Gainesville Eastside’s Richardson pledges to UF

Anthony Richardson, the quarterback for Eastside High School, throws in a drill during Friday Night Lights, the annual University of Florida football camp, at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium in Gainesville July 27, 2018. The annual football camp brings recruits from all over the country to run drills and get the Gator football experience. [Brad McClenny/The Gainesville Sun]

 Quarterback Anthony Richardson, a 6-foot-4 rising junior quarterback prospect from Eastside High, verbally committed to stay in Gainesville and play at UF, he wrote on his Twitter account Saturday.

“After talking to my family, friends, and coaches I’ve decided to make a decision that I think is the best for me,” Richardson wrote. “With that being said, I would like to say that I will be verbally committing to the University of Florida!”

Richardson caught up with the Gainesville Sun on Friday before attending Friday Night Lights, where he revealed he had yet to figure out a leader when it came to his recruitment. But he said the Gators “talk to me as much as any program”. The rising junior prospect had an opportunity to take in quarterback camps at Clemson, Miami (Fl.) and Louisville this summer, where he gained a complete assessment of his game and progression.

“They were saying just keep throwing how I’m throwing, but just use my legs more,” Richardson said. “Just stay compact while I throw and just keep working.”

Richardson, rated the nation’s No. 9 dual-threat quarterback by 247Sports, is the third verbal commitment to UF’s 2020 class.





  1. Finally some good news!!! Finally we didn’t pass on a local guy that has talent like we do far to often. I know one of the coaches for this guy and he was telling me that if the Gators didn’t go after him there was something wrong with them. He was the best QB he’s seen in the area for years and better than anything we have had for some time. His recruitment will start to blow up, but I’m glad we got the verbal first. Go Gators!

  2. Let’s go full court press to get him 5*s, lest any of our fellow Gators automatically think less of him!

    All seriousness aside, everything I’ve heard thus far says this kid may well be a long term solution, and still has room to grow. Sounds like a keeper to me.

  3. Also got news today that Alabama extended Saban’s contract to 2025. By then he will be making 10 million a year. (Based on his record he is worth it) He says he plans on coaching there until he retires. Not good news for the rest of the SEC.

        • He’s not the only one that can do what he does. If he’s doing everything above board there are other coaches that can do every bit a good if there are resources available. If our alumni, fans stay with a coach (hopefully Mullen is the right one) with the ability to handle ask aspects of the program there will be success. We were short lived in our last time at the top. Why? Coach left… There was more to it I feel. OC left, DC left. Replacements went same caliber. Coach learned a lesson from that after a year off at hits gig up north. New coach has had most of the staff stay with him (like working with him). Did alot with less resources. Puts his pants on same way as Saban.

          • Ties boot laces same as Saban.

            Mullen’s mama don’t wear combat boots either, just sayin’.

            Good post once again, 65.

        • That was my point Doug. I am not an Alabama fan I am a true Gator fan. He is not unbeatable by any means. Since he started coaching Bama in 2007 he has a record of 132-20 with five SEC titles and five National titles. So that’s 20 times he has been beat. Good news is the Gators did beat Alabama in the 2008 SEC title game (which was Saban’s second year) and went on to win the national title when Mullen was the OC so Coach Mullen has done it before. Gators just have to start winning again to get the top recruits to come on board or it is going to be tough to beat Saban on the recruiting trail which translates to the results on the field. Hopefully Coach Mullen is the man to do it.

  4. How do y out on loo w how long Satan will have the spirit? He w I’ll be in his 70s….which no doubt he can but some lose the desire. Anyway let’s hope this player works out for us. It will be exciting to add another player from a school that has produced a lot of talent for us. Evidently this baseball guy cord Sandburg does not feel he can beat out any of our tabs so he is trying some lesser programs as well.

  5. Wow, a QB competition, Richardson and Jalon Jones! Jones looked great at FNL and I love the way he throws just like Brady and Manning, cock it straight back, not turning it around! He also looks like a stud! Riches, riches, riches!

  6. So proud this fine young QB hails from my hometown (Gainesville). Anthony Richardson will be an excellent addition to the Gator football team, which needs to rebuild quality depth at the QB position! GO GATORS (and thank you, AR)!!!

  7. Georgia’s big haul from their similar type weekend. 2019 commitments from:
    1. Five star RB from Louisiana who was thought to be going to either LSU or Miss. State (offered by Florida)
    2. Four star DB from Georgia who chose Georgia over Clemson and Auburn
    3. Four star LB from Florida (number 5 ILB in the nation that Florida did not even offer, strangely, since about ever major program in the country did offered him.

    But Florida did get a 3-star QB from Gainesville for its 2020 class.