Mullen issues statement on report involving police, 10 UF football players

Florida head coach Dan Mullen speaks during the NCAA college football Southeastern Conference media days at the College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta, Tuesday. (AP Photo/John Amis)

Multiple football players continue to face possible disciplinary action from the University of Florida following an on-campus confrontation involving airsoft rifles.

After contents of a University Police Department report, first obtained by First Coast News in Jacksonville, were revealed Wednesday night, Florida coach Dan Mullen issued a statement Thursday on the 10 players named in the report.

“We were made aware of the incident when it occurred and immediately began following campus protocol,” the statement read. “This has been an opportunity for us to educate our players about the dangers and negative perceptions that can occur when conflict arises, and how important honesty and good decision making is.”

According to the UPD report, seven UF players were involved in an altercation at Keys Residential Complex on the evening of May 28. Police were called to the scene after a witness reported seeing a suspicious person in the area. Upon arriving, the police report states officers saw more than 10 people arguing and holding “weapons that resemble assault rifles.”

The police report largely hinges on an account from an alleged gambler in the Gainesville area named Devante Zachery, 21, who told UPD he had a friendship with UF redshirt senior tight end C’yontai Lewis that Zachery described as a “good relationship” when “the football team was winning” but would turn sour when Florida lost. Zachery, also known as “Tay Bang”, would call Lewis and the team “garbage”, according to the report, and would complain about losing money after betting on UF football games.

The report states that on the night of May 28, Zachery and his friends waited for Lewis and several UF football players — including freshman quarterback Emory Jones, wide receivers Rick Wells, Kadarius Toney and Tyrie Cleveland, defensive tackle Kyree Campbell and tight end Kemore Gamble — at the Keys Residential Complex.

Upon seeing Zachery, the football players left the scene and returned soon after holding what Zachery described as “some sort of assault rifle,” noting others were holding rocks and, in one case, a frying pan. A UF player later told UPD that a member of Zachery’s group held a baseball bat and threatened he would “spray” the players if they came any closer.

The police report indicates that freshman linebacker David Reese, in addition to defensive back Trey Dean, who is roommates with Jones, were interviewed by investigators after it was determined both, while uninvolved, were at Jones’ dorm room during the night of the incident.

After returning to his residence hall from a trip to Atlanta, Dean said he noticed “several black males standing outside the building by their vehicles” and they asked Dean if he was a football player, to which he responded “no”. Dean said he could hear the males talking about Jones, leading him to ask Jones if the males outside were Jones’ family members. Dean told investigators he later “observed one of the individuals (with Zachery) with a gun so they all got low to the floor”.

While searching for evidence to corroborate the report, UPD officers didn’t find any bullets at the scene but did find the frying pan that “was seen on camera being used” by one of the football players, later identified as Lewis. Zachery later told UPD investigators that Lewis and Luke Ancrum where “the main culprits in the dispute”, a feud Zachery told investigators started as playful but soon escalated in February. Police determined Ancrum had no role in the altercation. 

Investigators did not believe all elements of Zachery’s story, the police report states.

As a result of the investigation nearly eight weeks ago, while no criminal charges were filed and no weapons were discharged, it appears all but Lewis, Ancrum, Reese and Dean faced or will face disciplinary action from the university.

UPD recommended six players attend UF’s Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution department. Toney and Campbell were recommended for an “incident by holding and pointing what appears to be assault rifles (later determined to be airsoft rifles) at other individuals on campus,” according to the police report. The case was closed June 26. 

Upon inspection of the rifles, police noted “the one rifle made to look like an AR15, which Toney was carrying, had the orange tip mostly painted black making it look even more like a real rifle” and that Toney told officers he often felt the need to carry protection because people have attempted to pick fights with the football players when they go out in public.

Vernell Brown, the UF Director of Student-Athlete Development, told police the airsoft guns would not be seen on campus again, according to the report.

The four others — Cleveland, Gamble, Jones and Wells — were recommended to the Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution department for lying to police about the incident, the report states. Zachery was given a “no trespass” warning for the next three years.

