Gators land commitment from 2019 LB Jesiah Pierre

Mount Dora Chrisitan Academy's Jesiah Pierre poses at the school on Monday, Dec. 11, 2017. [PAUL RYAN /CORRESPONDENT]

With an important month on the recruiting trail ahead, Florida’s 2019 class started off July with a bang by landing a verbal commitment Sunday from an in-state linebacker formerly committed to Miami (Fl.)

Jesiah Pierre, a 6-foot-2, 225 pound linebacker out of Mount Dora, verbally committed to Florida and coach Dan Mullen after backing off a previous commitment to the Hurricanes.

Mullen confirmed Pierre’s commitment Monday.

Despite a consensus three-star designation, Pierre has earned praise throughout the state despite facing some of the weaker competition in the state throughout his high school career to date.

Pierre’s commitment, which is non-binding until he signs a letter of intent, gives Florida 11 commitments in the 2019 class.


  1. I know. The kid is disrespected by many Gator fans. To me, great character, work ethic and passion carries a lot of weight. Just read the Orlando Sentinel article on him today to get s good perspective. Sounds a lot like a former Gator who wound up being a good 3-Star – Jarrad Davis

  2. 3* recruit? What’s going on? Dan Mullen can’t recruit 4 and 5*?!??! Does anyone notice the sarcasm here lol… I’m waiting for @ tampagator to go on a rant any minute now…

    It looks like Mullen found a diamond in the rough that Miami had in their back yard and I love it!!!

    Let’s coach him up and get him to play like a 5* player!!

    Gators are out hunting for fresh meat!!!

    • neil. I deal with facts and reality. Let’s get some facts involved, OK. First, Mount Dora is a beautiful and historic community located in central Florida and nowhere near Miami’s “backyard.” Second, this kid plays for a very small school in a very low classification. He does not play against very good competition, and likely the only reason is rated a 3-star. This is a good get for Mullen and Florida. But I am sure that a Trey Sanders commitment, for example, would not disappoint you. Or would getting only 3-star recruits be a better alternative fact for you and others on here. Your turn.

      • Seems to me that Kerwin Bell and Alex Brown were two of many great Gators that played at smaller schools than Mt. Dora. I could also give you a list of many 5* players that were complete failures.

          • I’m going to wait for Coach Mullen’s first actual game before I think about criticizing him in any way. Recruiting isn’t just a switch that is turned on and off. I’ll go with the glass half full for now.

        • oldmansuwannee. Suggest you check the recruiting rankings of the teams that play for the national title annually. In addition, please check the percentage of five-star recruits that are drafted by the NFL vs. less star ratings. I am talking about the average, not the number. There are way more 3 and 4 stars than 5 stars. For every Kerwin Bell, there are many hundreds of five-star recruits from big time schools playing at a much higher level both in college and in the NFL (do not remember Bell playing in the NFL or even playing for a national title). Sorry, but there is no reasonable facts that support a college team competing for championships year in and year out by recruiting below a top 10 recruiting class because they recruit too many three star players. But there are many, many facts that support competing for championships because a college recruited a ton of 4 and 5 star recruits. And that is especially true in the SEC with Alabama in it and Georgia now recruiting at such a high level. Your turn.

      • There was a guy Florida recruited a few short years ago named Will Greer who basically played flag football in high school. I think one of the teams on his high school schedule was the local Dairy Queen. I think West Virginia is pretty happy he transferred there and I know a few fans on this board were not happy he left. The test is how he ends up doing in college against college competition. The cold shower of reality will hit home his first day of practice at UF. It is not something that lasts 4 years. Bolles plays the toughest schedule in the state perhaps, and it helps them get to the playoffs every year, and usually a state championship. I can’t remember anyone other than Travis Carol who played at Fla and I can’t remember any of their players playing much pro ball. Can’t remember any college all Americans either. There are exceptions on both sides of that issue. The bottom line is the coaches liked what they saw; another major program did too; and I’m sure commentators on this message board are not the only ones who figured out he didn’t exactly play against Bama every week in high school. His star rating is still early . Many of these guys will be 4 stars before it is all said and done. Many of us put too much stock into this rating bullshit anyway. Sure, they are a valid barometer. But none of those ratings , or very few, are actually done by the coaches who recruit them or the NFL teams that draft them. I have yet to see an NFL draft that announces a player’s star freaking rating before he goes up the podium.

