UF police release video showing football players with fake guns


The University of Florida Police Department has released cellphone video following the alleged confrontation involving University of Florida football players and 21-year old Devante Zachery.

The video shows a group of players walking across the street from the dorms at Keys Residential Complex toward Flavet Field. Two of them pull out and point simulated weapons while arguing.

According to a University of Florida police report, both simulated weapons were airsoft rifles.

According to a UPD report, seven UF players were involved in an altercation on the evening of May 28.

Wide receiver Kadarius Toney and defensive tackle Kyree Campbell were the ones who drew the simulated weapons, according to the report.

None of the seven players were charged in the incident, but six have been recommended to appear before UF’s Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution department. In addition to Toney and Campbell, tight end Kemore Gamble, wide receiver Tyrie Cleveland, quarterback Emory Jones and wide receiver Rick Wells face potential student code of conduct violations for lying to police about the incident.

The video — which is edited here to appear as a horizontal video — was obtained by the Gainesville Sun through an open records request.


    • Gator65. You mean a gun culture? And people wonder why some police officers are so jittery when dealing with these type of situations. If those players had encounter the police, someone could have been shot dead by one of the responding officers. Just stupid, criminal-like behavior, again.

      • Tampa, I mean societal and cultural issues across all parts of our country. Some of us on here have been to some really interesting places around the globe. I would bet that most of them have a greater appreciation for what we have here. What we consider poor here pales in comparison to some of the places I have been. We have become a society of me first, instant gratification and entitlement. Most today want to start at the top as far as position and pay. Mentioned below here someone posted about these young men’s parents. Parents and parenting are different. Some of these young people have parents that act like the young men are acting now. They saw their parents, siblings, family , friends do these things so much they think it is ok. Churchill said something like the further back you look the further forward you are likely to see. and The most important thing about education is appetite. Young people these days are so laser focused on instant gratification they are repeating the same mistakes and in education I am talking football (if the players are more interested in hanging out with derelicts there is no future for them). The problem is not just here it is everywhere.

  1. I so disappointed in this program. The character of the players being recruited to represent UF on the field is deplorable. Everyone of these players should be dismissed from the team, and used as an example that this inexcusable behavior will no longer be tolerated. These players conduct themselves like mere children…enough is enough. What makes this worse is that this is on the heels of last seasons credit card fraud. Yet another dark cloud hovering over the program as the season draws near. Mullen has not yet coached a game as HC, and has no control over this team. I would respect him immensely if he dismisses them all. So disgusted…

    • James. You do not kick players off a team for that. You do lay out consequences to match the offense. What you suggest is not a match to the offense for all the players. Teach, lay out appropriate consequences, let most of the players involved learn, grow, and move on to better things. The only two players that should possibly receive more dire consequences are Wells and Cleveland, who have been involved in a gun incident already on campus. I cannot believe those two repeated gun behavior on campus. Seriously? How dumb can you be? And Wells was involved in the credit card deal last year. Wells just might be dismissed after his student code of conduct meeting is held, and Cleveland will likely be severely warned against any additional code of student conduct violations. Wells just seems to not understand right and wrong behavior expected of a UF student, much less a student athlete.

    • If you think that’s the answer, then all major college football and pro football should be cancelled. I think we have a bigger problem here in the CULTURE of the sport. I personally believe it has to do with how the culture of the game has increased with AGGRESSION, STARDOM, NON-ACCOUNTABILITY and the thinking of ENTITLEMENT. This culture has been BUILDING for years, by coaches (high school and college), community, family, ect… Look back at the was over the years these kids have been described on TV, in the papers (This kid is a BEAST, He is unstoppable, he has the world at his feet) and when they do something worth correcting early in his development. Oh, he’s just a kid, let it go. OK what happens when the events continue, we continue to make excuses and not make CORRECTIONS. That’s why many are saying kick them all off the team. That’s NOT the answer, the answer is to start to correct the culture that has gotten us to this point (RIGHT NOW). This is a human development story, that we have created, mainly around “FOOTBALL PLAYERS”, we don’t see this as widespread in other sports. THIS IS JUST CREEK GATORS OPINION, I could be wrong so don’t get your panties in a bunch.

      • Creek – You sound like a Mac recording…lol. I have no issue at all with kicking these players off the team. Start doing that every time there is an offense like this, and how long would it take the CULTURE of the program to change. Consequences my man…please keep your panties in check…just my opinion.