It has been a rough week in the headlines for the UF football program. Freshman defensive back Justin Watkins is facing four charges, including two felonies, following his second arrest in the past 11 weeks. Mullen suspended Watkins on Tuesday.

As freshmen prior to the 2016 season, Cleveland and Wells were arrested after being accused of firing BB guns on campus and causing more than a $1,000 in property damage. Cleveland and Wells were subsequently suspended for the season opener — a game each player would have likely missed anyway due to injury. Wells was one of nine Florida players suspended for the 2017 season after they were charged with fraudulent use of a credit card and identity theft. 


  1. I have to say, I draw the line at frying pans. Some serious action needs to be taken; for example, putting the name Frying Pan on the player’s practice jersey, filling their locker with frying pans, whenever a db gets burned in practice shouting out “frying pan” or else maybe giving that player a frying pan related nickname like “Scrambled Eggs” or “Short Order.”

    Seriously, frying pan related violence has become a national crisis, and it must be stopped!!!!!

    • I think that frying pans need to be banned in the US. I can’t believe people didn’t learn about those after what Granny did with hers on the tv show “The Beverly Hillbillies.” LMAO… Now I just don’t understand what is in the minds of those carrying any sort of firearm, real or not, after all of the school shootings around the here in our country. D U M B A R S E S! Those caught with the weapons should have to carry a broom or some such replacement for the firearm everywhere they go on campus. That would be a daily reminder to everyone and really get the point across. We did that in the Army if a Soldier left their weapon somewhere. Brooms were a great idea as they are very noticeable when one is carrying it. GO GATORS!!!

      • Ed. In the Army weapons we had our weapons for combat or training for combat. When I was a kid we balled fists and settled things and were likely friends in a few days. A lot of these guys think street cred is more important than honor or integrity to the team. The fact that peoples first choice now days is a firearm is something that is wrong with society. Law abiding people have the right to have weapons. I have many. But I have never thought of that as my first choice in conflict. Now the frying pan is classic. I think all involved should have to carry around plastic frying pans (lest someone get hurt) every where they go. That or inflatable boxing gloves. There was pugil training. There was a time the services had punitive punishment for light offenses. Running, push-ups, grass drills, even they have removed that as too harsh yet I always felt that taking the energy from and individual left them with little to misbehave. Exercise was further conditioning them. Peer pressure from their equals to tow the line helped too. Maybe these are outdated methods but they worked.

        • It’s all very nice that you are advocating that they work things out physically without weapons, but that is still assault, which would risk them getting suspended from the team.
          And, even if they are big strong football players who could probably defend themselves in a fight, we live in a country where people have easy access to guns and a willingness to wield them at the slightest provocation (as you correctly point out). Our players do have a bit of target on their back, and I can understand them wanting to protect themselves.
          That said, discretion is the better part of valor, and when someone comes their way talking smack, they need to weather the insults, walk away, and think “I have been given the inside track to a life of privilege as long as I keep my nose clean for 4 years. Who cares if some punk thinks I am afraid. I have a good thing going and I will not ruin it or injure the reputation of this institution that has put its faith in me.”

          • Not saying there should be no punishment. Even suspension or removal. My point was youth now want to use weapons to solve their problems.

  2. ”Toney told officers he often felt the need to carry protection because people have attempted to pick fights with the football players when they go out in public.” -Graham Hall at
    So, the FAKE GUN, Toney, will provide you and your gang with ”PROTECTION”!?!?!?
    Dude, stop being a POSER, as that will get you killed faster than a having a REAL GUN.
    ‘Cause you won’t be ablie to RETURN FIRE with a FAKE GUN!
    Stupid decisions all the way around, sad that history repeats itself, and here in Hogtown.

        • I agreed with you dude…RIGHT…means agreed. MEANING the young and dumb (Toney) are now young and dumber, If you look further I even compounded that a Poser was accurate, I agreed with what you said! Now what the hell are you talking about on every level including the fake name comment?????

        • See what I wrote??