        • nfkGator. This kid likely redshirts, but I think he will become an outstanding LB during his 3 to 5 year tenure at UF. Good get for Mullen. But you cannot fill this recruiting class with players like him. We need a couple of Trey Sanders types and a bunch of 4-star recruits before NSD comes to a conclusion.

          • Again, I suspect Coach Mullen is working on this on a daily basis.

            I just don’t get the constant repetition of the same very obvious viewpoint.

          • Gator. You constantly and obviously point out to me almost every day on here that I am constantly making obvious viewpoints.

    • Nassau Gator. This kid obviously comes with some obvious great character traits and background. But Trey Sanders, a five-star RB recruit, is also of very high character, as is his brother, who is already on campus. A 3-star with high character is a good thing. A 5-star with high character is a better thing. Much better. Your turn.

    • Again. Logic prevails. What exactly did Kirby Smart prove before landing the number 3 and 1 classes in the country at Georgia. Georgia lost to Florida both years, and Georgia was 8-5 the year they landed the #1 class in the country. Fact. Not opinion. It’s the image of the program and the coach that attracts recruits. Not the performance on the field. Hell, the Penn State coach arrived at Penn State with that coach abuse scandal going on and proceeded to recruit some of top recruits in the country. And the Baylor coach did the same thing last year. The Florida coaches just need to work at presenting what Florida is. At Florida is one of the best public universities in the country, and it has one of the top five athletic programs in the country. And the football program has a winning tradition to be proud of, with multiple recent national titles in football and excellent facilities that will soon be some of the best in the country. Simple as that. No excuses. Recruit and get the best. It is Florida, after all. Mullen’s words. Not mine. Your turn.

      • Tampa I wish people would stop using Smart as the benchmark for instant success at recruiting. The comparisons aren’t even close. First of all when was UGA’s last 4 win season? The Gators have had 2 in the last 5 years. To think that doesn’t have an affect on recruiting, is delusional. Kids want to win rings now and don’t want to be a part of a rebuild. Hell even pros do, look what’s happening in the NBA. In fact, UGA was 20-6 the previous 2 years before Smart took over, hardly the dumpster fire Mullen took over. That’s just one scenario that makes it a ridiculous comparison. Another is Smart was in the thick of recruiting and building relationships with the elite of elite recruits for 9 years at Bama before moving to UGA. Recruits can claim they commit to a school and not a coach till they’re blue in the face, but when you see them jumping ship the moment a coach is let go, it’s pretty obvious who they commit to. Kids who wanted to play for him at Bama had no problem switching their allegiance to UGA as soon as he moved there. Fromm, who was committed to Bama forever, is one of them. Mullen was recruiting to MSU, a place no elite athletes wanted to go so he didn’t have the pipeline Smart did. He was still able to convince some pretty good players to switch to UF and will only improve on that as soon as the product on the field improves. Trying to make a comparison to Penn State is pretty ridiculous as well. Penn State is a far bigger brand name blue blood program than UF and players just want to play there based off history alone. Besides the fact that their facilities blow the Gators out of the water. Not hard to recruit to a program like that. To criticize Mullen’s recruiting before he’s even coached a game is just ridiculous. The guy clearly proved he could do more with less at MSU and as soon as he starts producing on the field, the recruiting will go through the roof. The Gators will have a top 10 class when all is said and done. Just relax and let the next 5-7 months play out.

        • Sir, the previous coach could not recruit well after the Penn State scandal and the program was losing and in a big downturn. But the former Vandy coach came in and immediately turned everything around, with huge odds that he would not be able to do that. So, no, using Penn State as an example is not “pretty ridiculous.” It is, in fact, a perfect example of overcoming odds. And in Penn State’s case, much bigger negative odds than what Mullen and staff are looking at now. And Penn State is no bigger a brand name than Florida. In fact, most national writers rank Florida as a higher program brand than Penn State. When was the last time Penn State won a national title, for example? And they are such a big brand name that they won the Big Ten title and the championship committee still put Ohio State in the NC game (and Penn State beat them). Sorry, but facts again differ with opinion.

          • Tampa, your version of “facts” are still opinion. Your opinion. And the same one over and over at that.