    • Then be disappointed in society as a whole. We are no different than anyone else. Heck, Penn state had ped coaches! This isn’t a UF problem; this is a world problem. Instead of blaming coaches, I’d like to see some info on the parents. Coach Mullen has these guys for a few weeks and months to teach them football, yet he has “No control” of the players. Their parents have had them for 18 years–what have they been doing? The deterioration of the family is hitting home to college football and it ain’t going to get better. I hope it does. This problem is well beyond a football message board. But I for one am not going to blame our coach. These players need to take responsibility and it started when they started hanging around with this bum who got them all into trouble.

  2. I read an article today about what a great season Toney should have this year if he doesn’t get injured like last year. Did they mean on the field injury or “other”? I couldn’t watch the video.

    • The players you see here are kids who came from there high schools being told how great they are!!! How they are going to be the next superstar!! Why in the hell colleges don’t have football dorms like they used to so they can be watched at all times and taught 24-7 how to conduct themselves until they can mature and understand the magnitude of the opportunities and or the ramifications of doing stupid shit.

  3. God, that is such fundamentally juvenile, immature, and criminal-like behavior. Just embarrassing for the UF football program, the university, and coach Mullen. And it could have become very dangerous and people could have been killed as a result of their inexcusable behavior. Innocent people could have been killed. Thank goodness the other people did not have real guns to counter their stupidity.

  4. In the words of the commander in chief. “Drain the swamp” Coach Mullen. Rid the program of these immature brats who could care less about representing the U of F with class. Clean house and watch recruiting take off with the players that want to be a Gator, do things the right way and play for championships!

    • Naples Gator. 1. Those were not real guns. 2. They did not shoot the guns. 3. Not sure how Wells stays on the team, as this is strike three for him in my opinion. Cleveland. Strike two. The others, strike one. Time for Mullen to lay the law down for this team. No more stupidity. I think the code o conduct group will handle Wells and Cleveland. One most likely leaving campus permanently for three strike conduct violations (Wells) and one (Cleveland) receiving a lengthy suspension, like at least three games for a repeated offense. The others will either be suspended for one game or face severe internal consequences from Mullen. I just wish a UF team could get through one summer without getting a bunch of players in trouble, or even one player. It is actually an easy thing to do if players are simply smart and have a decency code in their moral makeup. Clearly, these players are lacking in both traits.

      • If both these kids pointed their “not real guns” at a cop, even an off-duty one, they both could have been shot dead. They were aggressive and I doubt there was a single bystander on that field that wasn’t convinced those guns were real. They may have been threatening other thugs armed with real guns. Anytime you have that, innocent people can be drawn into it and get hurt or killed. Extremely serious situation. These players love to play gangsta with total disregard for public safety – and they didn’t just learn it since arriving in Gainesville. Cut ’em loose

  5. I think the only hope for the football team is if Mullen can convince the University to reinstate academic eligibility requirements. After last years stunt and and this jewel the thing that has obviously hurt the program was not coaching or conditioning but players that are as dumb as rocks. How do you even begin to have a playbook that’s not all little stick figures. Hold on to your hats cuz this video is gonna go viral.

  6. More bad news being reported. Saturday Down South is reporting that Florida players could have been receiving discounts on rental cars from “Tay Bangs,” the gambler involved in this incident. If the NCAA decides there is enough evidence to this and decides to investigate the possibly of this, the players being accused and/or involved could be suspended from playing college football until the investigation is conducted and completed. And that could take all season. Welcome to Gainesville, Dan Mullen.

  7. And this gambler gangster (Enterprise Rental Agent for college student I guess part time) is to believed? Probably not. But it will likely will become another big, negative story about the UF football program. Maybe the UF president should just cancel the 2018 and 2019 seasons and start with an entirely new team in 2020.

  8. One of the most disturbing things to me about this incident is these young men felt (at that moment) that being ”disrespected”, or challenged, or what-the-hell-ever, was MORE IMPORTANT than the 100’s of THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN SCHOLARSHIPS, MEDICAL, HOUSING, and all the extras the UNIV. OF FLORIDA provides them all (like exposure on ESPN, SEC NETWORK, etc…).
    It’s a damn shame that after what happened last summer (credit card thefts), these particular young men decided to go and make ALL NEW MISTAKES. I was young once too, and I NEVER once thought about taking a gun, much less a B.B. gun, to a fight. Coach Dan Mullen truly has his hands full with these selfish young athletes. And I sincerely hope those who are doing all the ”RIGHT THINGS” for Florida Football get to play and have an AWESOME SEASON this fall!