          Smith July 26, 2018 at 3:43 pm
          Poser was correct…who pulls a fake gun? That said and to Tampa’s point…he could have done what Trey Dean did, get away from the nonsense. Young man, I understand that from accounts the losers were waiting for you, but know that the choice you made could have been a disaster. I can attest that here has always been this beef between local guys and students that many may not realize, but they were on YOUR campus…be smarter and walk away from the dumb sh*t.

          Smith July 26, 2018 at 3:44 pm
          **attest that there

          • I think GI misread your comment, Smith. You’re both good guys, excellent commentators, and people that most of us look forward to reading. Now shake hands and go to neutral corners, at the sound of the bell drop your frying pans and come out shaking hands again!

          • Gator-6….oh I am positive he misread it and to me I was clearly speaking on Toney…and yes he seems to be a good guy. All good with me though It’s not that serious for one, and 2 as I indicated earlier, I tend to be in lock step with his views…on all of the sports….albeit hoops, baseball, or football.

          • I think the emotional tone surrounding all of this has all of us a little more keyed up than usual….I’ve misread a few recently myself, gone back later, and thought, “Damn, what was I so upset about again?”.

            Y’all two keep up the good work……only 35 days and a wake up to 01 SEP 18!

          • True statement 6…I think we are all sick of the negative stories surrounding our Gators and perhaps that’s it. I try not to be so confrontational and just state my opinion…well except at BF….lol

            I’m just a kid who idolized Cris Collinsworth, Terry LeCount, and Wes Chandler, Wilber Marshall, Wayne Peace as a youngin…immediate family and I are all Gators and I’m sure I am one of many pre Spurrier die-hards on the boards ready for late August. Thanks for the comments my man.

    • gatorgi70x7. Toney thinks like McElwain. Everyone is out to get him. Someone please tell him that if you do not hang out in bars, in bad places, with bad people, no one wants to get you. Hang out more with intelligent students, with trusted friends (not gangsters and gamblers), and in the film room more and you will not need protection from anyone, real or imagined. But it seems a large group of UF players are never going to get that. Too easy. Too smart.

    • Poser was correct…who pulls a fake gun? That said and to Tampa’s point…he could have done what Trey Dean did, get away from the nonsense. Young man, I understand that from accounts the losers were waiting for you, but know that the choice you made could have been a disaster. I can attest that here has always been this beef between local guys and students that many may not realize, but they were on YOUR campus…be smarter and walk away from the dumb sh*t.

  3. jawssotruth. Again, this is nothing to laugh about. But it does speak to a troublesome cultural issue with some of the football players on campus who associate with gamblers and think the use of real or fake guns is a solution to their problematic associations and behaviors, some that are repetitive in nature. And the fact that they left and returned to the scene to become confrontive with what looked like an assault weapon….seriously. Let’s laugh about that one.

    • Exactly TampaGator. Do the youth of today have any RARE SENSE at all??? I used rare sense since common sense just isn’t common. Maybe they need to be drug tested daily as I can’t see any other reason for these stupid actions. Maybe these students just really don’t want to play collegiate football or obtain an education. This behavior can potentially be corrected with education and a lot of growing up. If not – don’t let the door hit them in the backside when they leave the campus. GO GATORS!!!

      • Ed. I think it is time for the NCAA to consider a psychological and behavioral analysis exam for all student athletes. And NCAA athletes would have to pass the exam before arriving on campus in order to participate in athletics on NCAA campuses. Some of the players showing up on NCAA campuses are becoming serious risks to regular students (rapes, sexual assaults, physical assaults, threats, and even what appears to be an attempted murder of a female student now with Wilkins). Some of these players should not be on NCAA campus.

    • Sometimes with the Intertubes, it’s hard to tell someone’s tone, but I swear I am SERIOUS!!! I once lived in a priced to sell neighborhood full of cozy fixer-uppers and colorful characters. The two biggest problems in this quaint area known as The Devil’s Kitchen, an area bursting with potential for investors or first time buyers? Two vicious GANGS known as the Frying Pans and the Stew Pots!