          • Gator, facts are facts. Analysis and conclusions from using facts may vary. That is what sportswriters do everyday. Sometimes hero sometimes zero. Taking those facts out of context or placing too much weight on the wrong facts usually makes someone right or wrong. Tampa is very factual (I checked a few times on things I thought were different and was wrong). Making assumptions based on facts are how most people operate basing assumptions based on data not factual or spinning it in ones favor may win popularity but not where it counts.
            Human Element. There was a TV commercial about this and this is the one component that in any group setting is human. Everyone reacts differently to input. A team must react cohesively to be a team. On this forum we all react differently to comments made by others right or wrong. But while Tampa and I have had different opinions his stated facts are indeed that fact.

  3. This guys got talent and potential. There are two ways to look at this. Did Miami back away? Did we get a steal? Ultimately the commitment is verbal and subject to change as are commitments for most of the players until December. For those jonesing for the 4 and 5 stars I would expect a lot of these to jump on board before early signing day. Why? There are some teams with loads of players that will be too deep for some new recruits even 4’s and 5’s to want to sit behind. Plus the kind of season I feel is coming there will be some people jumping on board. Patience Gator fans good things are coming our way.

    • Gator 65 – I like your enthusiasm and your “keeping it real.” Coach Mullen is a proven commodity and I will give him the benefit of the doubt. Coach obviously sees something in this young man, so I will wait to see what transpires. Coaching will bring out the best possible potential out of these young men or it will break them. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am ready for some GATOR FOOTBALL! GO GATORS!!!

      • Ed, glass half full, half empty kinda thing. I don’t know the % but a lot of guys change their minds. Of course I like it when it’s in our favor. Mullen gets to prove what he did with the recruiting resources at MS is real and that with our resources it will be worthy of Gator Nation. I understand some of the frustrations expressed by Tampa and others. we all want to get back to walking the walk and talking the talk.

  4. Gator65. I am not expressing frustration. I have expressed a lot of frustrations watching the Florida offense over the past 8 years, and I was extremely frustrated watching the Florida Gators play whatever they were playing last year on both sides of the ball, and whatever they were doing off the field before the season as well. But, other than those frustrations, I try to stick with presenting facts and data that support my argument. Thanks.

  5. @ Tampagator…thanks for the geography lesson (obviously an error on my part) and you weren’t going to let me get away with it or else you wouldn’t be Tampagator, right? I certainly enjoyed geography class today. Do I still get a passing grade?

    I actually thought in all seriousness that you made a decent point…Remember if you’re good, you will get noticed whether in a small classification or large…

    We just want players that have a chip on their shoulders and are willing to prove that they’re just as good, if not better that their competition.

    But I glad you like the pick, but I know, you love your 5*’s even better…

    • Hey Neil I read your post as well and knew Mt Dora is not remotely close to being Miami’s backyard but decided to let it go thinking that you probably meant the kid was recruited and commited to Mark Ritch at Miami
      Some of the folks here are too rigid man, sticklers if you will
      Whatever floats your boat dude
      Go Gators

        • I understood what Neil meant and one small mistake does not make him or his comment ignorant
          Most of us are here having fun talking about our favorite team. Then there are some who feel the need to constantly correct what others say and point out minor mistakes and so on. Lighten up Mr Know It All

          • CO Jones. Not a “know it all”. But let me remind you that this is a sports blog and I believe the design of such is to create civil and intelligent discussion. I present research and facts to support most of what I post on here. Some take exception to my logic and presentation of facts and begin to insult me personally. When that happens, I respond. I do not initiate personal attacks and try to present my case without insults when I respond to personal insults. But, in most case, the personal insults increase because facts tend to make people angry, as they have no defense. So, if you want to post an opinion, support that opinion or be ready to be challenged, logically and factually. And, if that bothers you or you cannot come back with something better, then simply do not post back to me. But I will never stop posting logic and facts on here. Sorry.

          • Gator. Seriously, facts are opinion. Where did you go to school? So, saying Smart landed the #1 and #3 and #6 classes in the country the last three years is just my opinion? Anyway you do math, not so, sir.

          • CO Jones. Never said Neil or his post was ignorant. “Ignorance of facts” does not make one ignorant.

          • Gator. It is an absolute fact that last year’s Georgia’s class was ranked #1 by the 247Sports composite. The evaluative process to determine that fact, of which only some of it is based on opinion, is completely irrelevant. But in essence, any truly unknown (a dark hole in space for example) is only theory, and a theory is based on factual data collected and even some opinion (which is the process of determining the number one recruiting class in the country or the process used to define what a black hole is). But no one really knows what a black hole is or if Georgia really had the number one class in the country or not. But black holes are black holes and Georgia still recruited the number one ranked class in the country.

