of Florida football program.

On June 5, after a May 28 incident involving seven football players and an alleged gambler, Toney and UF defensive tackle Kyree Campbell met with UF police investigators. Video of the incident showed both players possessing guns, which upon inspection were revealed to be airsoft rifles painted to resemble an AR-15. Vernell Brown, UF’s director of player development, told UPD the airsoft rifles would not be on campus again.

Less than two months later, Toney had apparently traded in his airsoft rifle for a real one.


  1. Graham. The Florida football team begins practice on Friday and their are recruiting stories out there. Why don’t you go cover some good things going on with the Florida team and with recruiting. Gator Nation would appreciate that, and I am sure Mullen is dealing and has dealt with all the behavior issues with the Florida players. Sick of this crap and sick of reading about it, honesty. And I certainly do not want to see any more of this stupidity.

      • Sorry, Graham. Probably took out my frustrations with the team on you. Accept my apology. But my spirts were just uplifted. Urban Meyer is in trouble at Ohio State for lying about his knowledge of the DV situation in 2015 there.

          • Graham, we all got on you guys for no breaking the other story now this. Thank you for the story but crap we have to purge the hood rat mentality soon or we will be in trouble. IF and only IF these threats are real the UPD needs to be investigating with GPD and ACSO who these people are and deal with that. If the players are out associating with this type of individual then they have not grasped the idea they are here for a great education and a future. What a bunch of boneheads the previous group recruited.

  2. Get Kadarius Toney off this football team. He’s going to do something incredibly stupid (yes, worse than what we’re seeing now) and bring an embarrassment to this Football Program. Send him packing, NOW!

  3. If Toney believed that he needed a weapon with which to defend himself against “locals”, the purchase of an AR-15 is a poor and very ignorant choice for that purpose. Unless of course, he was interested in intimidation more so than self defense. But we’ll never know, I suppose. Until the next time. unless there isn’t one, at which time it’s probably a moot issue. Honestly, I don’t know what to make of these guys anymore.

  4. So K. Toney traded-in his fake AR-15 for a very real, and very deadly version. And he was ”loaded for bear” too, I mean, ”locals.” Poor decision making all the way around by him.
    It’s time for someone at the U.A.A., U.F., whomever, to get in these kids faces and set them straight.
    Take them to a MORGUE and show them someone who was shot dead! Maybe then their damn arrogance, pride, ”fake fear”, what-the-hell-ever, would come back down to earth.
    It’s another sad pre-season for us Gator fans. But oh how I hope all of those players busting their butts, and doing ”all the right things” have an AWESOME and HEALTHY 2018 Gator Football season.

  5. And nothing happened.

    He had a legally purchased weapon that does not require a license to possess. As long as he wasnt using it in a criminal fashion, whatever. Just dont bring it on campus.

    Ive known LOTS of UF players over the years who hunt and own AR’s and other assorted rifles.

    And learn to store it in the trunk Toney.

        • Sorry – what does the 2nd Amendment say? I’m a supporter of the 2nd Amendment – which says “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” Arms being muskets. And a well-regulated militia, being an organised and purposeful organisation intended to offer protection to the public, having regulations for the training and maintenance for these arms.

          That’s not what an AR-15 in the back of someone’s car or trunk is about.

          • Sorry….I’ll just say that well regulated referred to well controlled/trained, and militia referred to the body of the people.
            Go Gators.

    • AR-15 platform in 5.56/.223 is not generally a choice for hunting as .22 centerfires are not legal in many states for that purpose (other than varmiting). Chambered in .243 or .308 it is. However, accurized it is indeed a fine target or bench rest rifle in 5.56. Nothing wrong with owning one at all, just don’t have it laying in the back seat of your car unless you are going to or from the range (and even then there are better storage choices).

    • I know some former Gator players myself who ”hunted”, (my Step-Dad) Wayne ‘”Shadetree” Barfield from the mid-60’s, Doug Johnson from the late- 90’s, both I know ”hunted” and ”owned guns, and safely & properly stored them.”
      The difference here, Todd, is this kid, Toney, was DRIVING AROUND G’VILLE at 12:30 A.M. with a loaded AR-15 in his backseat. Not exactly a gun I would deer or dove hunt with.
      So, ”come on man!” ”Get real”, like jasper said above, dude!

      • Precisely, GI. I think we’re all worried to one degree or another about the implications.

        By the way, believe it or not, the white tails in Texas are generally so small that you actually can hunt them with a .223. That doesn’t necessarily hold for the mule deer in southeast Texas, many of which could probably stand flat footed and entertain an elephant.

        • Gator-6, I completely respect your ”gun knowledge and expertise.”
          I was fortunate enough to have a Step-Dad who taught me how to ”respect guns” and not to fear them. I was taught to shoot at an animal (deer, ducks, dove, etc…) that we would eat. Not shoot to kill for the fun of it.
          So all this ”cultural-differences” arguments that I’ve heard, hold little reality or truth for me. We all KNOW PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE! Guns are the most used weapons, but riding around Gainesville, FL. late at night with an AR-15 in Toney’s backseat, well, I’d love to know what he was ”hunting.” Oh, that’s right I do know, he was ”hunting locals.” From his lips to God’s Ears!

    • Todd. People do not “hunt” with AR-15s, other than maybe hunting local humans who run a gambling organization. And there is nothing wrong with hunting with other type of hunting guns, but a Florida football player should NEVER drive around campus or the streets of Gainesville with an AR-15 gun inside a car and viewable to a police officer or anyone else. Just stupid, and dangerous.

      • Agreed.