      These thugs roamed the streets armed with cooking utensils, and they were always getting into confrontations. “You trying to cook in my kitchen? Back back off or you will feel the sizzle of my pan! This is straight of up cast iron skillet!”

      Then the Stew Pots would clatter the lids on their pots, as if over boiling. “You think I’ve never been sizzzled?” The leader would say, lifting his shirt to reveal numerous frying pan shaped burn marks. “Mess with me and I will boil you like a potato! You’re going to be all soft and mushy and covered in butter as well as pepper and possoibly various other seasonings!”

      Then, they would battle with their pots and frying pans until the the police arrived carrying toy guns, riding tricycles screaming, “Break it up, cooks! Stop with your outrageous acts of violence!” Of course, once 5-0 arrived with their toy guns, everyone scattered shouting back rude comments, “Your eggs are runny and your sauces lack consistency!” “Oh yeah, well your stew tastes like Dinty Moore, Stew Pot!”

      YEAH. It got REAL with the gangs in the Demon’s Kitchen. I think I still have PTSD, and at even the sight of a 8 year with a toy gun, I feel like doing repair work on my handy man special. Yo. So, yeag, I take frying pans seriously. As serious as an over cooked omelet of justice and the American Way!


      • Alright Jaws and everyone here for that matter – I am starting an online gang to combat this issue and we shall be called “The Meat Cleavers.” This has to be the most fierce of all of the kitchen utensils, so that is why I chose this name. We will run the frying pans and the stew pots out of Gator Country! We will also ensure to keep the likes of the spooning Seminoles and the Muffin pan Miami Hurricanes out of Gator Country! GO GATORS!!!

        • Wait Ed……this just in on the AP wire service…..the Florida State legislature has just passed a bill making it a crime to posses, sell, or otherwise transfer to another person any frying pan with a handle over 10″ long, OR a capacity to fry more than one pork chop at a time. The NFPA (National Frying Pan Association) has a press conference called for 8:00 EST, at which time a response will be issued.

          Might want to hold off on that meat cleaver gang until we see if this thing winds up in court or not…..

      • Graham. How did the Jacksonville paper know to ask for it? Does the Sun no longer have a police beat reporter? Someone on the Sun dropped the ball big time on this story. And I heard internet rumors of possible Florida player suspensions weeks ago, and I was searching for that subject again on the internet when I ran across it being first reported by the Jacksonville paper and made a couple of posts about it last night. Where did those rumors come from? How did they get the story?

        • We don’t write off of rumors, and I personally felt we should wait until we obtained the police report after Jacksonville did – which I still think was worth it, considering the report involved more UF players than previously indicated, as seen in this story. Not sure how First Coast news obtained it, but to me this seems it was a report someone would have had to know to ask for. It wasn’t someone on the police beat or a UF football reporter could have found by checking typical public records services.

          • Did not say to write rumors. I said maybe check into them like I was doing last night. Rumors often turn into facts and journalistic awards and recognition, as with the reporter with the Jacksonville paper. But, then again, I was journalistically trained by Cunningham, Davis, Wellborn, and others. And Cunningham and Davis were major journalistic award winners and terrific journalists in their day.

  4. Someone tell Mullen that one can wear sunglasses to try and cover up a black eye issue, but eventually someone will wonder why you wear sunglasses indoors all the time. Then, that black eye looks even worse than it ever was. As in this case.

  5. So I guess another year of a dumb-downed playbook so these idiots can handle it. These are nothing but little boys Mullen and staff will have to babysit. I had hoped all this had passed. Does this mean Jones is now a two-star athlete?

  6. When will all of this nonsense end? It’s embarrassing to see Florida Athletes behaving badly. It doesn’t matter who the head coach is, they just seem to continue to find new ways to get in trouble. What can anyone do to change the culture of any individual so he can accept the responsibility of his actions? Being a scholarship athlete on a D-1 Team is a privilege and not a guarantee. This is beyond boys being boys and I am beginning to believe that it should be a one and done policy.