          • Journalists arguing what facts are with an engineer. Funny. Facts built on opinion are not facts. Just conjecture. Kind of like every piece of “journalism” I read.

    • neil. Just wanted to make sure you did not plan a day at South Beach when you eventually plan to tour of the beautiful and historic community known as Mount Dora (because the community has the highest point of elevation in the state of Florida). That would not be anywhere near the Miami area, for sure. And yes, Tampa Gator values facts and reliable data. Always have. Always will. Made a good living with that perspective and approach.

      • Ivey was the last five-star recruit, I believe, and he is also a perfect example of how important excellent coaching is. I believe Ce Ce Jefferson, another five-star recruit, has also been poorly coached and has underperformed since he arrived on campus. But I think both Ivey and Jefferson are going to perform much better this year because they are going to be way better coached this year, and they both will play with much more confidence and execution. My prediction for both.

  6. 100% of these 3* have talent and potential. That doesn’t mean much especially when Pierre has faced weaker high school competition. Elite SEC teams did not recruit him. Kirby Smart, with no head coach experience when UGA hired him is setting school records for signing 5* players. He has 3 5* commits for 2019, 7-4* commits, and no 3* players. Hopefully the more experienced Mullen can have a 9 win season his first year which momentum will carry over well for our 2020 recruiting class.

    • Funny you should mention Georgia, because, although it’s true he doesn’t have a ton of SEC offers, he does have one from them. And, if it makes you feel any better, he’s not a consensus 3* as the article says. He’s a 4* on ESPN. Also should see a real rise in the rankings from this summer’s camp performances.

      • Apparently far too many Gator fans feel the ranking 7 months before national signing day is the end all be all. Last I checked Jalon Jones was a 3* when he committed. Where is he now? When a player jumps up in ranking simply by committing to a power 5 program, it goes to show you those rankings are a popularity contest more so than anything. He who goes to the most camps and gets their name out there wins.

    • UGA is the hot commodity at the moment. Recent past history was a above avg. team that couldn’t get over the hurdle to elite. They have two good seasons and yes the recruits are jumping on board. I have said this before Smart got a loaded shelf when he got there and yes he has done well. A lot of people are looking at this like it is a dynasty already. One great year could be a fluke. Do I think it was a fluke ? No. Do I think they are great? Ask me that in 6 or 7 years. We were on the road to becoming a great team when Meyer had his melt down. Not a Bama fan but they have followed Saban’s lead and built a great team (kills me to say that.) If I am wrong I am sure there are some that will be letting me know but I have this feeling that Mullen’s plan is solid and we are on the right path. As for the * rankings I look at it like a 5* has according to those providing them has a greater chance to succeed based on the metrics used. Having great physical prowess doesn’t mean greatness. Tampa was talking about the image of the program and the coach. Zook recruited well (image) but didn’t coach as well (by our standard). Meyer came into talent and had a great staff (recruits followed). Muschamp, Mac weren’t a good fit for us. I was watching the news one day and they were talking about recognizable college mascots. There is only one Gator. (image) Mullen understands this. Someone wrote there are 40-50k HS players with a % looking to play in college. Some will go DI DII etc. The top 500 out of that many (not a perfect system as has been discussed) are elite athletes. Still that talent needs coaching to be successful. Muschamp had a top ranked class that didn’t preform as expected. I am curious what our class rankings where the year Leach and Tebow came in. Point a roster stacked with 3* talent that is coached well and wants to be coached (hungry) is a dangerous and formidable foe to any team they play.

  7. Man I knew it. Mullen recruits a 3* kid and the Kirby Smart crowd comes out in full force.
    As if KS was the standard to be compared to
    Ask SOS about Florida vs Georgia recruiting
    Again folks it’s July 2, take a chill pill

  8. Yeah, and it’s also July 2 in Athens, GA too. SOS is yesterday news and past success with a legendary coach is no indicator for future recruiting results with a brand new head coach. We don’t know yet how Mullen will finish in recruiting, but let’s not kid ourselves as the SEC East champ goes through Jax, FL going forward. That’s why I use UGA and Kirby’s impressive recruiting as an example. I do believe though Florida will get there after the next two recruiting classes and be more competitive with UGA after Mullen proves it on the field this year.

