West Virginia transfer Shuler enrolled at Florida

West Virginia defensive lineman Adam Shuler II (88) sacks Baylor quarterback Zach Smith in the first half of their game on Oct. 21, 2017 in Waco, Texas. (AP Photo/Jerry Larson)

Special to Gatorsports.com

Florida bolstered its defensive line as former West Virginia lineman Adam Shuler II has officially enrolled, the school announced today.

The 6-foot-4, 268-pound Shuler, a native from Longwood, Fla., will play this fall as a graduate transfer. He earned a B.A. in General Studies from WVU last spring. He comes off a season where he played in 12 games (10 starts) and recorded 37 tackles, 8.0 tackles-for-loss, three sacks, one quarterback hurry and one recovered fumble.

He had announced on Twitter on June 11 that he is transferring to UF.


  1. If I remember correctly, didn’t a bunch of fans jumped to conclusions and made negative comments about him when he wasn’t on an earlier roster?

    Welcome to the team young man! Glad to have you.

  2. Hopefully, he will not be getting his graduate degree in “general studies” and will become more specific and focused with his education. But welcome to Gainesville, sir. And please behave without the use of guns (BB, fake, or real), stealing credit cards, assaulting women, or hanging out with gamblers and felons.

    • TampaGator laying down the ground rules! Love it!
      But back when I was the age of a college kid, I’d play street b-ball with many of the UF athletes: Livingston Chapman, Dwayne Schintzius, Andrew Moten, former Asst. U.F. Head B-ball coach Monte Towe, Ricky Nattiel and other U.F. football players. All playing ”street basketball” and it was amazing!
      The competition, the fun, the admiration -for them- from me. It was a lifetime memory! Now I’m not saying these kids today don’t still come out and play street b-ball (in the off season), I just know back when they did, it made this born and raised Gainesvillian all the more proud to be a Gator.
      Point is, that’s the kinda’ of ”extracurricular activities” they should get into. Go Gators!

        • Gator-6, I don’t know about ”Legacy” maybe ”local legend in my own head” LOL, but your new ”profile pic” is on-point and righteous, Brother! In fact, I need to get out to the gun range soon myself. It’s been a while!

          • If there’s one thing that breaks my heart, it’s not being to the gun club since February. Just before that damned stroke, I had worked up a NIB Springfield Range Officer with a KART barrel, an XD-s, a brand new Sig P-210, and best of all, a Springfield Professional…..all of which still sit in the safe! Now it’s far too hot, and next thing you know, it’s Go Gators time again. Competition is out now, but man would I ever like to at least punch some holes in paper.

            Rubbing shoulders with and playing some round ball with that cast of Gators certainly qualifies you……best I ever managed was almost getting runned over by old Matuzak in his brand new car the year he was #1 Draft pick out of Tampa. My grandkids would certainly be interested in that…..if they ever knew who the hell he was in the first place!

  3. Gator-6, best wishes in your recovery from a stroke. Hopefully, the U.F. Football team will make it easier on your blood-pressure by getting that ‘”Gator swag” back. And one of the best memories from my younger street basketball days was watching Dwayne Schintzius BLOCK nearly every shot on the court. That guy had some light feet for such a big man. And my 2nd favorite was Monte Towe telling me, ”…you’ve NEVER met a shot you didn’t like, huh?”
    Take care, Gator-6!