Daily Football Fix: Rating the SEC East’s road schedules

Confetti covers the SEC logo (Matt Stamey/Staff photographer)

SEC division championships are often celebrated at home.

But there is nothing like celebrating them on the road, posing in front of the stadium scoreboard and knowing you are headed to Atlanta.

After all, it’s on the road where the titles are won.

How a team fares away from home has a lot to do with who wins the division. Today, we rank the away SEC schedules for the East, from easiest to the most difficult.

  1. Florida: Look, there are no easy schedules in this conference, but Florida has the benefit of playing only three true road games and they aren’t overwhelming. They are at rebuilding Tennessee, at lowly Vanderbilt and at Mississippi State. There’s no question the latter will be the toughest of the games, but it is certainly manageable. The biggest games are either at home or the annual clambake in Jacksonville.
  2. South Carolina: One reason the Gamecocks are a darkhorse pick to win the division is because it’s not that bad away from home. South Carolina travels to Vanderbilt and Kentucky, then Ole Miss and finally to Gainesville. If Georgia slips, that final SEC road game could be as big as it was in 2010 when Steve Spurrier won the East at Florida Field.
  3. Vanderbilt: The Commodores have to play at Georgia early, then get Kentucky, Arkansas and Missouri on the road. By the latter part of the season, they might already be out of it, but it’s not that bad.
  4. Kentucky: The Wildcats travel to Gainesville the second week of the season and they haven’t won there since 1979, the year Florida went 0-10-1. So they are due, right? They also have to go to Texas A&M, Missouri and Tennessee. The last one may seem like a road breather.
  5. Georgia: The Bulldogs are the favorites to win the East, but every other year they have four true road games and the one in Jacksonville. This year, they go to South Carolina early as well as Missouri and LSU before finishing up SEC road trips at Kentucky.
  6. Tennessee: Nice schedule Jeremy Pruitt was handed. The Vols play at Georgia, at Auburn (do we need to go on?) and then at South Carolina before the pseudo home game at Vanderbilt.
  7. Missouri: The Tigers were hot at the end of the year in 2017, but it’s going to be rough on the road. They travel to South Carolina, Alabama and Florida and figure to be underdogs in all three games. The last road game is at Tennessee.


  1. As if Tennessee didn’t already have enough to deal with? But if they come out above .500, then Pruitt might have gotten by the worst part of it. So too with Georgia–you made a damn fine statement last year, now prove it? Mizzou I could care less about for right now, other than to say if we sweep all three of the teams just mentioned, then we are a helluva lot better than even we thought we were. Go Gators!

  2. Every game the Gators play in 2018 is totally winnable, and that is because every team they play has vulnerabilities. The talent and coaching at UF are second to none. The difference will be mental focus and execution. Last year, the offense was the Achilles heel, and the defense was on the field too much. Georgia was supposed to be so much better than Florida last year and they were not. The offense gave the game away, but the head coach was also present in body only. Therefore, the players cannot really be blamed. Last year is behind Gator Nation, and a different team WILL SHOW UP ON OFFENSE AND DEFENSE! They are MUCH BETTER in physical conditioning, and have much better coaching; so all they need is to develop a winning attitude! Go Gators!!! C’mon Gators, get up and go!!! Damn, September isn’t that close yet, and I’m already fired up!!! GO GATORS!!! BRING THE NASTY!!!

  3. DrG8r… did you even WATCH the gators last year? every game is win-able? the crocs will be straight up lucky to win 8 games. And if there is another debit card fraud ring, make it 6 wins …

  4. 10 -11 wins & top ten ranking by the end – conditioning toughness – and a serviceable offense to go along with what will be as usual an excellent but now fresh defense (wont be on the field the entire game like weve come to expect)