    • Kirby has had a grand totalof ONE good season
      Again UGA under Kirby has bested UF a grand total of just ONCE
      SOS indeed a legendary coach beat UGA time and again with less heralded recruiting classes
      And yet (could mot resist) some of you act and go on as if UGA under KS is the standard we should measure ourselves by
      Go figure

      • Yeah UGA is 7-21 against the Gators over the last 28 years and has consistently out recruited us over that same time frame, but because Smart had 1 successful season with another coaches recruits, the world is falling and UGA is suddenly the New England Patriots of college football. It’s hilarious! I don’t remember Gator fans swooning this much over Muschamp when he won 11 games and was bringing in top 3 classes his second season. It’s amazing how short of memories Gator fans have. We’ll get to see how good of a coach Smart actually is now that Richt’s recruits are gone. If he starts struggling like Muschamp did, you’re going to see the same downward spiral in recruiting that Muschamp saw.

          • Again, insults instead of logic and facts. Just because one uses data to support one’s argument, does not make that person a “chicken little” or a “Smart crowd”. But using research and factual data does make a person hard to argue against without using language to personal insult that person out of frustration and/or anger.

          • And CO. I am a huge Gators fan and have been for a long, long time. But I also graduated from UF and attempt, despite the aging process, to use my mind instead of my heart to drive my views and posts. Again, that hardly makes me worthy of personal insults or put downs.

          • Tampa
            Joe presented several facts and a very logical post similar to what I have been saying all along. Rmember this is a sports blog not a scientific journal, you say the same thing over and over ad nauseum and call it logic and research while ignoring logic and facts on the opposing side. That is why you come across as a know it all. That is an impression or opinion if you will not a fact and not to be taken as an insult
            Just lighten up

          • Happens a lot with guys with “Journalism” degrees. Their interpretations of things are “facts”. Funny.

          • Gator. Not a single fact that I have presented on here has been an interpretation. But I have used multiple facts to associate with and support the viewpoints of my posts. I do not just randomly throw things out and hope they stick as alternative facts. And the press rarely presents interpretations as facts. A journalist would either be disciplined or would lose his or her job for doing so. But they do present their opinions based on their interpretations of those facts, It is called editorial, often understood to be their theories or conjectures. What I post are my theories or my conjectures based on research I have done or facts I know. Thank you. Now, your next under the belt funny comment???

          • You and I will never agree on the definition of “facts”.

            “Facts” built on opinions are still just opinions. Like building a house on a sinkhole.

            Which is probably why engineers don’t hang out with journalists.

            College football is all opinion, other than the statistics of a game, such as the rosters, yards gained and the final score. The off-season is definitely all opinion.

      • Kirby Smart may just well be the best thing to happen to the SEC since canned beer, peanut butter, and Gatoraide. Then again, he just may be another good SEC coach who will earn tenure and have his fair share of ups and downs. He may, or may not, win a national championship. Good for him if he does, too bad if he doesn’t. He’ll probably have many great seasons regardless. Thing is, he puts his socks on one foot at a time just like the rest of the mere mortal SEC coaches, except for maybe Saint Nick.

        Secondly, the majority of Power-5 and Group of 5 programs do not contain “elite” players, even at the 3* rating level. That is to say, while a 5* rating is “probably” better, the margin of difference is not that great given that both are considered elite. Were I a head coach, sure, I’d no doubt be proud as hell if I recruited a class full of 5* players. As long as I could be confident that their ratings were accurate, that I could develop them properly, and that they fit my system. Bottom line, we hired Mullen for a reason, I suggest we stop second guessing him and trust his judgement. 5*’s, our fair share, will come. But I have more faith in Dan Mullen, frankly, than all the 5* athletes in the pool. Just sayin’. PAID FOR BY THE GATOR-6 FOR POPE COMMITTEE.

        • Well said 6. I think we are going to be just fine and if the players have relit the fire in their bellies and Mullen manages that well we’re going to be better than 8 wins. TICK TOCK TICK TOCK 60 some days to game day.

          • I’m saying 9-3 plus a decent bowl win. Now that I’ve got my blood pressure meds adjusted, I think, I can see that more clearly than ever. 59 and a wake up.

  9. When GA signs EIGHT five star players in ONE class(2018)- there are about 25 nationwide per year, so GA got about a third of them- and UF has TWO TOATAL five star players on its entire roster, if you don’t see the coming problem, your head is in the sand.