    • GI, having taken a gun to a fight more than once — as I’m sure Gator65 has too as well as a few others who post here — I can tell you that these young “men” had no idea what they were about to get into to. In their minds, it’s supposed to play out like a movie? Think again, let alone with a fake gun of all things. If you’re that fundamentally stupid, you’re probably too stupid to be playing major college football too.

  9. GI, there are some of us here that are vets. I for one haven’t thought of using weapons as a first option since my time in other places. You are right that when youth think street cred it’s more important than their future they have no way to handle a future of money.

  10. You know, I am now thinking I would rather suffer through another horrible season and let some of these idiots take their games and their nonsense to a junior college, a lower division team, and then to the NFL if they are indeed as good as they stupidly think. Or back to the gang culture streets they appear to desire so much by their actions.

  11. And I am also thinking that it is going to be an interesting media day with Mullen on Thursday, with not many questions about player development and more questions about player behavior and availability. Maybe Mullen will skip the meeting for a California recruiting trip. Would not blame him if he did just that.

  12. Why do I care. Why do we spend our time and money to support these players. They represent OUR university. OUR school. For a few happy Saturdays every Fall we invest our hearts and voices for OUR orange and blue. And this is what represents us. Start over. If we don’t kick them off the team, then sit their backsides on the bench and play walk-ons in their place. And I mean all year! I’m done care of we lose every game! Otherwise, I think I’ll read a book or go fishing.

  13. I would give them all 2nd/3rd chances and use it as a teaching moment. I like good football and beating Georgia, Tennessee, and FSU. If someone must go down for this, I submit it should be a walk on or manager.

    Mullen needs to immediately begin forging strong friendships with all local law enforcement and student disciplinary boards. That might come in handy while at UF.

    After a thorough review of none of the evidence regarding the discounted rental cars, I would say it’s totally unfounded and untrue. If Tay is the source, I would argue anyone betting on UF last year has real mental issues.

  14. Doug. The gambler dude seems to have revenge in mind with these Gator players. As a result, he may just have some damning evidence concerning the possible illegal NCAA benefits he says he offered these players. He may be a person of highly questionable character, but he may also have what he says he has. I hope not. But either way, the bad publicity just does not help Mullen’s ability to lead the team and recruit well right now. Eventually, if the NCAA does an investigation and Mullen is forced to suspend multiple Gator plays in the process of the NCAA doing that investigation, things could go south again this year very quickly. And if that happens, the Florida players have no one to blame but themselves. I read Cleveland’s tweet that “all we got is us”. Well, all Gator Nation wants is better from our football program and players. We want to win, but we want to win the right and correct way. If Florida players do that, they will have ALL of Gator Nation behind them. If this crap continues, they will not have many of us behind them and we will no longer care about showing up to support them, both in presence and with our financial donations to the program.

  15. When we see the news of something like this happening, I know we feel like it is just us and we are in the spotlight. I took a look at the web site arrestnation.com/ which collects these incidents nationally and just for July 2018 I stopped counting from boredom at over 20. There were football players, wrestlers, women, coaches and more. Chances are you haven’t heard about most of these incidents, it’s almost like they tend to remain local. As disappointing as our situation is, this list does add some prospective. There will be a disciplinary and/or legal process, just let it take it’s course.

  16. I think Gator Nation as a whole has grown weary of this thug, lawless behavior. I know I have. The middle of the University of Florida campus is NOT the “hood”. I doubt he’ll do it but I wish CDM would revoke the scholarships and flush these criminal wanna-be’s out of Gainesville. That would serve as the biggest deterrent to all others who would choose to abuse UF in this way. Gator coaches – time to take out the trash.

  17. Once again, gatorsports is behind other news organizations with getting out the latest news. The sports editor can say that it’s conjecture, but why not dig and get us some information on the latest report concerning impermissible benefits with the rental cars. I would say that this is going to explode when it comes out point shaving was involved with the gambler, however, last years team wasn’t good enough or smart enough to pull that off.

  18. Did not read every comment but as a UF graduate in 93 this likely would not have even been a story. BEFORE I am crucified for saying that, I DO understand that we are in a different time and the issue is more about the lack of awareness and understanding of what this could have caused. Actions have consequences but please keep in mind of the things that many of us did in our youth. We / me fortunately did not live in a day and age where anything and everything you do can and likely will be recorded or videoed. What I definitely see is some serious time spent in some training on decision making along with whatever else the University decides.