  7. i like how our players follow up stupid actions with dishonesty. Luckily we have solid veteran leadership on this squad, and I’m sure our juniors/seniors will carry us through this. This should be the last of the behavioral issues. August is basically here. Let’s get after it….

  8. Maybe its me but these kids don’t remember what happened to last years team after about the same amount of players pulled another VERY STUPID stunt (criminal stunt). and a few of them were apart of last years STUPIDITY. It is hard to believe that so many students are this STUPID, especially KNOWING what happened less than a year ago. I believe kids are led to believe that they are just Kings and Lords and the world NEEDS them. This is Famous Jamis, at our school now. Continue to allow them to follow this path without it being seriously checked and before the season is over someone will be RAPED or actually physically assaulted by one or more of these kids. I’m all for giving second chances but that has to be balanced with the severity of the offense. This is JUST less than a YEAR, strange and sad how easily kids can be influenced and not take themselves out of a situation that is considered wrong. Maybe they don’t see it as WRONG.

    • it’s a slippery slope. First they play with frying pans and toy guns, the next thing you know BLOOD FLOWS IN THE STREETS AS THE WORLD BURNS IN A MASSIVE INFERNO OF EVIL ANd DEATH!!!!!!– wait.

      Kids getting into trouble for Frying pans and toy guns? Wasn’t that an episode of The Andy Griffith Show? I seem to remember it was all Barney Fife could handle and he almost quit the police force to become a rodeo clown because the kids kept pointing their toy guns at him and saying, “Bang” really loud.

      Yeah for sure this whole incident was like a gangster rap song come to life in a cartoon world populated by fuzzy stuffed animals and rainbow unicorns. Very scary stuff indeed!

    • Creek…honestly some of these guys just don’t get that they are different and that me Smith getting into fight on campus vs a K. Toney, and its in the paper. When I was there, a few cats I knew that I will not names as they are friends, did some silly stuff that we all did. It took being in the papers to realize…hey, I am a bigger deal than your average Joe Blow. That was 88-92….with zero social media. AT the end of the day, this was silly stuff, minus the fake gun…it’s the repeat guys that irk me more. I will give Toney his young and dumb pass…as well as some of the others who haven’t been involved in anything.

    • Likely why Mullen is recruiting out of state so much now. When Florida recruits receive a 4 or 5 star rating, a team should subtract one or two stars for behavioral challenges not reflected on a high school football field.

  9. Earlier this week, Gator-6 and I both expressed hope that the latest Justin Watkins incident would be a “one off” and an isolated event for this year’s team. That hope lasted a whole 4 days! This is a sad indictment of the program, following on the heels of the great credit card scam last summer. While that event was criminal, this one is just plain stupid. Forrest Gump’s Momma says “Stupid is as stupid does”. As for me, I am fed up with reading about players such as these and find little humor in their antics. I’m certain their mommas aren’t very proud right now.

    • I really think, Dan, that what we are seeing here is simply–once again–a sub-culture in which this type of behavior is to be emulated, influencing the larger culture which itself has become so tolerant of it that it just spills over. Like you said, “just plain stupid” this time; but what about next time? They seem related to me, but then again I’m just a dumb ass grunt.

      PRGator gave a pretty good perspective of it the other day, through the eyes of a teacher. He was taken to task for it in some quarters, in the abstract, but there was value in his comments at the ground, concrete level for sure. That’s what we’re up against. Let’s hope that this is it for now, and we can get on with some Go Gators and SEC football soon!

  10. Idiots.
    I’m tired of the sports world talking heads chalking up stupid behavior to age.
    I’m sorry these guys are old enough to be accountable.
    I’m not a Trump supporter, not even close.
    But it is definately time to:
    Drain the Swamp

  11. Most of the comments here are critical and judgmental of the players. While I don’t condone their behavior, I think people should understand where they came from. Before crucifying them, try to understand the social mentality they must possess growing up and living in those neighborhoods just to survive. I confess that I am not from the hood but I’ve had many conversations with a friend who grew up in one. It’s quite enlightening, if not shocking, the way they think. Basically, you have to be tough, in the strongest sense, and have a family network, friends, or gang to protect you. You can’t rely on law enforcement like in the suburbs. Otherwise, you get bullied, taken advantage of, and beaten up at every opportunity. They don’t think like the middle aged and older white dudes from the suburbs. I often had to remind my friend that he had graduated from those neighborhoods and circumstances and need to put those ways behind but old habits die hard.