    • Steve. Exactly my point on here. But people would prefer to associate me with supporting Georgia and Smart instead of understanding that I was using them as examples of factual data to clearly illustrate that point. But, as you stated, one would have to clear the ears and eyes from the sand first. Clearly, you have.

    • 8 of 25 five star players on one class means something else to me: recruiting violations and future meaningless NCAA sanctions. Now that’s my version of “factual data”. I can find several examples of recruiting violations with five star recruits in the past. See how this works Tampa?

      • Gator, that would be your possible theory based on factual data. Nice job. You are finally getting it. But your theory is just that. Theory. Not fact. But your theory could become fact some day. Only time can prove you right or wrong. But, still, a nicely put together theory based on data collected.

          • That’s correct, Gator…but you didn’t need me to tell you that since you obviously know what you’re talking about. Data has no intrinsic scientific value of and by itself, of course, it merely “is”, and then collected and submitted to hypothesis testing, null actually, but motivated as the primary means. By the same token, a “theory” can’t be proven, only disproven. But at the end of the day, of course, it only means one thing of any consequence, and that is GO GATORS!

          • Gator. No, a fact cannot be derived from an opinion. Nor can an opinion form a fact. But facts and opinions can be used to create a theory, which can later become a fact. It is a fact that Georgia, statistically, had the number one class in the country last year. It is only a theory that it will matter concerning winning or competing for championships; but a good theory that its top class will help them compete for and win championships based on relative data that one can collect and analyze. And I thought you “got it”. I guess my theory based on evidence was proven to be non factual.

          • Gator6. We were not talking about proving or not proving theories. We were talking about facts vs. opinion. But theories are not facts and, as you say, can be proven to not be actual. As the example I provided. In theory, based on data available, recruiting top classes leads to playing for championships. And so far, based on data collected since the playoff system began, that theory is being proven as actual. Which has long been my point not understood. Thank you.

    • No problem and clean head above the ground. Check out some facts about Georgia’s “superior” class:
      1 Every year some 5* kids don’t pan out
      2 Some 5* kids will get injured
      3 Some 5*kids will transfer
      Throw in another fact. Some coaches develop their players better than others.
      Another fact. Some 4* kids will outperform their 5* counterparts
      Fact: there are 6 months left before the early signing period in December
      Don’t worry, be happy ain’t that logical?

      • So true, CO….a crap shoot by any other name….. and yet (couldn’t resist either, it’s narcotic)…. is still a crap shoot. Which more or less validates my (dare I say it) opinion that in the so called elite ranks, there aren’t overwhelming degrees of separation between a 3*, a 4*, and a 5*. There is, of course, separation by convention and consensus, but I would hate to be the one to come up with a valid proof for all that jazz. We tend to treat these things like they are based on normal, or bell curved, distribution–while there are probably more 3*s than 4*s, and less 5*s than either, the similarity ends there. Is it a good yardstick? Sure, unless we make too much of it or even worse, too little of it. It has its place, which is about all there is to say about it.

        What we do know as “fact” are two things: (1) the 2018 football team is put together with all of it’s wart and all of its delights—time now to support Dan Mullen and let him show us what he can do with it; and (2) the 2019 class won’t sign for good for several more months, there’s plenty of time, and as Junior Samples used to say (or was it Dan Cook?)…..”the opree ain’t over ’till the fat lady sings”.

        Now that’s a fact, jack! Go Gators.

        • Actually, Gator6, it is a fact that Florida’s football roster has been put together with walk-ons, preferred walk-ons, some two-star recruits, mostly three-star recruits, less four-star recruits than three-star recruits, and a couple of five-star recruits. And that fact, along with some poor to horrible coaching (opinion) the last 7 to 8 years, has lead to the Florida football program losing prestige (opinion) and not being considered a contender for championships this year (fact). But people’s and the media’s theory, based on those facts and opinions, may be proven untrue as this season progresses, due to the talent on the Florida roster being better developed by much better coaches (opinion based on data known). We will see. I am hoping for the “untrue” to become fact. Thank you. Go Gators.

          • You’re welcome, again. I think. I don’t know what exactly you just said–suspect that I agree–but regardless, I support your right to say it. That’s either an opinion or fact, I do know that much.