    • Just another take…no crucifying from me…it’s the social media age where any and everything is recorded. I was there around the same time and can easily attest football players are not alone in doing dumb stuff. There’s is just news even back them. Combine that with the “look at me” culture of today and there you have it. Now the guns were idiotic in any scenario….and perhaps some of the repeat guys should be bounced…not sure I agree with the notion of all must go.

  19. Tay was in fear of his life? He was the innocent one in this whole thing. Really??? Tay lost money on gambling on the GAMES, but he stated that he was talking and kidding around with a player about them losing games and costing him money??? He poked the BEAR and disrespected the players. My question is this? Why would he provide discounts to the players if they were losing him money? He was an idiot anyway for betting on a team that were going into the games with the betting line against them for most of the season. Something is not adding up?

    • He works at Enterprise….everyone relax. This isn’t some organized crime syndicate fixing games with millions of dollars swinging in the balance. The young adult just found out his local bookie would give him a line of credit and he lost a few hundred on some games.

      • No, and that’s a good perspective to keep unless we find out differently later on. That’s the part that troubles me, even assuming that this Tay Bang character is just a wannabe out for a little revenge. For instance, one of the (presently unfounded) allegations he made was that one or more of the Gators players belong to the street gang, the Bloods. Now, if anyone ever lacked credibility, it’s him……but just on the off chance that it’s true? Mary Mother of God, I don’t even want to imagine that scenario. That would make it much, much later than we think, y’all.

  20. I said it before and I will say it again. The big difference between football players and other students is most other students go home for the summer and are supervised somewhat by their parents or other adults. Meanwhile football players are “required” to stay on campus and participate in the strength and conditioning program and summer classes. I am not sure how many hours a day they spend on strength and conditioning and classes but I am sure it leaves some free time. It is during these periods of free time they must act like adults and make personal choices. While they are old enough to be expected to act like adults in reality some are not mature enough yet to always make the right choices. I am sure regular non student athletes make stupid decisions too we just don’t hear about it on the news. I know the players need time off but if they are going to be expected to be on campus why not let “life coaches” continue to mentor them during this time frame. Maybe the NCAA should allow them to be offered apprenticeships or internships that are in line with their major of choice and be paid for their time during the summer. This would effectively eliminate some of their free time and allow them an opportunity to earn some money to spend on personal items and give them some real world experience for life after football. Seems like a win – win system to me.

  21. Rob, they do have access to those people and resources all summer long, including the S&C coach and a life coach (a former Gators football player is that life coach). And they have adult mentors and academic counselors. But none of those people are with them at night when they are running around like gang members with fake guns, cursing, and threatening what appears to be real gang type people they had viewed as their friends. You simply cannot stop people from being or acting stupid 24 hours a day, and you cannot chose friends for people. You are who with whom you associate. And these players chose to associate with the wrong people. And people say Lewis is such a great teammate, but he (a senior) is the one who introduced these younger players to these gamblers and street thugs. And least we forget, some players refused to go back out there with guns and act the way these players acted. Praise should also go to those players for good judgment and proper action. The team needs more players like them.

  22. I read the first coast article about one of the players being in a gang and also discounts at Enterprise rental car…
    The gang stuff is not good if true.

    The Enterprise car rental I really hate because I’ve rented cars with them at least twenty times and they have given me numerous upgrades and discounts. They do that for everyone. But now some newspaper printing crap is going to screw up my life a little.
    Enterprise must have not bought enough advertising from the first coast whatever to get this unfair smear. They are a good company in this part of Florida.

  23. Right On! Enterprise gives discounts all the time…I got one right now. The players did not bet on anything! This employee (Tay) can not provide just any discounts but he told the players that he gave them perks. Where is any monetary gain here??? None! By the way, is TAY the manager? Bottom line…No charges were GIVEN, but student conduct police will have a say.

    • not to get on a tangent, but we don’t even shop rental cars any more, enterprise really does go the extra mile for us, and we are just regular people, so that part of the story is taybang, god forgive me for knowing about this side of the world (only in the financial arena, I promise), gamblers love to create rumor and gossip, which they use to gamble with (its called buy on rumor and sell on news in my world, and instead of gamblers they call them derivatives traders!). sure some of it is true, no doubt, a good rumor needs a little truth. I say we need to teach our guys not to be suckers, they will be played if they do. id really prefer we land another tim tebow, who sincerely tried to turn the seven deadly sins into the seven cardinal virtues in all of us, that is ideal, but they don’t make guys like him every day. give me another tebow, give Georgia a five star.