Video: The best seat in The Swamp?


A discussion about the best place to sit while attending a football game inside Ben Hill Griffin Stadium in Gainesville, Florida.


  1. Well, since I can’t make it back anymore except for once in a blue moon, mine is in my garage man-cave, tuned into the SEC network, ice tea in hand, and probably a fatty wad of Cope in my pie hole, since my 12 year old doctor won’t let me smoke cigars anymore. Works fine for away games, too. (One of these days I’m going to straighten that young guy out!)

  2. ANY seat is great, especially if we are scoring points. As a student, I liked being behind the band when they were in the east stands. As an alumni, I like my seats down on row 2 west side but I have enjoyed being at teh southeast corner up high giving me a great angled view of the field.

  3. I love the seats under Touchdown Terrace, near the band. Shade, shelter from rain, close to bathrooms and concessions, and they are real seats, not the bleachers.

    Touchdown Terrace is great too, halftime ice cream anyone?