          • Nicely done Tampa. Human Element, injuries, heart. We have a solid coaching staff. I’d say great but that would be opinion. Joke intended. Talent I agree is better than assessed. Go Gators.

          • Gator6. So stop posting about something you say you do not exactly understand but have an endless opinion about. And I thought you were going away for a while. Guess not.

          • Well, I did go away for a while, but it had nothing to do with you……sorry…..only to try to readjust my medications and try to help a son. Very harmless, I think you’ll agree. But thank you for your interest anyway. Let me get this straight tho. I’m supposed to stop posting now, right? Need more guidance.

    • CO Jones. I do practice what I preach. Please give me one adjective I used to insult Gator 6 in my post. “Endless” (the only adjective in my post) opinion was not intended as an insult, and it was not one. I can list about 10 insulting adjectives he has used to describe me in many of his posts. But I must admit, I do not like him very much.

      • I think you seriously misunderstood me, old chap. I wasn’t at all questioning your authority to issue a directive such as that, far be it from the likes of me, but merely seeking guidance on on how to implement such an order.

        • Let me butt in here, Gator-6, and let you in on something. Basically Tampa said “Shut the hell up and go away!” You should know by now that it’s Tampa’s way or the highway. The rest of us have no opinions that he/she wants to hear, err, read.

          • No, oldmansuwaneee. “shut the hell up” is what Gator6 said to me, multiple times. And many other insulting things. And I am always interested in engaging and intelligent conversation on here. But unfortunately, any attempt to do so often heads to gutter talk with insults and non truths, like the one you just posted. So, next time you associate me with comments, get your facts correct first.

          • Have had time now to go back and research all of my posts back to January 2018…..impressed most with myself that a few even made sense…..but nope, not once have I ever used the phrase, “shut the hell up”. Not even our old pal TebowCurse evoked that response out of me. Just to set the record straight, you know.

            Now I did come across “scum sucking wad of spit” a few times, the principle variants of that term of affection being, “dirty rotten”, “sidewindin'”, or “low down”….so I will gladly own the attribution for that. If I had a better drill sergeant in BCT lo those many years ago, God rest his scum sucking….err, I mean….his mortal soul, perhaps I would have a better vocabulary after all.

      • TampaGator, I realize this is an issue you may understandably decline to address for reason of privacy, but I see some similarities in your posts to the past posts of Rick Gillmore. I don’t think I’ve ever seen posts from both of you in the same thread, and I don’t recall a post from Rick in some time now. I enjoyed his posts, and I enjoy yours, as well.

        That said, while there may be no real insult to Gator-6 in your last post, your initial branding of him as a troll and your continued beating of that drum constitutes a significant insult in my opinion. I can see why Gator-6 responded as he did and why there is a mutual dislike between the two of you.

        • Joe Shiver. I acknowledged to Gator6 a while back that he was not a troll He shortly replied by calling me “narcissistic” and many other insulting things. And I have used TampaGator on here for many years.

          • Gotcha. Just thought there were some similarities in opinions and style between you and Rick Gillmore.

  10. And CO Jones……”Oh. Well whack my pee pee.”
    –Gator 6 (from a post above to me).

    Does that sound like a civil, intelligent, or appropriate post to you? You would never see me post anything relatively close to that one. But I think it clearly speaks to his character and purpose on here. But you are welcome to fully support him all you want. But I encourage you to come at me with something better than you have.

    • Well Sir….understanding that my Serbo-Croatian is a little rusty…..especially with that soft Albanian dialect I seem to be picking up on……oh what the hell…..I’ll take a stab at it anyway:

      “Yo mamma wears combat boots”.

      If I got it wrong, at least I can say I’ve been told off now in at least two different languages!

    • Naw….I have enough trouble with English. I think all Gall is divided into three parts, or something to that effect. I did take Latin for two years in high school, but that was only because I thought chicks dug it. Sorry to let you down, but like I said, there’s a lot less to me than meets the eye.

  11. TampaGator, I for one enjoy your post and look forward to reading them and totally agree with your facts and logic approach. I may have misread or misinterpreted one item posted above. Fact is the highest point in FL is in the Panhandle in Walton County 345 feet I think.

  12. To Tamp Gator — I have read the comments you have posted and your discussion of facts and assumptions. My opinion of your facts and your presentation reveals one with an ego bigger than their typing skills. Cut it out man. You are not as important as you make yourself out to be. Get some humble.