    • To me this is a yawner. Guys felt threatened, stuck together to defend themselves since it appears some or all lived there or they wouldnt have shown up and been surprised by the criminal. Maybe they didnt handle this the way us older guys would but they didnt start this nor were they looking for or starting trouble, it was self defense the best way they knew how. and it worked apparently since the criminal left.

      • Besides just being young and not thinking about the fake water gun’s impact…most in those shoes would likely defend themselves. They were going HOME. Good way of looking at it. A few former players I know largely had no issue with them sticking together, and I made a point earlier about the tense relationship between the local guys vs college guys…not just ball players. Early 90s…same stuff went on…

  12. I’m tired of this type of behavior representing a great school like Florida. Are thugs the only type of players that gets recruited these days? Suspend all of those that were involved.

  13. The really troublesome aspect to this story are the relationships with an “alleged gambler”(and obvious thug), and his “friendships” with players. Sure, there is much to be said about the stupidity of the entire incident, but where are the coaches and team leaders who ought to be aware of this guy and others of his ilk? Part of the mentoring process involves keeping these wolves at bay and helping young players understand the implications of such associations. Yes, players are ultimately responsible for their own behavior, but proactive, involved leadership would have been all over this dirtbag like a cheap suit. If coaches and other team leaders did not know about this guy and his proximity to the team, then shame on them. It leaves one to wonder what other unsavory characters are hanging around to infect the program?

  14. Has anyone ever seen the ESPN special booty call? The athlete does have to maneuver a mess of gamblers, ladies, investment professionals, long lost relatives and others trying to manipulate them. UF is a nice target. We enjoy the game but it’s not without an underside.

    My only response is that I promise full support and the benefit of the doubt for Franks from here on out. I was a toney fan and a Jones fan and they can earn my live back but at some point you just have to respect Franks for walking through a gauntlet and standing tall.
    Maybe we have a guy to help these players through stuff like this. If so then we n3d a better guy and if not we need one because there is no upside in having tey bang around for anyone. Risk is risky.
    I see this in the context of the credit card mess. We need to be clear eyed about the game we love.

  15. This is the struggle or challenge of today’s college football world. This problem isn’t unique to UF, though the kids that McElwain recruited seemed to have a higher percentage of low character. What we are seeing more and more is the effects of blending two very different cultures.

    Most of us here on this board are from some semblance of “white suburbia” where we all have basically the same set of values and morals and ethics and way of living (culture). An increasing portion of big-time D1 football recruits are from lower socio-economic backgrounds. So … say what you want but these guys and the lives around them look at life a LOT differently than we do. Sly mentioned it a few comments back and whether we agree with their culture or not, we should try and understand that the bad seeds and thugs aren’t always that way because they choose to be…it’s because that is all they know.

    I’m not excusing their behavior at all. In fact, I agree 100% that it is dangerous to blend both cultures on a college campus and there is no place on campus for criminal students. It’s like the age-old math question “which one of these doesn’t belong.”

    I’d say the problem is a LOT bigger than blaming football coaches for bad recruiting. They are recruiting the best athletes and hoping to get the higher character ones. I’ve long thought that you raise the standards of college admission (or just stick to the standards you already have). There should be other avenues of preparing for life and employment for the students who simply don’t belong on a college campus. There is no shame in that. If my sons wanted to be plumbers or electricians, I’d be just as thrilled as I would if they wanted to be accountants or doctors. There needs to be another way for kids to prepare for a shot at professional football other than college if college isn’t your thing.

    If you have a zero tolerance policy for criminal behavior then you’ll rule out a lot of potential student athletes (and a good many non athletic students). Would that be a bad thing? I’d sure be okay with it.