        The hands down best feral pig hunting rifle I ever owned, tho, was an AR-15 chambered in .308 Win, built and customized by myself and MOA accurate to an unbelievable degree with a 4x12x50 Nikon scope mounted. Unfortunately, it also weighed a ton by the time I got done with it, which pretty much negated its intended purpose as a pig gun. The moral of the story, which will surprise you, is that you can, but you really shouldn’t rely on an AR for hunting.

  6. I know other schools have problems with individuals, but is UF unique in that groups of its players all act in concert in very dangerous ways? Don’t recall reading about similar behavior by 10-12 % of the team at other schools. What’s up here?

    • jasper. Bama had two players arrested or having illegal guns in there car two years ago. They also dismissed a player for physical assault charges. Georgia has had a bunch of recruits getting into trouble on their campus. FSU. Well, no need to repeat the 1,000 horrible incidents on their campus. An Ohio State assistant coach was just fired for physical abuse or a women, and the current Ohio State coach (I believe his name is Urban Meyer) is in some trouble to lying about his knowledge of the incident. Vandy has had a lot of issues on their campus. Auburn, too. The problem is not just a Florida problem. They are just in the news right now, along with Ohio State.

    • 6 Just watched the interview and read the story. Looks bad for Meyer. He said his dream job was ND. I hope they wouldn’t take someone with those ethics. What a summer of stories. Hope we have enough players to field a team. Any of you guys up to suiting up as walk-ons?

      • Yeah, sign me up as Left Out. Best I could offer is to pull their pants down and trip ’em.

        It is looking bad for Myer, tho I don’t know what the outcome will be. Ironic, since we just had a discussion about character on here. Doubly so for me, as we had a long discussion this morning too in Bible study… far as knowledge of the Bible vs Character to carry it out.

        • Re-read the story I think OS is in a lot of trouble. This will cost them personnel, coaches and maybe sanctions. To protect a person beating his wife. In Florida I think one can face 5 years in prison for not reporting things like this. I am not sure of that as I think it is a new law. May have read it wrong.

          • The Urban Liar has been put on leave by Ohio State while they investigate his actions. I say he is done. Time for him to get some acid reflux medication, but it does not help habitual liars.

          • I just saw that too, right when my wife was calling (demanding?) me down for dinner an hour and a half ago. Sounds serious, but I’ll believe when I see it if he actually gets fired.

          • There was a movie titled No Way Out. This one will be the spin of a life time if he manages it. Will be good for our recruiting.

  7. Guys the AR, m16, M4 platform is lethal to over 800 meters. For military people it is very effective for CQB, and distance targets. If someone fired a round as a ‘joke’ it could kill someone over a half mile away. This is a cultural and societal problem that is disturbing our young people think this way. We had TE that was implicated in things possibly while he was at UF. If this is not addressed as a team that this is not acceptable we are going to have an incident that will mar us for a long time. In my days as a military guy making the whole group run for the actions of the one placed pressure on the group to police themselves. If every time a player stepped out of line there were consequences for all those that are doing right might adjust those that are not.

  8. the real problem is our messed up gun laws and the overzealous and irrational gun owners and lobbyist. Yes I said it! I know I will take heat but its unimaginable that Toney or anyone can buy such a gun legally under the guise of the 2nd amendment or self defense. I am a supporter of the 2nd amendment but no one needs such a destructive weapon (whether for hunting deer or people). Equally important, there is no constitutional right that is absolute and interpreting the 2nd amendment in an absolute sense just reflects ignorance of the way our legal system works.

    So don’t complain about Toney. He broke no law! Complain to our elected officials. If Jim Bob can buy an AR 15 why not Toney? He has the same 2nd amendment constitutional right like everyone else right? SMH

    Wake up America

  9. WTF is the mentality level of these players? I don’t hold them to a high standard but some of the views and things these guys say is just unbelievable. I have a seven year old grandson who knows right from wrong much better than some of these player.

  10. Good Jesus, our program is a dumpster fire of a train wreck. Between the ongoing off field issues and Mullen’s underwhelming performance with recruiting, there’s very little for us to feel proud of or look forward to. I hope this changes soon, or else misery will continue to rule the day.

  11. Mullen and Striklen as quiet as church mice. Where the hell are they? No comments? They’re getting huge amounts of money to ensure that UF football returns to glory with integrity…. not a good start to new era nor is complete silence. Maybe UF President should say a word about what’s happened in recent weeks on his campus?

  12. “Less than two months later, Toney had apparently traded in his airsoft rifle for a real one.” That is a leading statement. Unless you have evidence to back that up you are leading your readers to a conclusion that may false. That’s bad journalism and unfair to Toney, regardless of the poor decisions we know he has made.

  13. I am ignorant on this subject. Can someone explain to me what is the legal method of transporting a gun. Lets say you went to a gun range to practice, is it illegal to have it inside your car during your trip there and back or should it be in the trunk? Does it have to be visible? Can it be loaded while you are transporting it? The officers determined he did not break the law. Someone please educate me.

  14. I just have a simple question. I have had 2 of my kids graduate from UF. I cannot imagine in my wildest dreams one of them calling me in the middle of the night to say they were stopped by police and were questioned about having a AR15 lying in the backseat of their car. Why do we keep recruiting these thugs or semi-thugs who live in this strange dark (I need to carry a AR15) world?
    I know the answer already…..a great deal of the “talented” athletes come from this background and culture so that’s why we have to go there to be competitive in at the big boy football level.
    I guess I am just getting to old for the changes in sports. This type of stuff….. plus the NFL having to come up with “rules” to demand their “members” stand and respect the flag, the national anthem and even the USA. The NFL doesn’t need to worry about me waiting to se how they handle it, I have already opted out when you even employ people who want to protest those things.
    And now more and more this type of crap from the school that I love and have been a season ticket holder for over 40 years.
    Look like I will soon have to give that one last blessed joy up soon…..
    I love you Gators!