    • I need to be careful in my comments to imply that people being played are inferior in any way. I’m a big chunk of white subrbian investors got played with Facebook stock recently…the stock was ran up in a suckers rally and then shorted. The whole 2008 crisis had plenty of shorts and players too and it’s victims were doctors and lawyers. Some of us as humans can’t figure out anything but taking advantage of people. Learning how to deal with this is part of education I’m because some people are going to pretty on others. Sometimes the Retaliator gets punished like here. I mean no disrespect to any victim. Just want to equip us all for the world we live in instead of dreaming we can have a magic wand and get rid of the push back so to speak of our world.

      • I hate spell check. It preys on me sometimes. I’m really means IMO and there is nothing pretty about the word prey. But I am too old remember what words you have to go through a six part override to keep on the page. Sorry

  16. Comments about the sub culture that many of these kids have grown up in have merit, but it speaks to an even bigger problem in our society today. We have allowed ourselves to fall into the trap of “rationalization”, where instead of taking responsibility for our own mistakes and errors in judgement, we explain it away by saying “it’s not my fault, so and so led me to it”. The great comedian Flip Wilson had a famous routine where he keeps saying “The Devil made me do it!”, and I think we have adopted that as our national motto. It’s pervasive in athletics with it’s entitlement atmosphere, but it also runs throughout many areas of our society.
    I know I am jaded since the Lord blessed me with a strong, large family to grow up in, with old school parents. Since I paid my own way through college via work and student loans (all repaid), it kills me to see the great opportunity that so many of these kids have with their full ride being wasted. They have a chance to rise above what their sub culture is; it’s their fault if they don’t take.

    • Maybe as a world we need to go back to thinking in terms of a devil in this sense. Any progress does attract those who want to get their share without doing the service needed. If that is not enough you get temptations of vices and if that doesn’t work you get the old sin of acedia where you just don’t care the appropriate amount. You really have to fight these battles in this world like it or not. This is where the ancients and that includes Jesus and other religious greats and philosophers who warn us but we listen to others who just aren’t as strong. I’m not saying go to church and sin all you want but you do have to begin again constantly with all the pitfalls out there.

    • Dan and Mveal – I totally agree with what you’re saying and where you’re coming from. In my opinion, what this current situation with Gator football should remind us of is that there is a FAR bigger problem in our world than student athlete criminals. We are in the midst of a rapidly evolving push from the side of evil to tear down anything that is good. Evil is getting more vocal everyday and it is using concepts like “fairness, blame, rationalization (thanks Dan), privilege, and personal feelings, wants, and desires” to poison humanity. Gone are the days of doing the right thing (or at least trying to) and truly caring about others. Gone is civility and respectful discourse. Greed, power, self interest, and a healthy dose of sexual immorality have set mankind on a path to destruction.

      I apologize if these non football comments aren’t appropriate here on this forum. But, my personal opinion is that this is really the root of the problem reported on with this article as well as the world as a whole. There is a spiritual battle going on around us and its going to get worse before it gets better.

      • Well said Rog. Great example of this is the hatred that is heaped upon Tebow by so many people for simply professing his faith publicly while they glorify so many other athletes and celebrities leading a life so far outside of God’s plan. TV network canceled Tim Allen’s highy rated TV show “Last Man Standing” because they felt it was getting too “religious.” We need to speak out more and I applaud you, MVeal and Gator-6 for your willingness to do this. By the way, FOX TV is bringing LMS back to TV this Fall. God love them!!

  17. A Darwin award should go to anyone painting an airsoft gun to look like a real one. Also, way to go Trey Dean and whoever raised you. I have a good feeling we are going to be hearing his name called quite often over the next couple of years.

  18. It’s so adorable to me that people on this board think young men in the hood are settling disputes with toy guns and frying pans. Google gun violence in South Chicago (aka Chirac) and prepare to be quite flummoxed indeed by how NOT street this whole thing was. You may even have to say “goodness me” as you read, or maybe “How Frightful.” You certainly may find yourself quite out of sorts.

    This wasn’t the Mean Streets. It was Sesame Street.